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Storytelling Exercise: Process

A typical writing procedure consists of the following actions: brainstorm, summary, research study, draft, revise, modify, evidence, and publish.

Eventually, each author must determine what works best for their particular working and composing objectives design.

Sounds pretty simple, does not it? Its not.The writing process is a little bit various for each author, and its an unpleasant procedure for most. Some authors do not bother detailing or conceptualizing. Theyre struck by an idea, and they begin writing. Some authors compose chapter by chapter, editing and polishing as they go instead of finishing a draft and then modifying the whole manuscript. Some authors work with no notes or research study. Others use careful note-taking and research study.

Todays storytelling workout comes from my book Story Drills: Fiction Writing Exercises, which is loaded with lessons and workouts for starting to intermediate storytellers. This one is about establishing a process. Enjoy!


And lots of authors spend a good part of their early careers discovering and improving the process that works finest for them. Authors may likewise utilize different processes for various tasks.

Storytelling workout: process.


Find three interviews of authors describing their composing procedures. Search for three authors with various processes. You can utilize video or composed interviews; they should be fairly easy to find online by looking for “author interview writing process.” Do not hesitate to consist of a few of your preferred authors names in your search to see how the authors who have influenced you tackle their writing jobs.


Think of your own writing procedure, and write a couple of paragraphs explaining the steps you require to finish a composing project. Address the concerns listed below.


Its not.The composing procedure is a bit various for each author, and its an untidy procedure for most. Find 3 interviews of authors explaining their composing processes. Try to find three authors with different processes. Do you have a clear, constant procedure with recognizable actions? Do you use different processes, depending on the project?

Do you have a clear, consistent process with identifiable steps? Do you utilize various procedures, depending on the task? Is your writing procedure efficient? Could it be enhanced? How has it altered in time? How often do you consider your procedure? What you could do to improve it?

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