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On Creativity and the Expanding Reality Paradigm, Interview with Jeri Lawson

On Imagination and the Expanding Truth Paradigm, Interview with Jeri Lawson



by Jeri Lawson.

Unique Gift for authors …

Jeri Lawson is an Energetic Healer and Clarity Breathwork Practitioner. She has had a full-time healing practice in Oakland, California considering that 1996.

Connect with Jeri Lawson, Healing Touch, Reiki, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner:

Throughout this challenging time, this totally free book is created to help you link for the very first time or re-connect with your spirited side to generate ideas, compose more, regularly, & & have a good time doing so.” 10 Ways to Generate Ideas While Stuck Inside”

In her Energetic Healing sessions, Jeri mostly utilizes Healing Touch and Reiki, but she likewise draws on her comprehensive research study of other alternative healing methods to hold the ideal healing space for each customer.

Enjoy this Author Q&A with Jeri Lawson, Author of A BUSINESS OF HEALING with Beth Barany.


We discussed imagination and the expanding truth paradigm and how Jeri came to write this book.

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A Business of Healing: The Direct Experience of An Energetic Practitioner.

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