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How to Do a Facebook Group Takeover as an Author by Deb Kastner


Its a beautiful method to introduce readers to my most current release while at the exact same time getting to know my readership better. Most importantly? Its free to do.

A takeover is where you run a Facebook group or occasion for anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire week at a time.

Today we invite a new visitor writer to Authors Enjoyable Zone, Deb Kastner who is dropping in to chat with us about “How to Do a Facebook Group Takeover as an Author.” Take pleasure in!

One of my preferred ways to discover new readers and communicate with those who currently know me is a Facebook takeover of a group for readers.

What goes into a Facebook group takeover? Pleased you asked!

Discover the Appropriate Group to Takeover for Your Genre

For instance, I compose inspiring love. Together with Harlequin, my publisher, two of the groups I frequently visit are: Love Inspired Authors and Readers Group and Christian Romance Readers Gathering.

I have a ring light and a good pair of Bose earphones for this. I generally present whoever is around (including my cats and dogs) and have my spouse fielding concerns from the chat.

My books all occur in western states in villages and on cattle ranches, so I share dishes like Cowboy Beans and speak about ranch animals in addition to my domestic animals.

I generally compose my posts and prepare graphics on Canva in a Word file prior to the day( s) Ill be communicating with the group. Posts consist of a blurb or video of my most recent release, but books are just part of the equation.

I have hosted Facebook Live occasions where I speak with readers and answer their questions.

Remain on Brand.

Strategy Your Takeover Posts.

While you will not be hawking your book all day, remember to remain on brand with what you write.

Ive found readers like to read more about my writing process, seeing photos of my office, and how I get my concepts.

Keep the discussion light by sharing recipes, hobbies, household (if youre comfy doing so) and family pets. I have a lot of animals in my book (particularly horses and canines), so thats a fantastic tie-in. My sister owns an animal sanctuary, so I frequently discuss her. Where are your books located? On the beach or in the mountains? Thats another great tie-in. What do your characters do for a living?

Think About a Video Takeover.

Do Not Forget Giveaways.

Another way to use video is to take short clips on your cam. Ive had my grandson assist me with these. Program yourself making a dish in the cooking area as you talk to your readers or introduce your pets.

Readers wish to see the real you.

No matter what genre you compose, there is at least one Facebook group complete of readers distressed to discover your books. Connect to the moderators of those groups and see if you can invest a day with their readers. The majority of groups welcome authors..

Readers love free gifts!



Announce the winners late in the evening or the next day so those who work in day jobs have the chance to take part.

Have a look at my website and sign up for my newsletter: .

Make certain to share where readers can discover your books and how to sign up for your newsletter.

Takeovers are a terrific chance to acquire brand-new readers and connect with those who are already fans. Have a blast!


Be innovative in what you provide. I usually hand out a number of backlist books in the exact same series as my current release. Considering that my series is all about service pets, I also distribute dog-themed rewards.

Its a beautiful way to introduce readers to my latest release while at the same time getting to understand my readership much better. No matter what genre you write, there is at least one Facebook group full of readers nervous to discover your books. Reach out to the moderators of those groups and see if you can invest a day with their readers. Most notably, enjoy your interactions with readers. Keep conversations flowing and be open to pivoting if readers show special interest in a subject.

Takeovers Should Be Fun!.



Be sure to let readers know they can comment on any of your posts to be considered for the free gift.

Attempt to dream! Publishers Weekly bestselling, award-winning author of over 50 books and 2 million books in print, Deb Kastner composes contemporary, sweet, and inspirational western love. Deborah lives in lovely Colorado with her partner, 2 cute dogs, and two mischievous felines, and throughout her midlife crisis, she embraced a horse named Moscato. She is blessed with three adult children and two grandchildren. Her preferred pastime is spoiling her grandchildren, but she also takes pleasure in traveling, music (The Texas Tenors and The High Kings are her favs), singing in the church choir, and checking out the Rocky Mountains on horseback.


Most notably, enjoy your interactions with readers. Try to answer every post, even if its simply a “like” or among the other reaction buttons. If readers reveal unique interest in a subject, keep conversations flowing and be open to rotating.

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