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Better Than Starbucks Sonnet Contest 2020 / How To Apply (Prize: $500)

Submissions for Better Than starbucks Sonnet contest 2020, which occurs to be the 3rd yearly sonnet contest are now open!

It is a global contest for poets.
Applicants must have Paypal accounts as payments will be done via PayPal.
No age limit has actually been set.
This contest is closed to staff members of Better Than Starbucks (or their household members.)

The deadline for submission is November 30th, 2020. Winners will be published February 1st, 2021

Eligibility for Better Than Starbucks 2020 Sonnet Contest.



Submission Guidelines for 2020 Contest

No entry cost is required.
simultaneous Submissions are not appropriate.
This contest is for a metrical sonnet.
Your sonnet can be shakespearean, petrarchan, spenserian, rhymed, or slant-rhymed.
Blank verse is fine, as long as the sonnet form is plainly recognizable.
They willconsider tetrameter, hexameter, and so on along with pentameter.
Some metrical variation is fine, however dont forget the volta!
As constantly, they do accept formerly released work. Please notify them of the publication details.
If formerly released, make certain you have the rights to it. Most publications do not keep the rights to poetry.
The organizers of this award retain the right to utilize your sent sonnets in anthologies or promotional product as they please in the future, however they do not keep any copyright to your work.


Send as much as two sonnets.
Please include your entry in the body of your email, put “Sonnet Contest” into the subject line of your e-mail, and send to
Any possible loss of formatting in e-mail transmission will be remedied if your sonnet is chosen as a winner or for publication, as you will be asked to proof prior to publication, however you are welcome to mention unique format in your submission.
Please consist of a 3rd individual bio of 30 (max 40) words.
An intro is welcome however not needed.
You will get an acknowledgement of your entry within 24 hours. This is the only communication you will get unless one or both of your sonnets are chosen for publication, either as winners or respectable points out, or for subsequent publication.
Unlike general submissions to the journal, the organizers do not react further to contest entries unless they are picked as winners, respectable points out, or for subsequent publication.
If you do not receive an acknowledgement then theydid not receive your entry. Examine your spam folder if you have actually not already whitelisted Better Than Starbucks.
Entries read blind. The poems alone are copied into checking out files as they are available in. Resolve your entry just to Better Than Starbucks editors.
All entries are eligible for publication in Better Than Starbucks. By sending your work you approve us the non-exclusive right to release it. Copyright stays with the author/poet


Judges are Better Than Starbucks editors


Winning poets receive:.



Top place $350.
2nd Place $100.
Third Place $50

Winners will be announced in January and released on February 1st, 2021.

The sponsor of this contest wants to stay anonymous.
They are pleased to reveal that a person of their supporters (who wishes to stay anonymous) has actually included $250 to their First Prize total this year.
As an outcome the First Prize will be $350 payable on publication


They will also publish approximately 7 respectable mention sonnets




If you do not get a recognition then theydid not receive your entry. Check your spam folder if you have not currently whitelisted Better Than Starbucks. Check the email address your entry was dealt with to. Resolve your entry just to Better Than Starbucks editors.
All entries are qualified for publication in Better Than Starbucks.

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