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5 Reasons for Publishing Your Writing

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Discussion questions: What are a few of the elements that motivate you toward publishing your writing?


The majority of what I write about in this space includes procedure, due to the fact that Ive never been awfully thinking about publishing my writing however I * like *, and am captivated with, the composing process.


In a new piece about process vs. item over at Writers Helping Writers I mention that I typically ask new training customers two questions: Why do you want to compose and why do you want to publish. (If you have some extra time today, head over there and let em see how WriteByNighters dig deep in our conversations!).

But publication has actually been on my mind recently, and I know its a consistent consideration for much of you. This week, I want to take an appearance at a couple of common reasons authors offer for releasing their writing; Ill check out how I feel about those factors, but mostly I desire to understand how * you * feel about them

1. “I desire to hold concrete proof of all the tough work Ive done.”.

Simply last night I was talking to a writer about the pros and cons of publishing your writing in print versus online. I wrote five or six book evaluations for them ten or so years back, but no proof exists online.

Publishing online deals satisfying proof, too. Its simply more like “I wish to see concrete evidence of all the difficult work Ive done.” In general, online writing is simpler to discover, is more widely offered, and has longer staying power.

Either method, print or online, we authors can draw excellent recognition from having our work readily available for others to check out.


Your turn: Is holding or seeing concrete proof of your composing procedure an encouraging factor for you? How do you feel when you hold a copy of a book with your name on the cover or a publication with your byline inside, or when you click a link to a web page revealing your work to the world?

The last time I tried that with my computer system I got some unusual search the train.

I can see my byline in print, on paper. I can hold them to my nose and smell my words.

2. “My story will assist people.”.


Assisting readers can be an exceptional motivator. Im almost always working in coaching with a minimum of one writer whose goal is to impart some kind of wisdom, or to help the reader through a difficult time by detailing how he or she got through a comparable challenging time.

Your turn: Is helping the reader an encouraging factor for you? In what way( s) do you want to help individuals with your writing? Has a writer ever assisted you in any considerable method with his/her words?

Lots of “My story will assist people” writers work directly in self-help, while many others are composing a narrative. And helping individuals is what kept me going through some tough stages of the project.

3. “I desire to generate income, quit my day job, end up being a full-time author.”.

The majority of us understand that quitting our day task and becoming full-time authors is something of a longshot. However longshots can win races. Otherwise they d be called no-shots. The goal of making money and being a full-time author is the very thing that has led many writers to make cash and become full-time writers.

I remember my very first writing paychecks. The very first came from the Iowa Review for an evaluation, and the 2nd came two days later from Gulf Coast for another evaluation. I took pictures of the checks, showed those pictures to great deals of people who cared not a whit. The overall amount was simply enough for a tame night on the town, however the sensation sticks with me. Someone valued my words not simply enough to publish them however to give me money for them too! I seemed like a real author. Verified.


Your turn: Is financial payment and the concept of a career alter a motivating factor for you? Do you recall how you felt the first time you were spent for your words? How will you commemorate when it does if that hasnt took place yet?

4. “I want a sense of achievement, to have attained my objective, nailed my personal difficulty.”.

Your turn: Are you driven by showing to yourself that you can release your writing? Where do you believe that individual challenge originates from? How does it keep you going through the dark times?

Some authors wish to publish a book just to prove to themselves that they can. Its similar to the factor someone may give for climbing a mountain (” Because its there”) or finishing a marathon (” Just to see if I can do it”). All 3 need physical and psychological endurance.

And sometimes that determination, and the objection to let your own self down, is sufficient to direct us through the rough areas. Some writers (and individuals) thrive on being accountable to others; some flourish on being responsible only to themselves.


5. “I desire the praise of good reviews/ratings, awards, and so on; I wish to be welcomed to read my work at festivals and book shops, and sign copies of my book for my fans afterwards.”.

Many of us crave it so hard. Outwardly, of course, I wave it off and say, “Oh, that old thing?”.


Some authors want to publish a book simply to prove to themselves that they can.


Sure, we desire people to check out the composing we poured a lot of ourselves into, but more than that, we desire people to like it.

We work with writers of all experience levels working in all genres. Lots of “My story will assist individuals” writers work straight in self-help, while many others are composing a narrative. Has a writer ever assisted you in any considerable way with his/her words?

WriteByNight writing coach and co-founder David Duhr is fiction editor at the Texas Observer and co-host of the Yak Babies podcast, and has blogged about books for the Dallas Morning News, Electric Literature, Publishing Perspectives, and others

Your turn: How much does the idea of external validation drive you? To speak with readers that they like your work; to read your positive reviews, to savor five-star ratings? Lets speak about it listed below!


The goal of making money and being a full-time writer is the really thing that has actually led lots of authors to make money and become full-time authors.

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