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Reading & Writing Goals: 2021

I hit practically absolutely no of my goals last year; thankfully thats no longer appropriate. Onward from 2020!

Another year, another post where I nag you to inform me what you hope to accomplish in the brand-new year. What are your objectives as an author? What are your objectives as a reader?

Whether tangible or intangible, let us know what youre hoping to achieve and how. And if you dont have any– which I thought about for myself– I want to hear about that, too.

Heres mine, to keep me honest:


1) Read more than I performed in 2020.

And now that I consider it, I read thousands and thousands (and thousands) of pages of brand-new composing from my wonderful WriteByNighters (you understand who you are). Which is much more gratifying than checking out a book off the shelf.

I did check out almost every concern of the New York Review of Books, my preferred publication. And thats always fulfilling.

Its not practically numbers, however I check out less books last year than I ever have as a grownup. Books kept being available in, books that had my attention prior to they even showed up, however I banished many of them straight to the rack and never returned.

Scratch this one


2) Write more than I performed in 2020.

I also wrote less than I have in any year returning a long, long time. My unique went practically no place, I didnt end up any of the narratives I d started in 2019, my nonfiction book is caked in dust, and I began absolutely nothing new.

Once again, I composed lots of blog posts and hundreds of (or more?) comments in our ensuing discussions, together with no doubt thousands of emails talking books and writing with you lovely WriteByNighters.

Y all are conserving me!

Scratch this one, too. Ive got no grievances, and it took writing this post for me to get there


3) Improve as an author.

This is all we can ever really expect, right? To get a little bit much better each and every single year?

I dont have any measurement for this. If I see it, Ill know it.

I hope I see it.

And I hope you see it in yourself!


WriteByNight co-founder David Duhr is fiction editor at the Texas Observer and co-host of the Yak Babies podcast, and has actually written about books for the Dallas Morning News, Electric Literature, Publishing Perspectives, and others.

WriteByNight is an authors service devoted to helping you attain your imaginative capacity and literary objectives.

WriteByNight is an authors service committed to helping you accomplish your innovative potential and literary goals. We work with writers of all experience levels working in all genres, nationwide and worldwide.

Whether intangible or concrete, let us understand what youre hoping to accomplish and how. Another year, another post where I scold you to inform me what you hope to achieve in the brand-new year. What are your objectives as a writer? What are your objectives as a reader?

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