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Confessions of a Lapsed Writer

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So, are you not an author on days you do not compose? Or worse, are you not an author * at all * unless you compose each and every single day? “I really wish to be a writer however Im not there quite yet– I write only 6 days a week.”.

Were informed to compose every day. Without fail.

An author composes every day, were told.


Conversation concerns: Are there days you dont wish to write? If so, is there any pattern to them, or trigger? Do you try to force yourself to write anyway? Do you feel guilty on days you do not write? Where do you suppose that guilt originates from?

Its been more than 100 days given that Ive written. Has it been more than 100 days considering that Ive been a writer?


Once I begin once again, after the number of consecutive days of composing can I again declare to be an author? Seven? 7 thousand?

This blog has been quite thin lately, as Im sure some of you have discovered. Im going to attempt to publish more regularly once again.

When we dont want to write, many of us have days. A few of us compose on those days anyhow; others people do not. Theres no universal right or wrong. Theres just you, and discovering the method that best fits.

For me, in late October life started laughing hysterically. I havent composed a word considering that then.

I utilized to apply that pressure to myself. If I went a couple of days or weeks without composing, I d be wrecked with regret. As if the world is waiting on the edge of its seat for my words. As if I owe it to myself to force myself to compose when I do not desire to.

Ive done it. On one of these I-don t-want-to-write days.

And most of us have days where we legit cant write. Life makes fun of the concept of “write every day.”.


Recently a college trainee asked me “Are there days where you dont want to compose?”.

Heres a part of my action:.

Were always told to write every day … which is great, if thats a groove youre able to enter into and life allows you to do so. However when taken as an imperative– if being told “An author composes every day” to you means “I * must * compose every day otherwise Im not a writer”– it uses a great deal of unneeded pressure



Ive learned not to beat myself up over these things. When I get through this phase, Ill write again. On the days I seem like it. When I do not, and in some cases– but just sometimes– on the days

Im going to attempt to return to writing, too. Itll take some effort. This post has taken me more than 2 hours; my word count has to do with 450, and I question itll be chosen for best blog site post of the year.

Do you have days when you dont desire to write? If so, do you acknowledge any pattern in them?

When you do not wish to write, do you try to do it anyhow?

Do you feel guilty when you dont compose? Where do you think the regret comes from?

Do you feel like you need to compose every day to be a writer? What other sort of pressure do you put on yourself?

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Are you not an author on days you dont compose? Or even worse, are you not an author * at all * unless you write every single day? “I actually want to be a writer but Im not there quite yet– I write only 6 days a week.”.


Once I start once again, after how many successive days of writing can I once again claim to be an author? Most of us have days when we dont desire to compose.

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