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Going Short: 25 Things I’ve Learned from Flash Fiction by Nancy Stohlman

You could call me a flash fanatic.

In the last lots years Ive: co-founded a flash fiction press, began a flash fiction reading series, introduced flash fiction retreats, started the FlashNano difficulty, judged flash contests, spoken on flash panels, included at flash readings, taught at flash celebrations, published 4 flash fiction books, 3 anthologies, numerous stories, and Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction.

And for my next technique, I will now inform you everything Ive discovered flash fiction

In Under 500 words:

Flash fiction is altering the method we inform stories. Carving away the excess, removing all but the most necessary, flash fiction is putting the story through a literary dehydrator, leaving the meat without the fat. And it only looks simple.


” The conclusive, and appropriately concise book on the flash fiction type”– Writer and Teacher Kathy Fish.

A motivation to flash fiction fans, and a valuable possession to those teaching the craft.


In Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction, veteran writer Nancy Stohlman takes us on a flash fiction journey: from developing, shaping, revisioning and collecting stories to best practices for writers in any genre. It is both conversational and instructional, witty, and useful, and provided in flash fiction chapters that demonstrate the kind as it is talked about..

A lot people dont understand what flash fiction is. Like essentially no one. Be prepared to explain it: 1,000 words or less, informing a total story. A lot.
Because its brief doesnt imply its flash fiction, just.
Prose poetry is not (always) flash fiction. See # 2. Prose poetry is poetry utilizing sentences. Prose poetry might be telling a story, but it may not.
Flash fiction needs to be narrating.
Not every story makes great flash. Some stories might make much better poems, or books, or plays.
Flash fiction not constantly fiction. Fiction isnt constantly fiction, either.
You can say it in half as many words. If you believe you cant, even.
Smaller is harder. Anybody who has actually attempted the 250-word scholarship essay over the 1,000-word essay because they “believed it was easier” will understand what Im speaking about.
The longer you compose, the much shorter your stories will get.
Flash fiction is not for short attention periods. Individuals with attention deficit disorder are not searching for complex, nuanced, literature.
Flash fiction needs a different sort of lens– you must cultivate “flash mind.”
Flash fiction writers welcome danger, innovation and experimentation. Imagination bulges versus a restraint.
Trimming a longer piece to “make it flash” hardly ever works.
One rose in a vase is more interesting than 100 roses shoved in a vase.
Flash makes you proficient at endings. You are going from beginning to ending in one sitting, so theres no concealing it.
Flash makes you proficient at titles. You get actually strategic about how to re-envision your first impression.
When in doubt, compose it over. This is excellent for all composing however particularly great for flash fiction.
Flash fiction will make you more discerning. When Im reading an unique, or viewing a film, I see what is fluffy and indulgent.
You can apply the abilities of flash to other genres: flash narrative, historic flash, flash noir, flash book– in 2013 I wrote a flash opera.
I never read flash prior to bed– it keeps me awake. Its likewise hard to read a lot of flash in a row: each story is so dense you need to absorb it.
Flash is fantastic at readings. No established, no rambling, no excerpting, no explaining– the flash fiction story can be told in its completely in under 5 minutes.
Flash in good in classrooms. You are able to take a look at the entire story from beginning to end in one sitting.
Good flash often makes your reader dream it was longer– and thats okay. I suggest, I want Pulp Fiction was longer, too (sort of).
You do not have to be a flash fiction author to cultivate the abilities of flash. You will become a better author regardless.
Because small is exquisite. And if you have actually fallen for flash, you already understand that

An inspiration to flash fiction lovers, and an important property to those teaching the craft.

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When she is not composing flash fiction she straps on stilettos and ends up being the lead vocalist of the lounge metal jazz trio Kinky Mink. She dreams of one day ending up being a pirate.







ISBN: 978-1-912095-79-7.

TWITTER: @nancystohlman.

FACEBOOK:/ nancy.stohlman.

Nancy Stohlman is the author of 4 books of flash fiction including Madam Velvets Cabaret of Oddities ( a finalist for a 2019 Colorado Book Award), The Vixen Scream and Other Bible Stories ( 2014 ), and The Monster Opera ( 2013 ). She is the creator of The Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series and FlashNano in November. Her work has actually been anthologized in the W.W. Norton New Micro: Exceptionally Short Fiction, Macmillans The Practice of Fiction, and the Best Small Fictions 2019. Her craft book, Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction, is upcoming from Advertisement Hoc Fiction in 2020. She teaches writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado Boulder.



A lot individuals dont know what flash fiction is. Prose poetry is not (necessarily) flash fiction. Flash fiction is altering the method we tell stories. Carving away the excess, eliminating all but the most essential, flash fiction is putting the story through a literary dehydrator, leaving the meat without the fat. She is the creator of The Fbomb Flash Fiction Reading Series and FlashNano in November.

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