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Atlantic Fiction / Calls For Submission

It was established in 2000 and is based in Bloomsbury, London. Atlantic Books is the publisher of Andre Acimans Call Me by Your Name, Kevin Kwans Crazy Rich Asians, Aravind Adigas The White Tiger, and Oyinkan Braithwaites My Sister, the Serial Killer.

It also releases books on history, politics, and existing affairs, and memoir.

Atlantic Fiction is under Atlantic Books and it is an independent British publishing house.

In 2020, it was named Trade Publisher of the Year at the Independent Publishing Awards.

Atlantic Fiction is opening its submissions inbox to unagented literary authors.

Submission Guidelines For Atlantic Fiction

They have an interest in complete books, comprehensive partials or narratives.
All submissions must include a one line pitch and a one paragraph pitch, describing the submission.
They will not read anything outside the literary genre and they are not able to react personally to every submission.
The submission has no deadline




Like this:.
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The Atlantic Fiction is open to entries from all over the world..
No age limitation has been put around the submission.
The author should be a writer of literary category. They accept absolutely nothing besides that.

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