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Building Bridges Made Of Breakfast


Here, then, are some breakfast foods I make in the early morning for myself, my better half, my child, or the various people I have caught in my cellar. Ha ha ha simply kidding I do not have individuals in my cellar.

Hashtag, worldbuilding.

Mainly I just figure, I wish to speak about some stuff aside from the nightmare pit that opened up beneath us in the previous 4-5 years, and its honestly been a while considering that I catapulted a “”” recipe””” into your eyeballs. And we are in a country now in alarming requirement of unity, and there is no higher bridge to develop between individuals than breakfast. All of us eat it. All of us like it. Except goblins. And goblins arent Americans or even residents of the world, but rather, creatures that emerge from the steaming sulphur sphincters that lead straight to Hell. They are joy-hating mine-crawlers, and you can tell theyre evil since they dont like breakfast.

This is not going to be among those RECIPE BLOG POSTS where you initially should withstand a wall of text about the authors magical visit to Tuscany where they met Mime King Marcel Marceau and selected fresh herbs while at the same time making love to a secret admirer who then prepared them a frittata so fascinating it made them pregnant with an infant Iron Chef. Its likewise not going to be among the ones where I supply you with easy-to-gather ingredient lists, since I am a monster. Its mainly simply, hey, breakfast is great. I like breakfast. You like breakfast, unless youre a face-stealing Hellgoblin– are you? A face-stealing Hellgoblin? No? Prove it with your love of breakfast.

B-Dubs Breakfast Buddy

( My grandmother, Mom-Mom, would not consume cheese, though she d eat anything else. Maybe not consuming cheese is excellent.).

Toast an English muffin. Bays is our brand name, in part since I hate the ritual of needing to fork-open the forkin motherforker Thomas English muffins variation.

The cheese needs to be melty. The rice will be both chewy and soft. The eggs will integrate throughout, a type of ricey-eggy-custardy pillow. I use a little sweet soy sauce (buy it separate or make your own with soy, mirin, bit of vinegar, bit of sugar, garlic, ginger). I often use Penzeys Fox Point or Shallot Pepper too to end up. You can do other things to dress this up, too: start with onion, garlic, ginger. Maybe include a dash of sesame oil. Greens work out here, too, like spinach or bok choy. Shit, this would most likely taste good speckled with lawn clippings and eaten out of an old shoebox.

( This is fast turning into my Magical Visit to Tuscany, isnt it?).

My kid is typically not a fickle eater. Hell eat … nnnyeah, mainly anything. His first time consuming calamari, we put the plate down and he didnt even ask what it was, he simply began consuming it. We were like, “You know thats squid, right?” And he shrugged and kept going. Hes a good eater. Among his favorite foods is Brussels sprouts (my dish for those little demon cabbages here). Long as something isnt too spicy, hes in.


Onto the arugula go the eggs.

( Oh well. This material is free!).

Waffles, Pancakes, And Eating Babies.

Then, take a bunch of rice and dispose it in. How much? Jesus, I dunno. How do you measure rice? By the fistful? One FIST OF RICE. There. The goal of this is you want the rice to get prepared on the bottom but stay rather pillowy-ricey on top. Spread it out. Believe: layer.

I re-toast in order to melt some cheese on it. Cheese of choice.

Toast once again, just till the cheese melts.

Maple syrup, then meat, then cheese. Cheese on both halves, btw.

( I indicate, Im still going to eat cheese. I mean, clearly, JFC.).

It sounds like the last name of a meddlesome next-door neighbor in an old sitcom. “Oh, no, here comes our property owner, Mister Druthers, again– mindful, or hes going to figure out that one of us roommates is actually a haunted mannequin!”.

* kicks down door * JAMMY CHUTNEY, DOUBLE O CIFIBIA.

Thats 270g AP flour.

You can dress it up with avocado. Or a fried green tomato for that crunchy tartness. Or a little maple syrup under the cheese for a hit of sweet taste. Or, or, or, sweet onion jam or some kinda mouthwatering chutney. I likewise like saying “chutney.” “Jammy Chutney.” Thats my spy name.

I make 2 nests– 2 egg craters, you may state– in the rice. Like a fish diving out the riverbed to lay its future fishchildren. Then put in a little more fat in those cooking rice pockets, and break an egg into each. Let it cook a bit, then flip each yolk. Once they firm up a little bit, so that theyre beginning to get jammy (jammy is one of those food words that I find attracting when used appropriately, so like, with caramelized onions, or egg yolks, however not, state, tuna fish). Then break the jammy yolks, stir them into the rice, and serve.

My existing oatmeal is this apple-based oatmeal. The apples need an unique shout-out, I think, due to the fact that the topping I make is especially good on all kinds of things– prepare the apples in cinnamon and butter, then include orange juice, maple syrup, and minimize down till syrupy. No mushy apples for this. Get something thatll hold up, but that has a natural tartness. GoldRush, Coxs Orange Pippin, even a Cosmic Crisp.

If you like eggs, unlike my anarchist boy, prepare one to your taste and put it on prior to the “slap halves” stage of the sandwich construction.

While thats cooking, lay a slice or two– broken up– of melty cheese atop the rice. Once again, I will suggest to you Cooper Cheese for this important job.

Upon that goes cheese.

Season accordingly (salt, pepper, and for me, more of that Penzeys Fox Point). Then use a painters trowel to shovel it into your unhinged maw.

I know, that seems like excessive oats. Place Xzibit meme about putting oats in oats. Trust me, its just. Its a whole oat galaxy, an OATIVERSE, if you will. An OATPOCALYPSE. Good too if you toss some berries on there, some cacao nibs, some walnuts, a salamander egg, a cursed chicken toe, ash from a burned Bible page, and ha ha no this isnt an evil spell its just a “recipe” its “great” dont “ask concerns” you fucking heretic.

Now, to the eggs.

POINT IS, removing eggs from breakfast choices was difficult in the beginning because, honestly, breakfast is a world developed on eggs, a minimum of in our house. Even more, the kidlet still desired a breakfast sandwich to consume, too, and one that did not consist of eggs.

Then: some way of meat goes upon it. Bacon is terrific, but so are sausage patties– the Beyond Sausage patties are good, too, if you want something plant-based.

Our Chinese food location gives you a whole container of rice for each meal you order, and that normally means we end up with adequate leftover rice to choke a bear. I do not want to choke a bear. I like bears. Instead I attempt to utilize the rice in a range of methods, chief among them is fried rice, which I simply mistyped as “pal rice.” Which sounds good till you realize it might be a Soylent Green thing? Whatever. However for breakfast, I do a various thing with the rice, and this is that different thing–.

He enjoyed eggs. He went over another kids house, and the Dad was both vegan and an asshole, and the veganism isnt the issue, however the asshole part definitely is, and somehow our son emerged from that experience hating eggs. He wont eat eggs any longer.

I dont make pancakes, my partner does– I do 90% of the cooking, however she makes a few things I merely can not manage to do well, like meatballs and pancakes. This is her recipe:.

Cheesy Eggs And Rice.

Its wonderful.

Onto the toast goes a bed of arugula.

Also to be clear, Im quite particular there are Korean or chinese breakfasts that resemble this– Im not attempting to proper or claim some sort of cooking genius. I simply put things I like together and they taste excellent and hopefully they taste excellent to you, too.

I dunno. Fuck around with it and report back.

Oatmeal is really excellent if you cook it in oatmilk.

This ones simple. Even apparent. However its a favorite here. I make my own sourdough toast– er, I guess I in fact make the bread since the toast part is always on us to make– so, fine, fine, I make BREAD, you pedants, and after that I TOAST that bread.

Very first way is, scramble the fuck out of it. Then, when you feel the rice is adequately ready, you utilize your spatula and get that eggy scramble into the rice. Offer it a stir, keep stirring, dont let it scramble too much, and then put it on a bowl.

This is the waffle dish I utilize: Aretha Frankensteins Waffles of Insane Greatness. Before now a lot of the waffle recipes I utilized required separating out the egg whites and whipping them before folding them in separately, but no one has time for that nonsense. What am I, caught in my home throughout a worldwide pandemic? Sheesh. This recipe gets the same outcome but … does not require that action, and so I utilize this with a Belgian wafflemaker. Note, it states “serves 2 to 4,” which number for me is, “it serves 2.25” individuals, so if you have a quarter-human in your house, excellent. Otherwise, double the recipe.

When toasted, you drizzle a little maple syrup on the within the one half.

So, heres that sandwich:.

Except eggs.

Broken Yolk On Homemade Toast.

The best cheese for this is Cooper Cheese, which is the biggest meltiest cheese known to male, and any person who informs you different can get fucked. It is the very best. Its American cheese, and I feel you currently buckling, however stop. Ive ranted about this prior to, however get shut of any judgment you might have about American cheese and how its not really “cheese” and how its a “cheese item,” and STOW YOUR CHEESE CLASSISM, JUDGEY MCJUDGEYBUTT. Anyway, let J. Kenji Lopez-Alt inform you the fact about American cheese. I have also utilized a great sharp cheddar, but it does alter the profile substantially, and cheddar does not always melt as great.

( Note, this image is kind of a combination of this and a breakfast sandwich.).

I find the 2nd way a bit more satisfying.

Slap halves together, put into face, send me cash to pay me for the pleasure I have actually provided you.

Likewise, in the name, I understand this is not a correct British butty, so I have actually named it a Buddy so as not to wrongly suitable British food. You ought to check out that previous sentence as sarcastically as you like.

Toss in there the OIL OF YOUR CHOICE, which here I recommend either unrefined coconut oil (great coconutty taste) or butter. Why butter?

I fry 2 eggs, flip, and break open the yolks at the end, and yet the jammy (theres that word once again) yolks spread out like a blanket of goodness over the whites.

This is the Dutch Baby dish I utilize– its Alton Browns. Its very good. I wish it and the waffle dish above gave ingredients by weight (specifically considering that his dish here lists “digital scale” as useful devices but provides you no weight measurements).

1 TB + 2 1/4 tsp baking powder.

2 1/4 cups milk (space temperature).

2 eggs (space temp).

1/4 cup and 1 tsp butter, melted but cooled a little.

Its primarily just, hey, breakfast is great. Here, then, are some breakfast foods I make in the morning for myself, my partner, my child, or the numerous individuals I have actually caught in my cellar. The perfect cheese for this is Cooper Cheese, which is the biggest meltiest cheese known to man, and any person who tells you various can get fucked. Ive ranted about this before, but get shut of any judgment you may have about American cheese and how its not actually “cheese” and how its a “cheese item,” and STOW YOUR CHEESE CLASSISM, JUDGEY MCJUDGEYBUTT. For breakfast, I do a different thing with the rice, and this is that various thing–.


I do not put straight maple syrup on any of these, however rather, make a mix of melted butter and maple syrup blended together right prior to putting. Its incredible.

Like this:.
Like Loading …

( For maple syrup, I like Escuminiac, or Finding Home Farms.).

Basic steps are: melt the butter, let it cool a little, mix dry items together, wed eggs and milk together in wedded happiness, then make a throuple as you slowly pour and stir melted butter into egg-milk so as not to make scrambled eggs, then damp goes into dry, then onto cooking surface area, turn when prepared on one side, eat consume consume. The crossed out stuff in the recipe is her old version– shes been progressing this over a few years now. These are the finest pancakes I have ever eaten, with the exception of perhaps the pancake I had at the Mad Batter, in Cape May, NJ.

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