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Family-Inspired Poetry Prompts

They state, “You can select your friends, however you cant pick your family.” In life, we exist with lots of choices, however family is not one of them. Its practically luck of the draw.

Writers are always trying to find new ideas. In some cases we look up until now and wide for inspiration that were unconcerned to whats right in front of us.

Poetry Prompts

Thats why family provides exceptional inspiration for writing.

Poetry triggers motivated by family.

When youre not feeling particularly inspired, Poetry prompts are a fantastic method to do a little writing. Listed below, youll discover 4 lists of words. Each list concentrates on a single topic. You can utilize these poetry triggers in any of the following ways:

Select one list of poetry triggers and write a poem utilizing all the words in the list.
Write four different poems, each based upon among the lists.
Mix and match random words from the lists to write a single poem.
Write one poem using all the poetry triggers from all the lists.
Reward: Write a type poem (sonnet, haiku, and so on) utilizing any of the words from the lists.

Play ground




Each of us can create a host of additional words about our own households, much of which would be entirely subjective. Ive attempted to keep the lists fairly general, but as you prepare to compose a poem based upon these prompts, do not hesitate to add your own words to the lists.


To take it an action further, set your finished poem aside and come back to it the following day. Spend a long time modifying and polishing it. Erase any unneeded words and make sure the poem contains images that readers can easily picture. If you composed a poem in kind, check that youve abided by the rules of the kind. Include it to your stack of finished writing projects and believe about sending it to a poetry publication when you feel the poem is complete.

Sibling/ Sister

Discover and Share

As soon as your poem is completed, return and share your ideas about using these poetry prompts. Did you find the procedure difficult or simple? Which list(s) did you utilize? Did you polish your poem? Leave a remark, and tell us about your experience. Keep composing poetry!

When your poem is finished, come back and share your thoughts about utilizing these poetry triggers.

To take it a step even more, set your finished poem aside and come back to it the following day. Erase any unnecessary words and make sure the poem consists of images that readers can quickly imagine. If you wrote a poem in kind, check that youve adhered to the guidelines of the kind. When you feel the poem is complete, add it to your stack of completed composing tasks and think about submitting it to a poetry publication.

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