Saturday, July 31

2018 – the year of the crunch

2018 has been rather a year! Much so that, regardless of it being months considering that my last post, I felt the requirement to write something here to mark it in some way. I wish I might put out everything thats happened– composing being cathartic and all that– but this has never ever been that sort of blog site and really, the less typically I write here, the more awkward I feel when I do, so I discover myself sharing less and less. In any case, some things require to be private.

And for the year ahead, Im thrilled. The seismic shift has actually indicated things are moving in the ideal instructions and I feel truly favorable about that. There will be more shocks to come however my feet are more strongly planted now and I understand who to hold on to and who will be hanging on to me.

Im very lucky to have a terrific household and amazing friends who, as the dust settled, helped me navigate a new course. And art played a important role too– many things I couldnt reveal in words came out through swirls of ink and paint. I shared rather little bit of it– recalling through my instagram feed I can see the different events the year unfolding (even if they remain in a sort of code).

Im particularly excited about a picture book Im showing for Reneé Davis who blogs at Mummy Tries. Ill share more about it as the project progresses!

And now, poised on the edge of the old year and the verge of a new one, Im attempting to exercise how I feel. There is definitely a substantial swath of relief in the mix — what occurred was always going to take place in some form or other (I imply that in an useful sense rather than a fated one) so Im extremely delighted undoubtedly to be on the other side of it. I likewise feel joy, due to the fact that of the terrific individuals I am surrounded by, and immensely fortunate about the many methods which my life is great.

Who understands what 2019 will hold (and theres so much that could be said about that, politically speaking!) however I feel ready to take it on. Or prepared as Ill ever be. And that, my friends, is enough.

So … why blog site at all? What can I share? Well, 2018 was a crunch year for me. A year of crisis in some ways however likewise of rebirth. Ive experienced things this year that I never want to experience again. Feelings, characteristics and situations that have been constructing for years lastly erupted, changing the landscape permanently. And it was hard. Truly, truly hard.

Pleased New Year!



2018 has actually been quite a year! A year of crisis in some methods however likewise of renewal. Ive experienced things this year that I never want to experience again. And for the year ahead, Im thrilled. The seismic shift has actually meant things are moving in the best direction and I feel really positive about that.

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