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How To Find And Choose An eBook Template {Guide + Tips}

Most ebook design templates provide a range of designs to select from. Its like drowning in a sea of endless options.

Fret no more. Below, Dave Brown kindly uses a in-depth guide to selecting and finding the ideal ebook design template for your manuscript.

This guide includes ebook template selection pointers, tools, examples and techniques.

Have you ever looked hopelessly at eBook design templates? Wondering to yourself, “how do I even choose one?”.

Credits: Pixabayby Pexels..

Theres some great news: this process can be quickly simplified..

These 7 criteria will make it simpler for you to choose the right ebook template.

Finding and picking the best ebook template can be a burden..

A Detailed Guide On How To Find And Choose An Ebook Template.

And thats perfectly all right. Its fine to feel overloaded when picking eBook templates..

Worse still, eBook design templates look alike. To be completely sincere, youre not a designer either. Youre simply a writer who wishes to release an ebook.

1. Know What Type of eBook Youre Writing.

Every design template has its own specifics and peculiarities. A physical fitness ebook shouldnt share comparable style aspects with a novel.

This is the most important consideration in picking an ebook template. Think about the type of ebook you are writing.

It probably never ever crossed your mind, did it? Because no one writes an ebook while concurrently developing the design template. Template styles are typically conserved for last, after all has been said and done.

Understanding your audience is a crucial initial step. It frequently gets neglected when selecting an ebook design template.

2. Think about All Costs, But Dont Compromise Money for Quality.

Free vs. Paid or Custom vs. Premium.

Focus on off-the-shelf design templates if its the latter. They are more costly however will conserve you time.

Youre not just investing cash. Youre likewise investing effort and time.

Free templates can feature numerous issues. This consists of poor quality and lack of compatibility, to name a few. Paid templates are developed with compatibility in mind.

There is no scarcity of ebook design templates out there..

Should I spend time producing design templates from scratch?
Or should I hang around finishing the writing?

Consider it in this manner,.

This doesnt suggest all totally free templates are bad. There are lots of exceptional templates that are totally free. You must never ever jeopardize quality simply to conserve time. If you have to pay, select wisely. Think about the time and effort you poured into it..

You can select complimentary design templates to cut expenses. However this can be counter-productive in the long run.

Call it what you will, but they all have comparable ramifications. Cost is just among the variables to consider..

These templates result in less time creating your ebook. This offers you more time focusing on your material.

3. Take Your Time Before You Select An Ebook Template.

Never hurry things simply to release the ebook. Do the needed research study to pick the best design template.

You might be delighted to release your eBook. You just get a design template and launch it right now. While this method works, it could backfire. You might believe the design template was a waste of time..

4. Look For Customization Options.

The ebook should also have replaceable icons. You must have the ability to pick from thousands of icons..

If you can produce data visualizations, bonus offer points. This includes charts, interactive maps, and flowcharts. This will make your ebook more mesmerizing to your audience..

Something that concentrates on fitness will require modification. You will require to use attractive colors and images. This will increase the effect of your content. It will also look more intriguing and creative. You ought to likewise include your own brand name colors. Compatibility of your brand name with the ebook style is important..

Credits: Pixabay by Perfecto_Capucine..

You will have to modify the ebook template for customizability. This depends upon how practical the design template is. Without your creative input, your ebook wont stand out. Thankfully, most ebook templates are customizable. Some company users with numerous options. Others, not so much.

This is assuming you have a brand name color palette. Use this tool to apply website scheme to your ebook. You can apply it to your ebooks with a single click. You can likewise tinker around with different color mixes. This tool also lets you import your logo. You can drag the logo design into the canvas with ease.

5. Color Considerations Make A World Of Difference In Templates.

Pro idea: Use to find a palette.

Comic books are not the only aspect of innovative composing that needs cautious factor to consider of color. An ebook template relates to colors.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the color factors to consider:.

Use white eBook background for prints.
Body text might utilize the exact same color. Choose darker color rather.
Link text must be easy to read.
CTA, header, and footer should use good color palettes.
Other aspects can use darker variations of colors.

6. Ideally Use Fonts That Are Compatible With Your Brand

Pro tips:.

Credit: Coffee Station on Unsplash.You may already have brand typefaces selected.

Perhaps more importantly, keep your font styles readable. They need to match each other. So go on and explore fonts in your ebook.

Click on this link to discover more about brand typefaces. Discover which kinds of typefaces go best with your brand name.


Do not utilize more than 3 fonts per eBook.
Designate one font style to header.
Allocate one font to body of the text.
Stick to the template font styles when I question.
Do not utilize handwritten or calligraphy font styles. No one can read them anyway!
Different font styles have various personalities. Experiment with them..

7. The eBook Template Should Have Variable Layouts.

But, if they are done right, charts can:.

Use listicles.
Use images.
Add captions to images.
Include icons and illustrations.
Try to use icons rather of bullet points.
Usage H1, h3, and h2 headers to divide the text.
Design template Should Have Charts.

Since they envision information, charts are extremely important. They can miss and be a hit. Some charts are hard to read.

Credits: Pixabay by Free_Photos..

Simply make certain that the charts do not frighten the reader..

Utilize this to your benefit and take advantage of brief attention periods. Usage imaginative designs with lots of visuals.

Here Are Important Tools You Can Use To Create design templates and ebooks.

Giant walls of text will send out people fleing. Duration.

Draw the readers eye to essential insights.
Make crucial insights more remarkable.
Help to confirm specific claims.
Improve understanding of particular points.

Keep in mind: This only uses if your eBook consists of information. In many cases, simply one or 2 charts need to do simply great.

Layout tips:.

Credit: Unsplash by Valerie DudartDont let the thought of eBook design put you off. Usage numerous tools that make layouts easy. The ones below are a few of the finest.

Use stock images, graphs, screenshots, icons, and more. Remember, do not go overboard. The goal is to be appealing, not overwhelming!

1. Beacon.

This app lets you create ebooks from blog sites. It is perfect for WordPress users. It can import posts instantly and convert them into ebooks. Beacon lets you utilize various themes as beginning points. You can tailor colors, designs, typefaces, and images. It depends upon you just how much effort you put in. Remember to put in the time to individualize your eBook..

Simply tweak with the settings panel to update colors. Beacon comes with complimentary plans so you can test things.

2. Pages.

Utilize the Format panel on the right to tailor text.

You can likewise tweak the design. Just make your modification and click the upgrade button. This will flawlessly use the change throughout the book..

You will need to get comfortable with it. Start by copying and pasting your text. Start to stylize the text based on your needs..

For Apple users, Pages is the de facto word processor. Its much easier to use and has robust design alternatives.

3. InDesign.

The totally free variation lonesome lets you produce 5 ebooks.
The totally free version has couple of design templates, widgets, and charts.
The free version has watermarks.


Discover Free eBook Template On These 8 Websites.

Worse still, eBook templates look alike. Since no one writes an ebook while concurrently creating the template. The totally free variation has over 100 free templates for ebooks. Xara offers 14 visually beautiful templates for eBooks. Dave Brown, Ebook writerDave Brown leads a group of ebook writers.

Its one aspect that can make or mar your book. You need to select carefully. Think about the genre of the book, customization options and expenses. Think about using one of the previously mentioned tools to develop your book from scratch.

The totally free version has more than 100 free templates for ebooks. Unlike other free alternatives, Canva doesnt included watermarks. Nevertheless, their premium stock video footage does feature Watermarks..

It only provides one ebook template. That too with restricted personalization options.

Dave Brown, Ebook writerDave Brown leads a team of ebook writers. Hes a physical fitness enthusiast who likes striking the gym in his free time. He likewise likes to stream Netflix. Ask him a thing or 2 about eBooks on the official website!

They feature free design templates. Theres a catch. They are very basic in nature. Utilize the totally free templates to see if its worth updating. Just sign up and download their software application. This lets you customize your ebook styles. They are completely flexible..

A couple of limitations to note.


Anticipate to spend for in-depth customizations with their Pro strategies.
You need to credit them with a link to their site.

You can discover more about high-end design templates on Lucidpress. Their drag and drop UI makes personalization easy.


Utilize their drag and drop tool for simple personalization. If you prepare on doing something advanced, anticipate to pay. The paid variation includes numerous functions:.

They are extremely user friendly and deal customizability. All you need to do is sign up and voila! Its complimentary to use and also features amazing tutorials. For the a lot of part, it is very obvious.


It is also possible to utilize their ebook covers. You can utilize 14 that are complimentary to download and modify. More formats are available with the paid strategies just.

It offers you complete control over your ebook design template. The best part? You will not see text jumping about when you drop images.

Author Bio:.

Like this:.
Like Loading …

A couple of constraints you need to understand about:.

Xara offers 14 aesthetically gorgeous design templates for eBooks. They can be easily customizable and exported. The finest part? You can likewise customize your brand name with the totally free version.

Just a couple of templates and customization alternatives free of charge users..

Visme is primarily a data visualization tool. It likewise takes place to do free ebook templates.


The free variation has extremely few alternatives.
Your ebook will get watermarked.

It does more than just develop engaging banners.

Their free variation gives you 6 easy ebook templates. This can assist you get started.

Blurb is another free tool that lets you develop design templates.

Credits: Pixabay by Free_Photos..

However there is some good news. Their totally free ebook covers are really fun to use.


Conclusion On How To Find and Choose The Best Ebook Template For Your Book.

Canva is a popular drag-and-drop graphic design company. They offer an enormous library of expertly created templates..

Click on this link to learn the basics of the software application.


The totally free version just gives you 10 templates. Youll need to upgrade for more choices.
Most of the design elements need a premium license.

Free strategy has a 30-page limit. You will have to divide your ebook into various copies if its longer. At least you can merge them later, but its a hassle.
You wont have the ability to create page numbs for ebooks. This can squander a great deal of time doing manual labor.

A couple of restrictions to note:.

The complimentary version has a few templates only.
A limitation of three pages for ebooks.
You can not export the ebook.

Crello is very simple to use.

Bannersnack has its very own drag-and-drop user interface. This lets you createjaw-dropping designs. You can also collaborate with your group..


Here is our round-up of sites with free design templates. You can customize them to your precise specifications.

The importance of a suitable ebook design template can not be overstated.

With these ideas in mind, your journey to finding the very best ebook design template can be more pleasant and rewarding.

Credits: Pixabay by sik_life. License: Free for commercial use. No attribution required.


More exceptional ebook design templates.
No watermarks.
Lots ofcustomizationoptions.
A great deal of images.

The complimentary variation provides you everything you require for professionalism. The professional variation strategy begins at around $10 per month. Practice with their free version prior to buying the paid plan.

Their premium variation will set you back a minimum of $8 each month. It will give you access to over 200 templates..

For more alternatives, youll need to pay them $13/pm.



This online directory has numerous design templates for ebooks. The majority of are fully customizable and totally free. You can likewise discover templates for sites and company cards..


Lucidpress offers you the capability to produce free book design templates. And you get 5 aesthetically enticing templates.

A couple of limitations to note:.

The free design templates are extremely fundamental in nature.

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