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Poetry Writing Exercises: Alliteration and Assonance

From 101 Imaginative Writing Workouts: Alliteration and Assonance

Alliteration and Assonance.

In some cases, alliteration is utilized to describe any repeated consonant sounds, even if they dont occur at the start of words. An example of this would be “blue note pad,” where the b sound is duplicated at the start of blue and in the middle of note pad.

Today I d like to share an excerpt from 101 Creative Writing Exercises, a book that motivates you to experiment with different kinds and categories of composing while providing motivation for publishable tasks and imparting helpful writing techniques that make your composing more robust.

Alliteration may also be used to describe the repeating of a consonant sound nestled in the center or even at the end of words. Blueberry, for example, contains alliteration within a single word.

Establishing a vocabulary of poetry terms and literary devices will assist you better comprehend the composing techniques and tools that are at your disposal. It may not strike you that you can develop rhythm by repeating consonant noises. Then this concept is more likely to influence your work when you understand the meaning of alliteration.

Poetry terms, such as alliteration and assonance, show us how smart, creative word arrangements add musicality to any piece of composing, making it more memorable and compelling. These terms and the concepts they represent apply to all kinds of writing, not simply poetry.

Alliteration is the repetition of the initial consonant sounds of words in close distance to one another. Examples of alliteration include black and blue, we stroll, and again and again.

This exercise is from “Chapter 8: Free Verse.” Its entitled “Alliteration and Assonance.” It explores 2 literary gadgets that will make your writing more memorable and balanced. Enjoy!

Assonance resembles alliteration, except it deals solely with vowel sounds. Assonance happens when accented vowel noises are duplicated in proximity:

How are alliteration and assonance utilized for impact? Well, think of repetition in basic. When you duplicate something over and over, it ends up being ingrained in memory. Alliteration and assonance work the very same method. If utilized correctly, these devices boost the rhythm of a piece, making it more unforgettable.

In the example expression above, there are a number of runs of assonance. The opening a noises in the words assonance and permits demonstrate one run of assonance. This run is marked with underlining. A second run is marked with bold lettering and occurs with the a sounds in produce and expressions. Can you find a 3rd run of assonance in the sentence?

Assonance permits literary authors to develop fun expressions.

Assonance frequently stimulates a sense of rhyme without serving up a direct or technical rhyme. The expression “elegant pants” is an example of this.

The Exercise

In the example phrase above, there are numerous runs of assonance. The opening a sounds in the words assonance and permits show one run of assonance. How are alliteration and assonance utilized for impact? Alliteration and assonance work the very same method. The research study of poetry, poetry terms, and literary gadgets like alliteration and assonance advises us to work on our language, word choice, and sentence structure.

Go through a piece of writing (your own or someone elses) and try to find circumstances of assonance and alliteration.

The product you work with can be poetry, fiction, a journal entry, or an article. Any type of composing will do.

Applications: Musicality and repeating enhance any piece of writing. Frequently, authors focus on content and not language. The study of poetry, poetry terms, and literary gadgets like alliteration and assonance reminds us to work on our language, word choice, and syntax.

Tips: Double-check the runs youve identified for assonance to ensure they mark stressed (or accented) syllables. Look out for sounds that are various but utilize the same letter (such as the a sounds in cat and cape).

Mark the runs of assonance and alliteration with strong, underlining, italics, or highlighting. When youre done, check out the piece aloud to get the full impact.

Variations: As an alternative to identifying alliteration and assonance in a piece of writing, try composing a short piece with numerous runs in it. Or modify a page from an existing composing project to inject alliteration and assonance into it.

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