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Camp, S’mores, and Word Counts? I’m in! by Ann Woodford

Lets welcome back regular monthly writer Ann Woodford as she shares with us: “Camp, Smores, and Word Counts? Im in!” Enjoy!


Greetings fellow authors!.

How is your summer season going?

When I state it that method the only parts I truly miss are the good friends and video games..

We rested on the yard, got stung by mosquitos and often bees, ate bad food, hung out with buddies, and played fantastic video games..

I understand, not whatever is reopened, and we arent entirely back to normal, but were relocating that direction..

Most likely much better than last summer season went, because last summer season was all quarantined and closed companies. Thanks pester..

Its the month right before the holidays where authors addicted to word count and getting sh ** done, compose like the wind and finish a novel..

In the meantime, Ive been classic for camp..

Confess it, the very best fun we authors have is getting words on paper and screen..

Hang in there! Completion is nigh, and this time its an advantage..

We can socialize, at least a little, and often even leave the mask behind..

I resided in the city, and we took a bus to the suburbs for day camp..

What if I stated you could have the very best parts of camp again AND get some serious writing done?.

Ah! … the summer camp of my youth. We hung out in the woods; fine, it was a woody area..

Time to Ramp Up Your Word Count at Camp Nano.

Youve probably become aware of NaNoWriMo..

If you cant await November and you long for summer camp, come join us in July for Camp NaNoWriMo!

What do you need to do to join us? Im happy you asked!.

You can select in between modifying and writing (which I believe holds true for November as well now) and you can make smores to commemorate!.

The Barany School of Fiction will be hosting a writers group (formerly the cabins, Nano calls them groups now) called Fellowship of the Pen on the Nano website..

When you discover the group, utilize the code word Elixir, so I understand youre from the Fellowship of the Pen since its a special group..

If you dont have a Nano account (free for everybody) then go over to the website and sign up. (Detailed instruction listed below.).

In CampNano, you set your own word objective.

CampNano is different from November Nano..

Wish to Increase Your Word Count? Edit Your Book?.

From there all you have to do is reveal your task, set your goals, and warm up your fingers for 31 days of writing! Word counts here we come!

We will also be supporting our campers in the weekly sprints we host on Wednesdays (11amPT/2pmET) and Sundays (10amPT/1pmET). See below for more Writing Sprint information.

( Technically you could make smores in November, but it appears ill-mannered to pumpkin pie. And campfires are harder to enjoy in November, in the northeast anyway.

If you do have an account at Nanowrimo, then just log in, look for the Fellowship of the Pen composing group, or pal me– Im Ann Woodford on Nano– and Ill send out a welcome..

I cant wait to write with you!

This group is limited to 20 individuals. If we have more than 20 individuals I will figure out how to divide us into 2 groups.

On Wednesdays, there are 2 triggers in case you need them, no requirement to use them, and we sprint for 2-20 min obstructs with a bit of checking out before, throughout and after..

On Sundays, its the very same format, other than we sprint for 3-20 minute blocks..

Step 5. Discover the Fellowship of the Pen Group and join us..

While I will constantly ask if anybody desires to boast on themselves and inform how well they did, there is no expectation for you to do so..

Look for me– Ann Woodford– and all your other Nano buddies so we can all camp together..

Action 1. Sign in.

Step 3. Ensure to associate your job with CampNaNoWriMo.

Step 4. Find Buddies!.

Share in the comments what youll be writing this summer season.

You can constantly do this after youve included your project also..

Check in at Nanowrimo:

How To Join Camp Nano Detailed Instructions.

Increase Your Word Count at our Weekly Writing Sprint.

You can make an account or use Facebook or Google to sign in and complete your profile.

Go to the Projects tab on your profile page and reveal your task..

We d love to have you join us! Beth sends out a reminder Wednesday and Sunday early mornings. All you need to do is register to get blog updates and youre on our list. Sign up here: .

We are an unwinded group, there is no need for a video camera or even a screen. For full availability, I explain and read the timely each time..

Action 2. Reveal your job.

Barany School of Fiction hosts 2 weekly sprints– one on Wednesdays and one on Sundays..

When you click on discover a group you will be directed to the forums page..

( Dont stress, if you cant play this July, Ill be hosting the very same group in November. Because who doesnt wish to write like the wind?!).

Use the search feature at the top of the page to look for Fellowship of the Pen and sign up with up!.

You can join more than one group so if you discover a local group, whichs not too much to monitor, then join them too!

Ann Woodford is a writer of lots of talents. She composes both fiction and nonfiction and will launch her first book this year. She just completed her Masters degree in Professional Communication and is working on building her grant composing consulting service, releasing soon. She works as a marketing assistant and program facilitator for the Barany School of Fiction and does training and ghostwriting on the side.

Picture creditsSmores photo: Photo by Kenrick Mills on UnsplashAll the screenshots are mine by Ann Woodford.

… the summertime camp of my youth. We d enjoy to have you join us! Ann Woodford is a writer of lots of skills. She writes both fiction and nonfiction and will launch her first book this year. She just completed her Masters degree in Professional Communication and is working on building her grant composing consulting service, introducing quickly.


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