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Failing Upward: A Glance Back as I Look Forward to 2021 by Keri Kruspe


Advertisement graphicsI love entering into BookBrush or Canva and developing a visual of any marketing thing Im dealing with. Might be for advertisements or social networks. Heres my latest ad I published to BookBub:.

As of the beginning of September, I had released 5 complete novels and a free novella..

My objective for 2021 is to be leaner and smarter and to focus on fewer “distractions.”.

Having said that, Im no place near to reaching my objective of becoming a full-time author. I still have a full-time task. Im an important worker in a bank, working forty hours a week..

I started my second year of being a published author by releasing the last book in my Alien Exchange trilogy and after that launching Book One of the Alien Legacy five-book series..

EditingWhile we might swelling this in with composing, I find editing my very first draft into a readable story is quite pleasing. I seem like Michelangelo sculpting David …

Lets welcome back monthly columnist Keri Kruspe as she shares with us “Failing Upward: A Look Back as I Anticipate 2021.” Take pleasure in!

After all, Im a firm believer that you cant know where youre going if you dont know where youve been …

A Look Forward Into 2021.

Congratulate yourself … we did it..

Now at the start of 2021, I wish to look back at what I learned in 2020 and plan what Ill focus on in the future.

WritingI love, love, enjoy composing my novels. While Im hardly making any money from them (just hardly enough to do a small bit of advertisements), I have actually found my passion and Im going to keep doing it. I am delighted to report that Ive gotten some terrific evaluations from all my books, so I dont see a reason to stop.

Before We Look Forward, A Quick Glance Back ….

We survived one of the strangest years in humankinds recent history. Who knew on January 1 of last year whatever we took for given would be turned upside down?.

To keep my author service afloat, I produced an everyday routine..

BlogsSuch as this one! I love sharing my thoughts as a blossoming writer here on the Writers Fun Zone. To explore my passion of SciFi Romance/Paranormal Romance, I started writing short articles on Romantics Paranormal that comes out on the 10th..

Then came the international pandemic. I do not learn about you, however the debate surrounding that issue befuddles me. All I can state is that its my sincerest dream we all come out triumphant in the end..

As I take a look at the indie publishing world, if anybody says there werent any shifts in the market is either lying or entirely blasé about the entire thing..

To do that, Im going to deal with things I like best. Accept my happiness, so to speak. Ive analyzed what Im proficient at and will work on honing my abilities in these locations:.

Now that Im not scrambling around like an idiot trying to find out how to write an unique (POV [perspective] and I went through some rounds before the concept lastly sunk in my thick brain), launch a publishing profession along with starting my own business, I can simplify my focus..

Here in America, we got captured up in a political problem that divided the nation. Overdone that, an array of underlying discontent in human differences was shoved into the mainstream. Often strongly..

Posting on Social MediaThis has actually been a bugger for me. To overcome the anxiety of posting to social networks, I developed a month-to-month marketing strategy that identifies which book( s) to promote. From there I determine the numerous avenues and subjects I wish to cover. As a rule, I just publish “sales” of my books once or twice a week. The remainder of the time I invest in enjoyable things– i.e. Monday Musings/Word Cloud Wednesday/Friday Fun. Doing this satisfies my “content” marketing, and likewise provides me a possibility to connect with others … not that I get a lot of responses. Nevertheless, Im going to keep at it.

Every morning Im up at 4:30 (consisting of weekends) and put in a minimum of 2 strong hours of work. Mostly with writing/editing, but on unique celebrations Ill dedicate some of that time to marketing. I likewise include a minimum of 3.5 hours a week in training, listening to podcasts while I prepare in the early morning or when I drive to work..

Looking Forward: How Does That Fit Into My Authors Goals for 2021?

Composing for me is a nonstop adventure. I want to perfect my craft, so I will take several courses throughout the year to become an even better author. I have a number of courses just sitting there waiting on me … all I have to do is make time for them. Into the month-to-month schedule they go!

To get rid of the stress and anxiety of posting to social media, I created a month-to-month marketing plan that identifies which book( s) to promote. Thats way too long if I want to increase my publishing objectives to releasing 3 books a year. Keri Kruspe has actually been an author considering that the age of twelve and has always been fascinated with transcendent stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris very first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. An Alien Exchange is the first book in the arousing Alien Exchange sci-fi romance series.

Hindsight is All Well and Good ….

I went back to analyze what I spent my time on– I have a daily tracking system so it was simple to do the research study.


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My overall goal hasnt altered. Im determined to become a full-time author. To do that, Ill rearrange my schedule for the things Ive noted above and alter some habits..

I wont get diverted– its taking too long to finish each book, normally around 9 months. Thats method too long if I desire to increase my publishing goals to launching three books a year.

Release 3 Books This Year.

While I feel 2021 is can be found in rough, Im hoping if I stay with my plans. By the end of the year Ill reach my evasive objective of ending up being a full-time author!

Anticipate More Training.

Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris very first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. An Alien Exchange is the very first book in the exciting Alien Exchange sci-fi romance series.


It stunned me to understand I had actually fallen under the bad practice of beginning another novel before completing the old one, that made me lose focus on both..

Keri now resides with her family in the wilds of Northwestern Michigan. A devoted reader, Keri delights in good wine, great food, and watching action/adventure motion pictures.

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