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Do I Need To Tell You To Vote? Vote. Vote!

VOTE. Jesus Christ on a Ferris wheel, voooooote. I indicate, thats it, right? You got ta participate in our democracy. This is it. This is the big video game. You dont vote, you bench yourself. You bench your choice, your liberty, your chance to grab a few inches on this big-ass steering wheel. People battled and died for this power. They still are battling for the right to do so, to have their voice sign up with the chorus. If you shirk that responsibility and turn down a right that others are having a hard time to maintain and have– thats like parading a plate of food in front of a starving person and after that choosing youre not starving, so you toss that shit in the trash. Vote, vote, vote. You got ta goddamn vote.

Make a plan to vote. Get others to vote. If you can, vote early and in-person. Contribute to prospects, phone bank, knock on doors, talk to loved ones and neighbors. Ballot is individual but democracy is a community, its about making your voice heard, and that neither ends nor begins at the ballot box. Lets roll up on this democracy like a tide, like a recovery wave, nourishing and cool to those who need it, salted and crushing to those who fear it. Lets gooooo and get it done.

However Chuck, Who Should I Vote For?

” But the stock exchange.” Fuck the stock market. Thats not a real thing. Its the heartbeat of the powerful and abundant. States nothing about the real economy. Hes gon na fuck with your health care, take away the limitation against pre-existing conditions, make you shackled to your company once again. Since that helps the rich and powerful stay abundant and effective– the less they give you, the more they take for themselves. Hes them. Hes not you. Hes not a common guy. Hes not even an entrepreneur. Hes a clown who took over the circus and all the other clowns love him.

Selfishness and mayhem.

However the reality is, hes a brute. A bully. A punk. Hes one of those abundant guys who pretends to be your pal while he makes you work for him at a cut rate, and then he takes all the credit. Hes spurned the military, the senior, the blue-collar. Hes got all the curiosity of a bulldozer. Hes got the empathy of a dumptruck. Hes a liar. A conspiracy theorist. A phony Christian who could not even call a gospel. He doesnt appreciate you. He does not appreciate his own kids. On his forehead someone must write: DONT OPEN, DEAD INSIDE.

That shitbird remains in it for himself.

Hes here to get rich, while youre here to get fucked. Hes a liar. Hes a vampire. A tick embedded in the American skin, drinking and drinking till he gets so bloated he cant even move any longer. I indicate, ha ha, never ever mind all the wanton bigotry and sexism, however maybe you dont care about that. You do not if you were thinking of voting for him.

Thats it.

I indicate, you fucking understand who. If your response there is, “Well, Donald Trump,” then like Jeff Probst on Survivor, I got nothing for you, head back to camp. What the hell are you thinking? I imply, even if youre a dreadful individual, answer me this: what has he accomplished? “He gave tax cuts to the uber-wealthy, he stole kids from their moms and dads, he demonized challengers, he disregarded and after that prolonged the pandemic were still throttled by, he–” No, no, let me stop you there. What excellent has he done? What legislation has he passed? The tax cuts, and besides stuffing up the judicial with an unholy alliance of unqualified judges, what has he achieved? Wheres his healthcare strategy? Wheres the next stimulus? Wheres anything? Has he assisted with the fires on the West Coast? Has he offered his mythical INFRASTRUCTURE PLAN? Whats his vision, beyond rage-tweeting from the dumper and preventing his taxes? Man hasnt gotten shit done, and on the other hand, farms are fucked, production is fucked, and in the pandemic theres a great deal of extra-fucking going on with restaurants and the show business and the airline companies. And theres no lifeline. Theres no control.

Theres only turmoil.

Dont vote for Donald Trump, for fucks sake. Jesus Christ. What the fuck.

Chuck, Biden Is Something Or Other Blah Blah

He wasnt my guy in the main, wasnt my 2nd, perhaps wasnt even my third, but hes who we have, and Ill be honest, hes done a helluva task so far. Bernies moved him left. Warrens moved him left.

Its solid, itll get us off the island. We never get the private yacht. We need real boats, and this is a real boat, so get on the genuine boat and lets get off this fucking island.

He really understands the task. Hes a legislator.

However Chuck, Something Third Party

Do I want we had a more robust political menu here? Hell yes. I do. Were a substantial country and we only get two celebrations, among which is drifting up until now ideal you cant even see them any longer, and the other which is … well, theyre somewhere in between a Noble Institution and a Hot Mess, and often end up with all the aplomb of a Homeowners Association. So yeah, I wish we had a more variegated landscape, politically. However I also wish for a pony and so far, one hasnt appeared.

A 3rd party vote is a vote thrown into a hole. It has a zero percent chance of doing what you want and will de facto provide strength to one of the other candidates. I dont make the guidelines, I do not implement truth, its just, thems the breaks. All youre doing is ceding your choice to fate, and even more, recommending that you are of such fantastic benefit that neither candidate matters to you, which the issues that will affect the majority of Americans will leave you completely, so fuck those individuals. Thats what it states. So do not do it. Appreciate people. Your vote is a ladder to help them up.

That third boat youre gon na vote for, its never revealing up. I want it had space for three boats, but you cant wish the 3rd boat into presence. Itll always stay out to sea because it cant get close enough to land because the docks dont permit it.

This is an existential election. Its not the time to play video games.

To get that landscape, we require 3rd party prospects down-ballot initially. We need ranked choice voting. We require the electoral college to fade into history.

Seriously Please Just Get It Done, Fucking Hell, Ahhhh

Like this:
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Dont vote for Trump. Vote down-ticket too and send a message to the GOP because they have no moral compass any longer. Go vote, vote blue, ever and ever amen.

Here is an image of a bird. The bird wants you to vote.

Get others to vote. A 3rd party vote is a vote tossed into a hole. Go vote, vote blue, ever and ever amen.

Vote, vote, vote. You got ta goddamn vote.

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