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Douglas Wynne: Five Things I Learned Writing His Own Devices

In 2016 an occult cabal activates a psychic trigger in a popular video game and a countdown to mayhem starts.

Rainbow Dave, the charming host of Scream Time, is Americas cool big brother– a player who built a video empire on the strength of his character. He is also the focus of a shadowy conspiracy hell-bent on sowing chaos with huge technological resources. Yell Time is coming to town, and it might be too late to stop a fatal game.

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While her spouse is released in Afghanistan, Jessica Ritter finds herself navigating the mistakes of parenting on her own. When YouTube sensation Rainbow Dave releases an addicting brand-new iPad video game, that consists of moderating her ten-year-old kids screen time– a fascination that strikes a fever pitch. Gavin understands he isnt expected to keep secrets from his parents, but when his achievements in the game unlock personal messages from Dave instructing him to embark on real world mini-quests, he cant withstand.


This book took me longer to write than any other considering that my very first book. The first draft came pretty rapidly, however that was followed by several years of modifications prior to finding the right shape for the story in between working on other jobs. I will normally play with a book for as long as Im allowed to, but I knew this was a prompt story, focused on a technological and cultural moment that would ultimately pass. While I invested years remodeling the manuscript and pitching it to agents and editors, I had a panicky sense of urgency that it would eventually end like a carton of milk prior to it was ever published.

None of this gives me any joy as I lastly reach promoting the book, but in the last drafts I recognized I could enhance the resonance that was constructed into the story from the start by keeping it set in 2016. That year turned out to be the inflection point for much of the digital mayhem were grappling with now. And that “foreknowledge” allowed me to calibrate the final version of the book to set the phase for every dreadful thing we now know takes place next.

Since I felt confident I had a story that spoke to the minute, I was ready to wait for the best allies to hopefully bring it to a mainstream audience. That clock was ticking, and then Covid struck, and perhaps it was me or my book however all of the abrupt no one was addressing those follow-up nudge e-mails. And to my surprise, all that time I d spent working on the book had just made its styles more popular in the news.


However there were some elements of the story that were never ever up for argument in my mind. Like the unnerving obscurity that pervades the story and leaves us with some unanswered questions at the end. Fiction may satisfy because it often deals with things much better than the Mueller Report, but I desired to reflect the deep unease we deal with in these times. That was the book I d set out to compose, the trigger that got me excited about the story in the first location. To betray it for a neat and cool ending wasnt on the table. So yeah, you can chew on feedback up until you dont understand if youre making a book better or worse, however never ever compromise the story spark that got you bought the very first place. Its your North Star.

Douglas Wynne is the author of the horror/thriller books The Devil of Echo Lake, The Wind In My Heart, and Red Equinox. His brief fiction has appeared in many anthologies and his composing workshops have actually been featured at category conventions and schools throughout New England. He resides in Massachusetts with his better half and son and a houseful of animals.

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I will normally play with a book for as long as Im enabled to, however I understood this was a timely story, focused on a cultural and technological moment that would ultimately pass. None of this offers me any joy as I lastly arrive at promoting the book, however in the final drafts I understood I might boost the resonance that was built into the story from the start by keeping it set in 2016. That was the book I d set out to write, the stimulate that got me delighted about the story in the very first location. Yeah, you can chew on feedback till you do not know if youre making a book better or worse, however never ever compromise the story spark that got you invested in the first location. It was liberating to realize that every e-mail or promotion piece I feared writing would also be awful for readers unless I saw it as one more effort to do what Im attempting to do in the very first place, which is tell a story.

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I cant take on that. Remember I informed you about how I saw the country creep closer to a state of chaos wrought by dubious digital actors in the couple of years between the conception and publication of His Own Devices? Well, when it came time to choose a publication date, I opted for March 4th for the private joke fundamental in the pun (March forth and conquer, little book!). I chose that date about a month back when I set up the Amazon pre-order, and simply a couple of days ago I saw on CNN that the most recent Q-Anon theory is that “the storm” will lastly result in Trump reclaiming power on March 4th. Let me inform you, friends … Ive had enough of relevance for a while.


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Writers, especially indie authors, need to find out to wear lots of hats nowadays. It took me a few years and a great deal of frustration to get the hang of composing back cover story blurbs. Its a various kind of composing from the fiction it endeavors to offer, with a different set of techniques and rules. And thats just one example. Ive needed to find out how to compose newsletters, pitch e-mails, bookstore small talk, and blog posts like this one. As I set out to self-publish a full-length book for the very first time, I discovered there were all kinds of methods I might learn from effective indie authors– like utilizing a “reader magnet” to cultivate an audience for a book prior to the release. That kind of marketing speak typically makes my eyes glaze over, however then I recognized it wasnt about sleazy marketing strategies. It had to do with storytelling. The only thing that makes people wish to download a totally free novella as a newsletter membership benefit, and the only thing that makes them desire to check out that newsletter long enough to find out about your next book, is engaging storytelling.

It was liberating to recognize that every e-mail or promotion piece I feared writing would likewise be awful for readers unless I viewed it as one more effort to do what Im attempting to do in the first place, which is inform a story. In trying to compose a freebie that would both hook individuals who have actually never heard of me and likewise reward people who had already check out the book, I ended up broadening my imaginary world in some surprising ways.

At one point I even had the information researchers behind The Bestseller Code: Anatomy of the Blockbuster Novel run the manuscript through their “Bestseller-ometer,” which utilizes algorithms trained by thousands of hit books to run a diagnostic check on a texts style, pacing, emotional beats, and character firm. (Ill spare you the information of the forty-page report, but that variation of the book scored 4 out of 5 stars, for whatever its worth.).

I also researched enough of that to understand what was plausible while leaving out any information someone would need to trigger real trouble. Weve come a long way since the paperback copy of the Anarchists Cookbook we used to stock when I worked at Tower Records in the 90s. I did my research utilizing the anonymous Tor browser so I would not end up on more federal government watch lists than Im already on as a horror author, but when you bump into a dish that starts with the disclaimer “Do Not Make This Until TSHTF,” you recognize that some of the preppers amongst us are not invested in the pledge of a peaceful and flourishing society.

I do think the unique gained from all of this feedback– or most of it, anyway. For one thing, I heard consistently that my main character came off as a bit of a high-strung helicopter moms and dad, a criticism I havent heard repeated by the last readers of the last draft due to the fact that I realized it was much better to let the reader do a great deal of her stressing for her. On the other hand, I also understood late in the game that I d taken the recommendations of one agent too far and padded the opening with uninteresting details intended to make the lead character more “likable,” preventing the thriller pace in the procedure. That all wound up on the cutting room floor.


Any fiction writer whos been at it for a while will tell you they start to see things in the real world that are uncomfortably synchronous with whatever odd shit they take place to be comprising at the time. Simply ask Chuck: he wrote a book in which a pandemic called White Mask completes with a white supremacist insurrection to ruin America. And he published it the year before it in fact happened, which I think makes him the Carl Jung Medal of the Cosmic Mindfuck.

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