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Speculative Literature Foundation Grant 2020/ How To Apply (Awards:$1000)

To increase your possibilities of getting this grant, checked out some outstanding speculative fiction stories like these and these. This one by Ope Adedeji is likewise a good one to check out.

The $500 Diverse Writers grant is meant to support writers from underprivileged and underrepresented groups, such as authors of color, ladies, queer authors, disabled authors, working-class authors, etc.– those whose marginalized identities may present extra obstacles in the writing/publishing procedure.


a cover letter which identifies which grant( s) you are getting, and that includes a bibliography of previously published work if suitable. Candidates need not have prior publishing credits to use.
For Diverse Writers grant applications, the organizers need a brief statement regarding what aspect( s) of your background are pertinent in terms of diversity: racial/ethnic/cultural identity, gender identity, queer orientation, disability, etc.
a one-page written description of the task in question (no greater than 500 words).
a writing sample (as much as 5000 words of fiction).

The $500 Diverse Worlds grant is meant for work that finest presents a diverse world, no matter the authors background.

If awarded the grant, you accept provide a brief excerpt (500-1000 words) for SLF files, and for possible public dissemination on the website.

Purpose of Speculation Literature Foundation.

The Speculative Literature Foundation began offering grants in 2014. The 2 diversity-centered grants: Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds are both meant to cultivate the production of speculative fiction work rich in variety. If you have not been able to find an innovative writing task yet, this grant might assist you cover the expenses of living in these unpredictable times. Writers may apply for either or both grants. The structure also does not desire or expect work that just tries to satisfy certain things but rather is looking for composing that offers deep characterization, complex cultural landscapes, and strong literary quality overall




Send all entries by means of the Speculative Literature Foundation Submissions Page.

How To Apply for Speculation literature structure Grant 2020.

Source: SLFThis grant is enabled by the contributions of two donors, Ellen Wright (Senior Publicist, Hachette Book Group) and Faye Bi (Associate Publicist for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers), who ran a marathon to raise sufficient funds to support three years of this grant!

Like this:.
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The speculative Literature Foundation diversity grants will be awarded by a jury of SLF staff members on the basis of merit. Elements considered will include:.

The grants are designed to cultivate new, in-progress work (rather than acknowledging already released work). We plan that grant funds will assist in completing the work.
Preference will be provided to book-length works (books, collections of short stories). Nonfiction, poetry, and editorial projects are not currently eligible.
This grant is open to all levels of releasing experience, worldwide. The grand jury will be primarily English-reading, although works that integrate other languages (as in Keri Hulmes The Bone Peoples usage of Maori) are welcome.

The Speculative Literature Foundation started giving grants in 2014. The two diversity-centered grants: Diverse Writers and Diverse Worlds are both intended to promote the development of speculative fiction work rich in variety.

Writers might make an application for either or both grants. Please note: the main concepts of your job do not require to center on identity issues. The foundation likewise does not want or anticipate work that merely tries to satisfy particular things but rather is searching for composing that offers deep characterization, complex cultural landscapes, and strong literary quality in general

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