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20 Creative Journal Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity as a Writer

Journaling can be an enjoyable and adventurous activity for writers. it kindles the imaginative part of the brain and provides the author license to be playful and open. Getting imaginative journal ideas can be a difficulty.

We wish to assist you to overcome this problem. In this post, Jyothi will be exploring how to get innovative journal ideas. How to make your journal the imaginative world of fun you want it to be. A writers journal is anticipated to carry its reader into a world thats full of magic notes and heart-wrenching anecdotes.

Why Is It Important to Keep A Journal?

Many accomplished writers kept and still keep journals. From Virginia Woolf to Franz Kafka, Anne Frank to Sylvia Plath- there are few innovative heads out there who did not naturally know the advantages of keeping a journal with creative concepts.

There are remarkable benefits of keeping a journal. From increasing imagination to enhancing your mood, therefore a lot more.

Are you thinking of keeping a journal too? When you cant think of innovative things to write in a journal? Or, you could get a little innovative by having journaling concepts.

Before we share those creative journal concepts, here are some top journaling benefits you need to know:

It helps you enhance your moods. Journaling is an excellent way of penning down ideas, top priorities, issues, and even their services! It helps you unburden your everyday life problems or problems


The procedure of journaling likewise increases your cognitive abilities. It increases your memory capability and understanding skills


Journaling assists you articulate your thoughts and feelings. This is not just great for your moods however also acts as a stress buster


David Sedaris, the author of popular unique Holidays on Ice, observed- “Ive been keeping a diary for 33 years and write in it every morning. Many of its just whining, but every so frequently therell be something I can utilize later on: a joke, a description, a quote.

It improves your imagination. You can use your journal to write down imaginative ideas. Later on, you can get back to those concepts and work upon them, developing your next masterpiece!

Now that you know the advantages of journaling, you are ready to get begun!


It might even be a tune to describe your present state of mind- lonely, bored, or demotivated! Simply write.

Picture by Dee @ Copper and Wild on UnsplashYou can bid farewell to the old authors block! Simply whip out your journal, and get going on these distinct journal concepts! These unique concepts would reveal you that there are a lot of imaginative things that one can do in a journal

Relax, its regular! How about opening up your journal and just penning down the lyrics of a song? It could be a tune you like, a tune you just heard, a tune that makes you sentimental.

Write Lyrics of A Song To Describe Your Mood.

When you dont understand what to write, you will regularly have those gut-wrenchingly dull days.

Blog about Your Favorite Memory As A Child.


Here are 20 innovative journal concepts that will instantly boost your efficiency.

The procedure of composing, the circulation of your pen, your fingers are moving of their own accord. All of this does something stunning to your brain. It gets the innovative juices flowing!


Anthony Doerr, who composed a genuine novel called All The Light We Can not See- enjoys journaling!

You have heard of Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Or maybe Charles Darwin? What do all these visionaries have in common, besides a brilliant mind? Well, all of these extraordinary intelligences thought in the benefits of journaling.

Describe An Idea for Launching Your Product.

Write A Review of Your Favorite Novel.



We can take an appearance at these journals anytime now, over the internet. Jot your concepts in your journal, and see how things roll!

Doerr believes that a great journal entry is like a love letter to the world. Its like a song, a photograph, or a sketch. It assists the memory to live on forever, through your words.

If you have a favorite memory of yourself as a kid, utilize that as a journaling idea. You may even wind up discovering an outstanding plot for a novel! Who understands?

So you do not feel creative adequate to write a plot for your book? No problem!

How about composing a book evaluation of among your favorites? Or maybe something you just recently read.

It can be an excellent exercise for your mind, as well as help you oil up the innovative motors and get them running again!


The days you feel completely uncreative, jot down a couple of inspiring quotes from people you admire. It will assist you get wisdom and insight into your own life

Attempt and Recreate A Famous Painting in Your Style.

Photo by Estée Janssens on UnsplashThe best artists started their work by copying other artists they look up to. People have been doing this for generations. Not just does it assist motivate you, but it is also an outstanding brain workout.



Describe An Animal of Your Creation.

Your journal isnt just a location for delighted thoughts. If you have recently had a bad experience and cant inform anyone about it, write it down.

Illustrate of What You Think You Look Like.

Write down Your Goals for the Week.




Write a Few of Your Favorite Inspirational Quotes.

Explain Challenges You Face routinely.

Is today among your innovative days? If yes, then make complete usage of it. Whip out your journal and get the creative ideas rolling! Develop an animal totally out of your imagination. How do you think Dr. Seuss made all his whimsical, creative creatures? Maybe you could come up with one too

Now, you may not be the next Vincent Van Gogh, thats real! Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo was among the most prominent artists to produce stunning self-portraits. You dont have to have them in mind when doing this job. Be as Picasso as you desire! Just draw a portrait of what you think is your defining functions, and see what comes out of it

Discovering innovative ways to journal can be challenging but when you start composing about the issues you face daily, you can begin determining the options.

This is a terrific way to get your creative juices streaming. On days when you have absolutely nothing else to write, utilize this as inspiration

There is no better way to acquire clearness and viewpoint on issues- than to compose them down.

Pen Down A Horrible Experience You Had Recently.


It might even be a lovely view of your garden. On days when you lack motivation, producing a gratitude list could do wonders.

Compose about A Historic Event Which Shook You.

Jot down 3 Things That You Are Thankful For.

How do you take the next steps if you dont know where to begin? Among the most simple exercises to assist you come about unique concept so for you your journal can be to take down your objectives. Even better, inspect them off as you get them done. This assists you gain perspective, vision, and helps you feel fulfilled


You can always play around with styles, colors, and textures. All you need is simply to get started- youll end up creating your masterpiece!

Photo by alexandra lammerink on UnsplashTheres absolutely nothing like taking a seat with good ideas and feeling warm within. Youre having a bad day (or week or month)? Undoubtedly, you still have a couple of things you feel grateful for?

The experience is freeing, and likewise enables you to arrange your ideas. Anne Frank would turn to her journal whenever she had any ideas, experiences, or sensations. Frida Kahlo did the very same, as did many other characters

Whether its obstacles you deal with in your home, brand-new obstacles due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or work obstacles, write about it!

For days like these, it is good to have a repository of blog ideas. Whenever you get some concepts for brand-new blog posts, write them in your journal for a rainy day

If you are a budding blogger or writer for an online literary magazine, this is an excellent concept for you!You will have days when you dont understand what to post on your blog site.

Do you follow a night-time routine for your face and skin? Maybe you take special care of your hair and nails on weekends.

You might even create a schedule to advise you of the days you require to take unique care of yourself. Devote an hour every night to your self-care regimen for your physical and mental well-being.


Another Creative Journal Idea: Jot Down A Unique Idea for a New Blog Post.

Blog about Your Self-Care Tips.

Or your self-care could be you relaxing, practicing yoga, and meditation. Whatever it is, please write it down in your journal.


Even writing in your journal is self-care

Discuss Your Ideal Job.

You may even have dreamless nights sometimes. On those days, you can do any of the other tips discussed above.

Remember Your Dreams. (Yeah, Its One Of The Most Overlooked Creative Journal Ideas.).



Image by Aaron Burden on UnsplashIf you have vibrant, eventful dreams, you are fortunate! Obviously, most of us do not remember our dreams once we get up. Keep a dream journal where you document your dreams every day.

Keeping a record of your dreams can assist give significant insight into your character. Famous psychologist Sigmund Freud constantly motivated keeping a dream journal

You might always be living out your dream life with your dream task. Excellent if so! Blog about your experiences at work, your colleagues, and your ideas about your future. If not, then this is an excellent idea experiment for you:


Naturally, composing is much easier stated than done. Nevertheless, producing an informal draft, for your eyes just, can be an excellent start. You dont require to sit for creative composing lessons.


Jyoti BhardwajJyoti Bhardwaj– is an affected editor and author at gardening websites like Oakia among the coolest gardening websites on the web to assist individuals discover useful understanding about gardening. Over the last 4 years, she has had working experience with multiple online websites

Style your character, putting in as much detail as you can. This workout is wonderful for your creativity. Nevertheless, you might likewise come out with a terrific character you can utilize for a book, comic, or cartoon!

Compose A Letter To Your Favorite TELEVISION Personality.

Or is your dream job opening up your own business? Composing about your dreams and goals assists you picture the steps better.

It might be the President of your nation or simply an actor who is drop-dead stunning! Well, write a letter to them! Perhaps if you are resourceful enough, you could even send it to them!

While these imaginative journal concepts make certain to get you back into your groove, you can constantly read the journals of authors and other characters who you admire. You may find some terrific tips in them, and even get inspired for your next journal idea!

When you cant think of creative things to compose in a journal? Whip out your journal and get the innovative ideas rolling! Keep a dream journal where you write down your dreams every day.

All of us get stuck sometimes, even the popular writers you appreciate! Rather of feeling stuck and suffocated, this is the correct time to let those innovative juices flow. You never ever understand, one day, your journal may be among the most coveted products in the world.

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You have actually unquestionably thought about writing your book if you like to read and write.

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Jot An Idea For A Novel You Want to Write Someday.

Design A Character Sketch to help improve creative ideas for your journal.

Getting creative journal ideas can be a challenge.


You can manifest it and make it a truth. Start by describing what you want. Where you are, about to enter school? Waiting on admission? Already in school? Finished? Whatever it is, start there, and Only then will you find out how you wish to arrive



Finish up On 20 Creative Journal Ideas That Boost Writers Productivity.


Blog about your dream task in your journal.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash. Finally, a character (animated, drawn, or in words) is an excellent exercise. Start by writing their name, age, profession. Where do they live? Are they married? Do they have family pets? What color eyes?

Write down the plot of your book, perhaps a chapter or two. If not, its a terrific way to get creative ideas for your journal

If not, its a great method to get imaginative concepts for your journal


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