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Filling Station/Call for Submissions

Filling Station is constantly on the hunt for terrific writing and art work! Please note that Submittable is now the only method for receiving submissions.

Filling Station accepts singular or simultaneous submissions of previously unpublished poetry, fiction, innovative non-fiction, important non-fiction (about literature and periodically about visual art), and visual art.

Despite being a small, volunteer-run non-profit magazine, filling Station thinks that all magazines must pay their contributors. In addition to a complimentary 3-Issue Subscription ($ 30 worth) and a discount on future renewals and subscriptions, filling Station uses each of its factors a $25 honorarium. Ought to a picked factor currently register for the magazine, they can either extend their subscription by 3 issues, or gift it to somebody else of their choosing.

General Submission Guidelines for Filling Stations Call for Submissions

Prior to sending to filling Station, please see the genre-specific submission instructions listed below.
All submissions must be sent through Submittable.
Please note that for all submissions, you need to consist of a mailing address and short bio (25– 75 words) with your submission. A submission doing not have a mailing address and bio will be considered insufficient.
For Art submissions, an Artists Statement concerning the sent portfolio of work is needed.
Please attach your submission as both a text document and a PDF, especially if your work integrates visual elements we shall need to replicate. This ensures that your published work looks as real to the original sent document possible.
Filling Station is ready to think about simultaneous submissions.
If you are informed that any work sent out to filling Station has been picked for publication somewhere else, please get in touch with the appropriate editor with this info by means of e-mail as soon as possible and CC

Genre-Specific Submission Guidelines


You are motivated to send experimental interviews, posts, reviews, and imaginative nonfiction.
Please note that filling Station will normally decline evaluations of non-experimental literature unless the evaluation itself is experimental.
They are looking to engage with and draw attention to literature that pushes the borders of category, kind, method, design, etc
. Send 2 pieces of any such kind by means of Submittable.
If you have issues about viability, do not hesitate to send a question to
While concerns or questions might be received by e-mail, Nonfiction accepts submissions just through Submittable.
There is no defined page limit for non-fiction submissions, but keep in mind that we hardly ever release non-ficton that is longer than 10 pages.
A submission lacking mailing address and bio (25– 75 words) will be considered incomplete.
If you are interested in examining a book for filling Station, please browse our upgraded list of Books Received or elect to review a book of your choice that you own.



Send approximately 10 pages (submissions at the upper end of this length spectrum will require to be of extraordinary quality to be considered) by means of Submittable.
They will be pleased to get any of the following fiction: flash fiction, postcard fiction, brief fiction, speculative fiction that diverges from the usual subgenre categories, a novel excerpt that can stand alone, or a mix of these subgenres.
Please do not resubmit or send additional submissions till you have actually gotten a reaction to your very first submission.
A submission doing not have mailing address and bio (25– 75 words) will be considered insufficient. Due to the high volume of submissions, fiction accepts submissions only through Submittable.

Like this:
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Please submit 5-7 lower res samples by means of Submittable.
If interested, they will ask for pieces or extra operate in 300 dpi or higher via Drop Box or similar, or on a disc.
Art accepts preliminary, low res submissions only via Submittable.
High resolution images need to be provided upon request before we can settle choice.
A submission doing not have mailing address, bio (25– 75 words) and artists statement will be considered insufficient.


Send approximately 6 pages of poetry via Submittable.
If your poem is spaced in a particular method, please make certain to utilize spaces, never ever tabs, so that they will properly duplicate your design.
Also be sure to submit your submission as a PDF file in addition to the text document.
A submission lacking mailing address and bio (25– 75 words) will be thought about incomplete.
Due to the high volume of submissions, poetry accepts submissions just by means of Submittable.


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