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How I monetized my writing skill during the pandemic

Image Source: Themoneyveiw.comHow I monetized my writing skill.

Within a brief time, I had actually ended up being a home name when it came to arranging leading notch occasions. At the time, I had actually already reached some sophisticated level of plans with about 5 various customers whose occasions I was hoping to handle when the lockdown was revealed after cases of infections continued to spike.

Often times, individuals have questioned how useful a writing skill is. They have actually questioned if the composing skill can be monetized or if it is a professional job.

One especially striking lesson I have actually learnt from the pandemic is the emerging virtual nature of our world where nearly whatever is done online. I discovered that to remain relevant in the scheme of things, I required to be in tune with what is going on in the electronic space. Freelance writing offered me that endless platform where I could do practically anything with what I had– my laptop and internet connection.

I had actually had numerous incompleted stories I had composed during my complimentary durations from work. With nothing else to engage in, I began writing once again and got most of them finished with brand-new exciting inputs. Prior to this time, I wouldnt introduce myself as a writer.

I have imaginative writing and storytelling as part of my specialties. Prior to this time, I had been writing simply for leisure. I wrote mostly from the things and people I stumbled upon in the various occasions I had handled just to make memories of them. Memories not money! I thought composing was just too homemade to be an offer breaker as long as my monetary wellness was concerned. All those baseless presumptions of mine altered as I resorted to something I might do completely and practically easily– something that didnt require me to leave my house most especially as staying indoors became the drill. This was born out of austerity and not requirement.

The Growth of The Blog.

Working now as a copywriter and a freelance author feels terrific. I can take charge of my time even if I still have couple of events to deal with. My new discovered profession course also supplies me with limitless possibilities as I can work from anywhere even throughout emergencies. Its been a breath of fresh air as I continue to eagerly anticipate what more the future holds most particularly in these unpredictable times

In the personal essay beneath, Samuel Ephriam shares his personal experience and how he made a substantial discovery in composing throughout the world large pandemic that rendered many, unemployed

Image source: the compose life.comReactivating My Writing Skill.

Freelance Writing.

Upon the phased resuming of the economy and gradual go back to normalcy, I began composing sales and landing pages, video scripts and sites copies for companies who had successfully weathered the storm of the pandemic. A few of the tasks I did at first were totally free of charge. I did this in a quote to endear myself to my new customers and to burglarize a highly competitive industry such as copywriting.



With physical contacts prohibited and outdoor occasions with lots of individuals in presence forbidden according to the prevailing truths, occasions were entirely stopped forthwith. Remaining home all day without my typical work engagements was an awful new regular. Just like other people lost their jobs during these tough times, I went into depression many times.


I had actually been working in the hospitality industry as an occasion supervisor for well over 5 years. Nigerians like elaborate events be it during childbirth, calling ceremony, marital relationship, crowning and the likes. Occasions were always made vibrant and glamourous. That was what activated my entering into occasion management.

I had actually similarly taken up a couple of abridged courses on freelance writing and had also taken out quality time to read ebooks on freelance writing in order to ideal my writing skills. In the midst of this, I wasnt despondent or desperate to make big amounts due to the fact that I understood I was building a fairly new career path


The pandemic had made me a victim of situation when I had actually least expected. Everything grounded to a stop as the prospering lockdown policy intensified. Although the epicenter of the pandemic wasnt in Africa, Nigeria to be exact, the precautionary measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the virus meant I was out of business longer than I had ever pictured. Till I awakened from my sleep.

I began sending to online literary journals that were still making calls for submissions at the time. One thing I truly enjoyed about the troubles occasioned by the pandemic is that, it made reading one of the noblest thing to do. Either to reconnect with the great old times or to keep boredom away.

To provide my skill a more valuable approach, I integrated copywriting into the photo. I understood I might as well utilize my storytelling abilities because instructions. I had actually downloaded lots of checking out materials on copywriting and videos for my individual self development. All these are the fruits of the lockdown. I went into myself and invested heavily in me. I acquired invaluable understanding at no expense. All I actually gave up was my convenience zone and changed it with self-discipline.

About The Author

Prior to this time, I had actually been writing simply for leisure. I composed mainly from the people and things I came throughout in the various occasions I had actually managed just to make memories of them. With absolutely nothing else to engage in, I started writing again and got many of them completed with brand-new interesting inputs. Upon the phased resuming of the economy and gradual return to normalcy, I began writing sales and landing pages, video scripts and websites copies for companies who had actually successfully weathered the storm of the pandemic. He writes from his composing label Siriacy Craft.


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Samuel Ephraim Edward is an imaginative writer and a poet by birth and a diplomat by training. A few of his works are released in chosen online literary journals. His current poem entitled The Vipers juice was included in the UKs Arts and Humanities Research Council Project. He composes from his composing label Siriacy Craft.

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