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6 Steps to Editing Your Novel: An Unconventional Guide by Keri Kruspe

Lets invite back regular monthly columnist Keri Kruspe as she shares with us “6 Actions to Modifying Your Unique: A Non-traditional Guide.” Take pleasure in!


For us struggling artists, there isnt anyone stumbling over themselves to do the heavy work that has to be performed in editing our books. Its up to us to do all of it by ourselves..

I bet he has a legion of folks following him around, committed to examine every word he composes so he doesnt need to. * Sigh *.

” To write is human, to edit divine.”– Stephen King.

Oh sure, what does a worldwide bestselling author understand?.

Jeez, whine much?

Undoubtedly, thats toward completion of the modifying process..

I might have begrudgingly edited my own stuff in the start, but I have to admit I actually delight in the procedure now..

Ezra Barany (Barany School of Fiction) once informed me the time to quit editing was when all I did was “… simply move furniture around.”.

Head low, I got off my high horse and went back to the drawing board and explored among the reasons I was being rejected..


I envision myself as Michelangelo, whittling away excess marble to uncover that delicious, robust statue of David (hey, Im a love writer. I like to dream about hunky, muscular males …)..

Modifying Your Novel: When I Started.

” It is perfectly okay to compose garbage– as long as you modify brilliantly.”– C. J. Cherryh.

To put it simply, if all Im doing is replacing one word for another with the exact same significance, its time to let go..

My biggest problem is understanding when to stop..

With that in mind, lets look at how my modifying procedure is now.

It didnt take wish for truth to slap me upside my silly head. Specifically after I sent my manuscript out to several publishing companies also representatives galore. I was lucky if I returned the “thanks, however no thanks” letters..

” So the writer who breeds more words than he requires, is making a task for the reader who reads.”– Dr. Seuss

Okay, back when I started my writing profession, I * cough * assumed my publisher would look after all the pesky details my sloppy writing left. I d happily tackle my company, draining one best-selling unique after another once the very first draft was done.

6 Steps to Editing Your Novel.

Please remember this is a “living” file and deserves to change whenever it desires.

In a nutshell, heres the 6 actions I use to edit my work..

1. Start with completion in mind.

At the exact same time, I will place more tastes in the prose..

Due to the fact that of that, I watch out to see if there is something I d much better repair in the narrative so it lines up with how they ended..

Should I go into more detail of where they are?.
Are their responses uniform with their general character?.
What other senses should I consist of– what do they see? Smell? Any reason they are tasting something? How do they respond to what they touch?.

While Ive developed an overview of the main characters before I begin composing the novel, those suckers have a propensity to alter as the story advances..

Are their actions in the beginning constant on how they ended?.

When I run though the rough draft for the very first time, I focus on how the characters ended up..

The larger concern is, do I show how all that makes them feel?

2. Looking for out those pesky plot holes.

In my most recent release, Alien Legacy: The Shapeshifter a big plot hole was explained to me by my editor..

No concerns, when that defect was given my attention, I had the ability to consist of the description in the storyline.

But towards completion, I had her becoming a dragon. And considering that there arent any dragons flying around, that would be a little difficult for her to do..

In my second run, Im seeing the structure, tone, and total plot of the story..

Throughout the story, my heroine discovered how to be a shapeshifter– somebody who could not just turn into animals, but could likewise become someone if she touched them initially.

3. Making everything sing on key.

If you do not use Pro Writing Aid, another way to look for those suckers out is in Scrivener..

At the very same time as I do this sort of in-depth editing, I make certain the discussion is realistic and add additional description if required.

Go to the leading menu, Project>> Text Statistics, then click on the arrow next to “Word Frequency” and click the down arrow..
There youll get a list of words in that specific scene you may be excessive using..

This is where I highlight the huge guns (like a modifying program such as Pro Writing Aid) and do a lot of tweaking..

The 3rd run is the enjoyable part (insert heavy sarcasm here).

All of us have particular words and expressions we confuse ourselves with, and believe me, Im no exception..

This kind of modifying uses up many of my time as I come down to the nitty gritty..

” Writing is simple. All you need to do is cross out the incorrect words.”– Mark Twain.

4. Put on your acting hat.

Even when I get my manuscript back from my editor the 2nd time, I do this again. Its not just enjoyable, however I cant tell you the number of errors I spot..

The only drawback is discovering the personal privacy act out your book..

When I do this, I alter my voice to whatever Im reading..

When reading out loud the juicy parts of the romance story …

As in, can you hear the words that are coming outta my mouth?.

Is the dialogue excited?.

Heres where I read what Ive done out loud..

5, especially. Time to generate the pros.

Developing a list of folks who love to be a part of making your novel into the masterpiece that is. Having a second set of eyes is vital..

And remember, you dont have to take their ideas if you do not feel it deals with your story..

Im not discussing an editor..

As a matter of truth, Im trying to find folks who d like to be Beta Readers for my Sci-Fi romances. If youre interested, leave a remark and let me know!.

It goes without stating you ought to buy hiring a professional editor..

Not just will it make you a better author, but youll endear yourself to your editor. It might even save you money!

Beta Readers.

No, what Im speaking about is Beta Readers who can turn into early reviewers..

But, your task is to make it as clean as possible prior to you do..

6. And the closing tip ….

Keri Kruspehas been an author because the age of twelve and has constantly been amazed with otherworldly stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. If you like hot aliens, feisty heroines, and hectic action, then youll enjoy Keri Kruspes steamy space experience.

Keri Kruspehas been an author considering that the age of twelve and has constantly been fascinated with transcendent stories that end in Happily Ever After. If you like attractive aliens, spirited heroines, and hectic action, then youll enjoy Keri Kruspes steamy space adventure.

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Keri now lives with her household in the wilds of Northwestern Michigan. An avid reader, Keri takes pleasure in good red wine, good food, and watching action/adventure movies. You can discover her most days immersed in her dream world of taking a trip or writing with her husband in their Recreational Vehicle, discovering smart life here on Earth. For goodies, news of upcoming releases, sign up for her newsletter at

Time for a little enjoyable … you deserve it after all your difficult work!


Keri now resides with her household in the wilds of Northwestern Michigan. A devoted reader, Keri takes pleasure in great red wine, excellent food, and viewing action/adventure movies.



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