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10 Things All Writers Must Learn About Rejection

It harms because you care. You really want to succeed.

1. It occurs to everybody– but that doesnt mean you have to pretend it doesnt trouble you.

It harms due to the fact that you care. You genuinely desire to succeed.

3. Its not always since you did something “wrong.” Sometimes, e.g., a pitch and a magazine simply do not match.

You will not bounce back from rejection the very same way every time. Each will affect you differently.

5. Its OK to feel unfortunate. You have a right to feel all the feelings. Even anger. Even pity.

6. You do not have to get back up right away. Its not about how rapidly you recuperate– simply that you do, ultimately.

7. You will not constantly understand why you didnt get picked. Which will constantly irritate you.

8. But that can offer you more inspiration to pick yourself up and keep going. If you let it.

9. It does not matter the number of times youve tried. You can always try again.

10. Every rejection is a stepping stone to the most significant success youve ever had. Keep going.

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It hurts due to the fact that you care. Because youre enthusiastic about your work. You really want to succeed.

It injures due to the fact that you care. You genuinely desire to be successful.

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