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Poetry Prompts for Paying Tribute

Homage poems (or odes) reveal praise for the poems subject. Odes can be composed to honor people, animals, objects, and abstract concepts. You can simply as quickly write an ode to your granny as you could compose an ode to your creativity.

Some poems are meant to make readers laugh. Other poems make people believe.

Todays poetry prompts ask you to identify something or somebody worth celebrating and then compose a tributary poem honoring the subject youve picked.

Poetry prompts to honor and love enjoyed ones.

Poetry Prompts

Someone you love: The most standard odes are written to proclaim the virtues of an enjoyed one. Whom do you love? Inform them why with a poem.
Somebody you appreciate: You do not need to enjoy or know somebody to commemorate them. Compose a poem honoring one of your heroes, somebody who has, from a range, made a difference in your life.
An inanimate object: You can write a ridiculous poem about just how much you appreciate your toaster, or you can write a severe piece declaring the magnificence of an inanimate things with more meaning (something like a book, possibly?).
An abstract idea: Can you pay tribute to enjoy itself? Compose a poem honoring something that cant be seen or touched: honor, loyalty, interest, or passion. Or music.
Someone you despise or see as a bad guy: What occurs when you take a look at your enemy and search for their benefits? Can you see the great in somebody you see as bad?
An overall complete stranger: Has a total complete stranger ever assisted you? Have you ever considered all the people in this world youve never ever fulfilled but who affect your life?
A place: The beach, the mountains, the huge sea, and deep space are all fantastic places for tributary poems. Blog about the city you enjoy, the town you call house, or your favorite holiday location.
Fandom: Write a poem to your preferred book, movie, tv, or tune program.
Satire: Turn your tribute on its head and write a tongue-in-cheek piece. Inform bad chauffeurs, rude customers, and evil totalitarians how grateful you are for what theyve done. Do it with a smile and a wink.

Do you ever use poetry triggers for ideas and motivation? Did any of these triggers result in a poem? Share your ideas by leaving a remark, and keep composing!

Each of the poetry prompts below asks you to pick a various sort of subject. The triggers are created to get you thinking of what matters to you and why and after that influence you to reveal your sensations through poetry.

Some poems are indicated to make readers laugh. Other poems make people believe.

Tribute poems (or odes) express appreciation for the poems subject. Compose a poem honoring something that cant be seen or touched: honor, interest, enthusiasm, or loyalty. Did any of these prompts outcome in a poem?

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