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Five Reasons to Donate to the Read For Pixels Campaign to Stop Violence Against Women

* Taps the mic * Hello, everyone! Okay– * deep breaths *– here we go:

The response: the [place your cuss word of option here] COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 160 authors, 14 projects, and almost 8 years later on, we have a progressively growing resource of taped livestream interviews and panels with authors. These are quickly accessible on our YouTube channel to moms and dads, teachers, kids, readers, fandoms, and writers worldwide who can either watch the videos for more information about VAW while fanning over their preferred authors or use the videos to start conversations about VAW in their neighborhoods. Authors and publishers have also helped us raise roughly $10,000 annually by offering exclusive goodies as thank you deals with for readers, fans, and book collectors who contribute to support our work.

Chuck discovered our predicament and, being the mensch that he is, pinged us to offer to enhance the signal for our fundraiser.

Youre probably believing: “Cool! Ill go check it out. Why the visitor post on Chucks blog site?”

This is a double whammy for ladiess organizations like us as this is happening on top of decades of limited funding for the total femaless rights motion. While we are 100% volunteer-staffed, we require to guarantee that we can keep our programs, campaigns, and services running, especially now, when rates of VAW have been increasing so terribly the UN calls it “the shadow pandemic”.

The Pixel Project, a 501( c) 3 anti-violence against females nonprofit, has been running our Read For Pixels program considering that September 2014 when Chuck himself, Joe Hill, Sarah J. Maas, and 9 other acclaimed bestselling SFF and YA authors answered our call-to-action to assist us reach out to their fandoms about violence versus women (VAW) and raise funds to keep our anti-VAW work alive.

That inaugural Read For Pixels livestream author interview series (where Chuck, Joe, Sarah and co required to their cams to speak out against sexism, misogyny, and VAW) and fundraising event was a smashing success and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

So here I am, on the first day of Sexual Assault Awareness Month and our seven-day flash contribution drive, presenting 5 reasons that you need to think about contributing to our fundraising event to help get us to our $5,000 goal by the April 15th 2021 due date:

Factor to Donate # 1: Treat yourself while doing great!

From signed books to gift bundles to flash fiction/poetry composed particularly for the donor, we have something for every contribution level.

And while youre enjoying your goodies, also delight in the reality that your donation will be going towards keeping programs like our daily helpline retweet session on Twitter which tweets out domestic violence and rape/sexual assault helplines for women in over 30 nations worldwide from 8.00 PM to midnight Eastern Time, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Reason to Donate # 2: Get skilled eyes on your writing while doing excellent!

When you help keep programs such as our yearly 16 For 16 campaign alive, all these authors are prepared to take time out of their jam-packed schedules to assist you. Through 16 For 16, we have actually built an ever-growing archive of almost 180 resource posts to date about everything from how to stop street harassment to lists of organizations dealing with everything from kid marriage to MMIW (Missing and killed Indigenous females).

We have a stellar line-up of acclaimed authors who have contributed review bundles for WIPs (works-in-progress), including Adriana Herrera (Romance), Alaya Dawn Johnson (Fantasy), Anna Stephens (Grimdark Fantasy), Bec McMaster (Paranormal Romance), Brigid Kemmerer (YA Fantasy), Jeannie Lin (Historical Fantasy), and Toni L.P. Kelner aka Leigh Perry (Mystery/Crime). Some have a post-critique video chat workshop bundled in; others enable three to 5 questions from the donor about the critique; still others offer to look at a query letter draft in addition to your WIP.

Its completely win-win!

Reason to Donate # 3: Chat with your favorite author while, did I mention, doing great!


Its great to talk … and even much better to talk with your preferred author in the name of supporting a good cause. For this charity event, Alyssa Sheinmel (Contemporary YA), Jodi Meadows (YA Fantasy), Julie E. Czerneda (Science Fiction and Fantasy), Kiran Millwood Hargrave (Fantasy and Poetry), Meg Gardiner (Crime/Thriller) and Tasha Suri (Fantasy) are all happy to spend some quality 1-to-1 time on a video chat with donors to natter about everything from books and writing, to gardening, stubborn rabbits, and geeky hobbies.

Do you have a good friend or family member who has a birthday showing up? Do you see a Read For Pixels gift offered by their favorite author available on our fundraising page? Contribute to snag that unique treat and delight them.

Reason to Donate # 4: Treat somebody else while … wait on it … doing excellent!

Donate to our charity event since you believe in supporting efforts to prevent, stop, and end VAW. Whether you can offer us $5 or $500 to help us reach our $5,000 objective, every cent counts.

Regina Yau is the creator and president of The Pixel Project, a virtual volunteer-led worldwide 501( c) 3 not-for-profit organization on an objective to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence versus women at the intersection of social networks, brand-new technologies, and popular culture/the Arts. A Rhodes Scholar with a double Masters in Womens Studies and Chinese Studies, she has a long-lasting commitment to combating for femaless rights. In addition to running The Pixel Project, Regina likewise teaches English to middle-schoolers and high-schoolers, writes stories about saucy little fox spirits and terrorist chickens, and bakes far too lots of carb-and-sugar-loaded goodies.

Like this:.
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Factor to # 5: Just do great.


Interested in having a look at The Pixel Projects anti-violence versus women work? Visit us at http://www.thepixelprojectnet.

Interested in checking out our Read For Pixels charity event and making a contribution to help keep our work alive? Go here.

Bonus: Youll have a fascinating story to tell them about where the present came from. It might even be an excellent springboard for chatting with them about VAW.

Meanwhile, your contribution will support our Inspirational Interviews series which has actually been running for a decade and counting. This blog site series shines a spotlight on anti-VAW advocates, activists, and companies worldwide with a concentrate on how they are changing the world for women and women as well as their ideas about what individuals can do to assist stop VAW in their neighborhoods and nations.

Its time to stop violence against women. Together.

( And when you donate to us, please likewise think about donating either cash or materials to your local ladiess shelter or rape crisis. Like us, they require all the help they can get.).

While youre talking, well be dealing with our Fathers For Pixels program which provides fathers worldwide with a variety of platforms (blog site interviews, panel sessions etc) for sharing their ideas with other papas about raising kids and engaging with their peers and neighborhoods about sexism, misogyny, and VAW.

* Taps the mic * Hello, everyone! Okay– * deep breaths *– here we go:

Over 160 authors, 14 projects, and almost 8 years later, we have a progressively growing resource of recorded livestream interviews and panels with authors. These are easily available on our YouTube channel to moms and dads, teachers, kids, readers, fandoms, and writers worldwide who can either enjoy the videos to learn more about VAW while fanning over their favorite authors or utilize the videos to begin conversations about VAW in their neighborhoods. Authors and publishers have likewise assisted us raise approximately $10,000 per year by supplying special goodies as thank you deals with for readers, fans, and book collectors who contribute to support our work.

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