Monday, September 20

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Lots of writers specialize in a specific kind, genre, or specific niche. Fiction writers are worried with character, plot, and setting, and they focus on their genre, whether its mystery, romance, or fantasy. Poets are consumed with form, musicality, language, and imagery. Essayists concentrate on the subjects they discuss.

Todays post is an excerpt from Ready, Set, Write: A Guide to Creative Writing. This is from a chapter entitled “Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone,” which motivates you to try new types and categories of composing.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to explore an entirely brand-new form of composing? Are you going to challenge yourself and get creative by attempting something brand-new?

Leave your convenience zone and broaden your composing horizons.

Sure, some of us explore different kinds of writing, however how deeply are we happy to immerse ourselves into unfamiliar waters?

Write a piece of flash fiction under a thousand words.
Write a hundred-word poem.
Compose a thousand-word topical essay.
Compose a newspaper column.
Write three pages of a script.

Select a type of composing that youve never tried previously, or select something youve only dabbled in. Choose a form or genre that youve struggled with in the past.

As an added reward, working in various forms, even if just briefly, typically renews your imagination, bringing new concepts to the leading edge.

If youre not ready to attempt a totally brand-new form of composing, then expand within your favored form. If you write horror stories, try writing a piece of contemporary fiction. If you compose free-verse poetry, attempt writing a few form poems. If you compose individual essays, try writing a response essay or a detailed essay.


That why its useful to check out and write a little bit of everything. Sometimes, you can take a little time to inspect out some other types of writing, both as a reader and as a writer.

If you write free-verse poetry, try writing a few type poems. If you compose individual essays, attempt composing a reaction essay or a descriptive essay.

And when authors try their hands at writing fiction, they find out how to bring the power of story into their work.

When novelists explore poetry, they are likely to improve their vocabulary, bring better imagery into their stories, and craft sentences with enhanced circulation and rhythm. When poets explore essays, they find out how to approach their topics from a various angle, broadening their perspectives. And when essayists try their hands at composing fiction, they learn how to bring the power of narrative into their work.

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