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Prompt: Write About A Scare

Or if you d prefer to keep it lighter:.

What has been the scariest moment of your life? Have you had a near-death experience, maybe, or a medical close call? An especially bumpy aircraft trip or awful automobile wreck?


Conversation concerns: Write about a scare. What has been the scariest minute of your life? Have you ever had a near-death or near near-death experience? A medical scare? A particularly weird visit to a haunted home? Whats the scariest piece of literature youve ever read? The scariest thing youve seen on a screen? Go to the remarks to share your scariest moments


Today, what I wish to know is:.

Now, with Halloween approaching (and the Yak Babies starting our annual Halloween Spooktacular), I think it would be fun– and by “enjoyable” I mean not fun, however perky and hopefully vivid and psychological– to tack an -e at the end of “scar” and to discuss a scare

A couple of weeks ago we had a intense and exceptional conversation in the post “Write About A Scar.” Some of us visited our scars in dreadful fashion. And after that, somehow, in the post “Write About a Scent,” a few people blogged about some of the car mishaps weve remained in.

Whats the scariest piece of literature youve ever checked out? The scariest film or TELEVISION program? The spookiest haunted house youve ever checked out?

Or if you want some happy medium:.

What scares you the most about the current climate (political or ecological or viral, or pick your own)?

Let us know in the remarks!


I began scanning the ground surrounding the mishap, trying to find an infant in the middle of the broken glass and metal.

The chauffeur, still strapped into her seat, didnt seem worried, and gradually I pertained to my senses enough to recognize she was taking a trip sans infant. She took a look at me, gave an uneven smile, and stated, “Light was a little red, wasnt it?”.

When it comes to me, my nearest-death experience happened before I was conscious; umbilical cable covered around my neck, I was pulled out with forceps just in the nick of time. I. dont remember it.

Heres a scary moment of a different stripe:.

We both had a little whiplash, and I was sore for days. If she d developed just a little bit more steam, it mightve been a much different story– I probably wouldve raked right into her. And by “her” I indicate her, not her automobile

A coat closet certainly large enough to hold a human being of any size. Or most types of beast. After a quick committee conference, we concurred that I d fling open the door, absolutely terrifying the hell out of whomever or whatever was inside.


Denver, 1998, I ran a red light versus the fiercest sundown Ive ever seen and was T-boned by an SUV. If I d had a guest, that traveler would probably be dead. My vehicle spun a couple of times and came to a rest on the shoulder. After shaking off the daze, or some of it, I approached the SUV to see if the motorist was OK.

And no, not the front door.

Obviously nothing was inside but umbrellas and coats.

Meanwhile, Lucy kept at it.

My moms and dads are out to supper, leaving my sis and me alone. Im thinking were around nine (her) and eleven (me) approximately, which puts us around 1988-1990. All is working out, until our pet, a little schnauzer called Lucy, starts barking. Creepy enough, I expect. But when my sister and I locate Lucy, shes standing in the front corridor, groaning at the door.

Upon reaching the SUV, I caught a peek into the back. In it was an empty baby seat.

The closet door.

Heres one I do keep in mind:.

After probably peeing my pants, I comprehended the knob, turned, and whipped the door open.

And Jeffrey Dahmer!



Thats a joke, naturally, but devoted readers might recall that Dahmer was running loose in my city in those years, though we didnt know it at the time, and in retrospect he produces an easy bogeyman

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What has been the scariest moment of your life? Whats the scariest piece of literature youve ever checked out? Go to the comments to share your scariest moments

WriteByNight co-founder David Duhr is fiction editor at the Texas Observer and co-host of the Yak Babies podcast, and has actually blogged about books for the Dallas Morning News, Electric Literature, Publishing Perspectives, and others.

What about my scariest book? Family pet Sematary, of course. Listen to last weeks Yak Babies to discover out why


What has been the scariest moment of your life? Whats the scariest piece of literature youve ever checked out?

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