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Q&A with Author and Performer, Holly Shaw


Please welcome Holly Shaw to our Included Author Q&A series at Authors Fun Zone. Delight in!


Im actually enthusiastic about the idea that artists are effective agents of change. Like the idea that we are todays shamans in some sense


Holly Shaw, author of the Amazon bestseller, The Creative Formula, and the newly released, Making Art In the Middle of Madness, is a life-long artist who has not only carried out in movie, TV and on stages all over the world as an actor and dancer and stand up comedian, but has also assisted countless carrying out artists, some of them Emmy Award winning and Grammy nominated, overcome stage fright and innovative blocks. She has taught for the SAG/AFTRA conservatory in SF and LA. Her podcast, Performers & & Creators Lab, was called One of 2019s Most Outstanding by Databird Research.

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On to our interview!

An author, a performance coach, hypnotherapist and an artist. Ive constantly been interested with the innovative process, whether its composing, dancing, acting … I enjoy doing them, however simply as much I enjoy thinking about them and why something works or does not. I find insights that I might not have actually seen had I always been looking through one particular lens.

Q: Tell us who you are and what inspires you to write.

Q: How did you get to this location in your life? Share your story!

Imagination is almost like a spirituality for me. In the flow is where we link with who we truly are. And wouldnt the world be a much better place if more people were connected?

A. I was a child actor– by choice. I pled my parents to get me an agent. From a young age I did movie, theatre, dance, but at some point it all kind of fell apart from phase scare. As I continued to pursue dancing on an expert level, I also started studying the recovery arts: somatic therapy, hypnosis and so on and began connecting everything together. In the process of healing my own trauma, I started to want to help other artists. Thats how Ive discovered myself coaching artists.

Q: What are you most enthusiastic about?

… music assists me feel a little bit more like its a party.

A. Im really enthusiastic about the idea that artists are effective agents of modification. Like the concept that we are todays shamans in some sense. Im truly inspired by mind-blowing imaginative work when I see it– when it clicks into location and its like seeing a persons soul. Its gorgeous. It can be life changing to witness. Ive always felt called to bust through anything in the way of that. It can be so uncomfortable to experience a block in your imagination or in your capacity, therefore Ive constantly wished to assist not just myself, but other artists get through those dark places. Creativity is almost like a spirituality for me. In the circulation is where we get in touch with who we truly are. And would not the world be a better location if more people were linked?

Q: Can you inform us a little bit about your writing procedure, routine, and/or rituals around your writing?

At some point I begin to see some connections and I have this urge to put it all together and write a book. At that point, I do have to get a little bit more disciplined. Inevitably you have to turn down enjoyable things with your friends to really get the flow and focus going when youre in the home stretch.

A. Initially this book was simply a book about phase fright. I shopped it around to literary representatives and publishers and didnt get a nibble. I understood there was something powerful about the details, it simply wasnt landing right. I was on a date (of all locations!) with somebody who had actually self-published several books, and they offered me the advice to not wait on a publisher for this 2nd one. If I actually wanted to write books, “then write books!” They said that when you have a few books out there on different subjects, increasingly more people begin finding you and youre most likely to get a publisher due to the fact that they see you have the chops to write and write more. Then I began to work earnestly on this book once I decided that. And then the pandemic took place and I realized the direction of the topic required to shift. That the details I was hugely delighted about finally had an avenue where it could make an even larger impact to more than simply those experiencing phase fright. Thats how this second book lastly came to fulfillment.

Q: What are a couple of difficulties you faced in creating, marketing, or publishing your imaginative work? And your options to them.

Q: What do you want you had understood before you began composing fiction?

A. Your closest good friends, lovers, and member of the family most likely wont actually read your book. I keep in mind feeling dissatisfied at very first that I d get unclear responses when my mother or boyfriend would evade the concern of “how do you like my book”? My bro in law, T.A. Pratt, who is a Hugo award winning author, finally simplified for me and informed me this fact: his household doesnt read his either. I believe its since a book is a big time commitment and your household and closest pals already provide you a great deal of assistance; it may be hard for them to see you as much as an expert. Anyways, there are plenty of other people who do read my books! Coworkers, fans, my collective imaginative “true love,” potential company partners … Ive pertained to accept that some individuals just never will!

Q: Whats next for you in your creative work?

A. Ive got more books I want to write! My hope is that ultimately Ill get to a location where I have enough trust from my reading audience that I can venture into some more far out subjects that Im interested in, like our abilities to funnel spirits or entities through art, growing your instinct– things like that. Im very interested in the esoteric world and phenomenon and yet I want to always “examine my charm” and make certain Im bringing my work back to things that are helpful and really useful for my readers who are primarily artists. Eventually, my hope is that a more “charm” audience finds me! Ha! And I can take some more dangers into some edgier topics. Im likewise actually caring doing stand-up for the exact same factors. I get to take bigger dangers in the important things I say. Im eagerly anticipating getting to be a better funny author too as I continue to compose and perform brand-new bits all the time.

Q: Is there anything else you wanted I d asked? Please share!

There was such a charge in the space and it sustained me! Instead of letting it toss me, I was able to utilize that attention to kind of find a method back. I went on and got them to like me again, which was a great sensation! Its one of my favorite memories. Stage scare doesnt suggest that you shouldnt be performing, or putting your art out there, it in fact suggests that you SHOULD. It means theres an energy thats resolving you and its up to you to get up to speed with it and learn how to work with it.

Making Art In The Middle of Madness by Holly Shaw.


Oh sure! The nervousness never ever truly disappears completely, but what Ive found out is that it is a welcome energy that you can use. For instance, one time about 3 months into comedy, I got booed by the audience. Not simply someone but practically the whole crowd was booing because of an edgier joke I was trying. It sounds horrific but I keep in mind that sensation of them hating me and experiencing it not as bad, however simply as energy.

They said that once you have a few books out there on various subjects, more and more people begin finding you and youre more likely to get a publisher since they see you have the chops to write and compose more. I keep in mind feeling disappointed at first that I d get unclear answers when my mommy or partner would evade the concern of “how do you like my book”? A. Ive got more books I want to compose! Im looking forward to getting to be a much better comedy writer too as I continue to write and perform brand-new bits all the time.

A: Yes. Individuals often ask me: Do you ever still get phase scare?

Are you feeling stuck in your attempts to make art or carry out in these times of pandemic, political and environmental madness? Making Art In The Middle of Madness provides groundbreaking and initial insights into your worry, your shadows, and what makes you, as an artist and performer, a brilliant agent of modification. This book is a call to all artists, entertainers, speakers, and limelight candidates to wake up and chart a path forward not by running from or suppressing worry, but by discovering to deal with it to create something brand-new

It implies theres an energy thats working through you and its up to you to get up to speed with it and learn how to work with it.

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