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Q&A with Thriller Writer, Céline Perron

Please welcome Céline Perron to our Featured Author Q&A series at Authors Fun Zone. Delight in!



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Céline Perron was born in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario and now lives in a small community outside of Ottawa, Ontario. In 2018 she graduated post-secondary with a Master of Arts Degree in Criminology. In addition to composing, she works full-time as a Fraud Investigator.
When not composing or working, Céline takes pleasure in spending quality time with friends and family, viewing criminal offense shows, and overcoming her ever growing TBR stack. Céline is presently working on her next book.

On to our interview!

Q: Tell us who you are and what influences you to compose.

A. Im a Canadian Indie author who also works as a Fraud Investigator. Im a fan of books and all things criminal offense related (MA in Criminology). Ive found an enthusiasm in composing which I enjoy to share with friends and family who mean the world to me. I travel when I can and am forever adding to my never ever ending playlist of mixed genres when not buried in pages.

Q: How did you get to this place in your life? Share your story!

A. Its been a long road for sure, however the short answer is that I have a bad habit of showing individuals wrong, especially when theyve required to undervaluing me. My goals have actually always been to achieve my dreams and be as excellent of a child, sister, cousine, niece, and friend that I can be. Ive discovered that lessons can be taught even outside a classroom setting. And above all, that when you work hard for something, something you really desire, one day it can be yours.

Q: What are you most enthusiastic about?

A. Im enthusiastic about living a complete life I can be pleased with. I value the family I was born into and appreciate the small group of friends that I think about the household Ive picked along the method.

Q: Can you inform us a bit about your composing process, regular, and/or routines around your writing?

Its great to learn from others but you do not want the task to escape you. I like to believe that Ive maintained a level headedness when it comes to these instances however if I was being honest I would have to say that my stubbornness fits in there.

Afterwards Ill begin diving into who the characters are, what they want, and what will be the challenges they face along the way. And my favourite: what will I do to avoid them from getting what they desire?

Q: What are a few difficulties you faced in creating, marketing, or releasing your innovative work? And your options to them.

Not only that, however there will be countless individuals along the way who will inform you they have all the responses. When it comes to your publishing procedure, Ive discovered that its essential to keep your objective in mind.

A. For me, Ive always been influenced by the idea. The remainder of the story comes by numerous hours of thinking of “what if” circumstances in my mind until a story starts to take shape. Ive constantly had an active creativity so writing provides me the flexibility to let my mind cut loose with possibilities of what could happen to my characters.

Once I feel that the story is well underway Ill begin writing. If needed, Ill have a framework of the story in place but I like to still have the flexibility to add in a brand-new scene or plot point. Soon I have a book. And thats simply the beginning.

A. Who understood composing a book would be the easy part? Ha. As with everything there is a learning curve.

Q: What do you wish you had known prior to you started composing fiction?

Compose as if nobody is enjoying, since no one is viewing– Dan Brown.

Something as an easy intimate scene between two characters would make me blush like insane anxious about how it would return to bite me. In the end, individuals would come up to me and confess how much they enjoyed my writing and how descriptive it was.

A. It seems ridiculous I know however when I started composing I would always get nervous about writing specific scenes and worrying over what household, good friends, or people that understood me would think.

I am happy I pushed past the anxiousness I felt at that time due to the fact that now I know I have a skill here, one I eagerly anticipate building upon in the years to come.

Q: Whats next for you in your creative work?

For the dark has lots of sinister video games at play and they desire Noras power.

For now I plan to advance my profession as a Fraud Investigator however like that I can likewise follow my passion at the exact same time.

* * *

After that, who understands, but my imagination is always coming up with something so I believe that a brand-new story idea is on the horizon.

As if her troubles arent bad enough, the as soon as presumed missing out on better half of a popular local political leader appears in her bed room– yup, as a ghost– admitting she d been killed, sending out Nora on a journey she never prepared for.

Ive opened a door here that I have no intent of closing. Not just that however I have simply released the very first book in a series and I am so excited– and invested– in persevering to the end.

The dead are discovering Nora, however not all of them desire her assistance.

One method or another …

A. Write, compose and more writing. Haha!

When a family curse all of a sudden claims Nora after suffering a freak mishap, tortured souls of the dead begin seeking her out– and some for more reasons than one.

High School is bad enough, but for Nora Palmer, things will get back at worse …

For fans of Meg Cabots Mediator Series and Kelly Armstrongs The Darkest Powers.

That no one else understands about. Hunting a cold-blooded killer– who could potentially be a high-profile member of society– Nora must discover to trust her newfound capabilities as well as some old acquaintances if she has any hope of assisting this woman find justice for what took place to her.

* * *

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In addition to writing, she works full-time as a Fraud Investigator.
Ive discovered an enthusiasm in writing which I love to share with family and good friends who imply the world to me. The rest of the story comes over many hours of picturing “what if” situations in my mind up until a story begins to take shape. Ive always had an active creativity so writing provides me the freedom to let my mind run wild with possibilities of what could take place to my characters.

Site: http://www.celineperron.comFacebook:

When I feel that the story is well underway Ill start composing.

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