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7 Things To Do Before You Advertise Your Novel by Keri Kruspe


As Ive described in previous articles, my general plan is to leave my secular job and live off my composing profession..

After a little research, here are some ideas Ive stumbled upon so I can audit myself to see if Im all set..

Weve sustained over a month of 2021, and its still ending up being a rough ride. Not simply for me personally, but for those of us who are aiming brand-new authors..

To that end, I began thinking, how do I know if Im ready to market? What are the obstacles in doing so?.

Lets invite back month-to-month columnist Keri Kruspe as she shows us “7 Things To Do Prior To You Advertise Your Unique.” Enjoy!

Of course, if you have any suggestion that needs to be added to this list, do not be scared to leave a remark!

In marketing terms, what is an author brand name?.

Examine Your Author Brand– Its Weaknesses and strengths, So You Can Advertise Your Novel.

Before I enter into the “nitty-gritty,” the number one advice offered was to make sure my “Brand” was apparent for all to see..

And guess what? The kind of romance I write isnt listed there. Its under “Paranormal,” however I need to drill down further. I actually compose with the name of “Science Fiction Romance.”.

While a reader might consider themselves a romance aficionado, someone who values the religious/spiritual genre will not necessarily wish to check out an erotic book..

While that might differentiate me from other author tropes (i.e. secret, science fiction, horror, etc), in the genre of love, it leaves me broad open.

Simply on the surface, there are some sub categories within romance–.

To use myself as an example, I am initially and foremost a romance author..

Here Im intending to attract romance readers who like a little extra something in their stories..

Romantic Suspense.
Young person.

Is it something that we need or can we avoid that and continue with our profession?.

In May 2019, Beth Barany composed a short article here on the Writers Fun Zone describing author brand..

” … your author brand name is the pledge of an experience the reader will get whenever they check out one of your books, encounter your marketing material, like your site, your social networks, your visual material (physical and digital), and any other aspect of your professional author self.”.

I feel the word “transcendent” can be either sci fi or paranormal, while adding the word “experience” gives it a little extra “umph” since my heroes and heroines go on a roller-coaster ride as they fall in love..

In order to separate myself from the countless romance writers, Ive branded myself with the claim: “Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures.”.

Once you have your brand name in order, what do you do with it to promote your novel?

It will not matter if you run the finest ad in the universe if what you point folks to a mess thats all over the place..

:: In my genre of scifi love, the subtitle is one of the most important aspects of the retail page showing my books (see listed below):.


How does your book compare to others in your category? Too expensive … too low?.
Take a look at the leading 10 anywhere you offer your book..

Readers will not go really far before they choose to purchase or not..

There are other “signals” that a reader may discover if they investigated you..

Why, everything, of course!.

Title and Subtitles.

:: The evaluation stars are right there beside the cover and title of the book..

Is your title genre-appropriate and capturing?
If suitable, does your subtitle do its task of telegraphing the unique qualities of your book?

In order to see if youre all set to market, lets take an appearance at those seven elements of what you have to use before your try to get folks to “click” and buy your book:.

They dont have time to examine every aspect of your retail page (like on Amazon, Bookbub, B&N, etc). Specifically new authors..

An Audit To Verify Readiness So You Can Advertise Your Novel.

Does everything you have out there paint a beneficial light for your brand name?.
Are you persuaded youre maximizing your capacity and reaching those readers who have an interest in what you have to provide prior to you begin to promote?

To that end, you d wish to ensure you have as much in sync in between retailers and the individual brand youve produced..

You have valuable few seconds to catch someones creativity..

:: These are the 2 aspects every seller reveals prominently..

:: By the time a reader decides to read the blurb, youre midway there.

Price and Format.

Your brand ought to flow with your website, your author pages (i.e. Amazon Author Central, Bookbub, Goodreads, and so on) And dont forget to add it to your signature on your email..

And now … time for a quick audit to verify readiness.

Evaluation Stars.

Be guaranteed, if you have any “bad” reviews, they need to scroll down a bit to read it.

Simply know that a great deal of folks wont check out the whole thing. Some will go and skip to the next tidbit..

:: Where the readers attention goes initially..

Does it shriek your genre from a quick glance?.
Is it eye catching and expert?

Schedule Cover.

Make certain those first words count!

Keri Kruspe has been an author because the age of twelve and has constantly been captivated with transcendent stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. An Alien Exchange is the first book in the exciting Alien Exchange sci-fi love series. Youll love Keri Kruspes steamy space adventure if you like hot aliens, feisty heroines, and hectic action.


:: Like everybody, we desire a safe bet. And what much better method to get that from an unknown author/book than to take a look at the reviews..

Editorial Reviews.

Try to have 25 evaluations. (50 is advised. Something Im still working on.).
If your reviews have at least 4 stars typical, finest.
Aim to get some Editorial Reviews from difficult author good friends– those acquainted with your genre.

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Why a Social Media Audit Might be a Good Thing by Willow Woodford.


Many readers take the average of them at face value and do not scrutinize the comments..


Your Book in Five Words or Less: Your Title by Kay Keppler.

Try to have 25 reviews. Keri Kruspe has been an author given that the age of twelve and has always been captivated with otherworldly stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris very first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. An Alien Exchange is the very first book in the exciting Alien Exchange sci-fi romance series. A devoted reader, Keri enjoys good wine, excellent food, and watching action/adventure motion pictures.

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The very best kind of evaluation is from a recognized endorsement under the editorial area.

In-depth Review material.

Keri now resides with her family in the wilds of Northwestern Michigan. An avid reader, Keri enjoys good white wine, excellent food, and watching action/adventure films. You can find her most days immersed in her dream world of composing or taking a trip with her husband in their RV, finding smart life here in the world. For goodies, news of upcoming releases, register for her newsletter at

If you sell on Amazon, their reports arent constantly up to date. An excellent method to check your day-to-day sales/KDP reads on Amazon is an app called BookReport.

If youre delighted with your audit and you feel youre ready to plunge into the ad biz (like Amazon advertisements, Bookbub ads, or Facebook advertisements, and so on), here are some parting ideas to help you tighten up things:.


:: Lastly, there are individual reviews down the page..

Final Thoughts on How to Advertise Your Book.

I d like for you to share what you think of starting or continuing your advertising campaign. I myself still have a lot of work to do!

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