Saturday, July 31

The Racket Journal Call for Submissions

Please send all submissions to quickly as your submission is seen, a verification will be sent.The Racket Journal staff will try their really hardest to let you understand within two weeks if they are accepting your piece (or not).

They would like a short cover letter. It ought to consist of: the name you like to be published under, the titles of your pieces, an email we can reach you at and (if you d like) a short bio.
Please try and submit your operate in 12-point, Times New Roman.
Word documents are easiest to deal with; Pages,. Pdfs and text files work.
If you are sending art, please send it as a.jpg.
Just in extremely special situations do the staff at Racket Journal deal feedback on pieces they do not accept.

— the answer is this: yes, please– send your work. They would like to see it.

Like this:
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Unsplash.comSubmission Guidelines for The Racket Journal Call for Submissions

For those who are currently intending on sending– thank you. They aspire to read your work.

The Racket Journal considers submissions that consist of work( s) of poetry and/or prose with a total combined word count of 2000 words or less. Likewise art.

The Racket personnel is constantly looking for ways to expand the diversity of the journal, and its readership; if you are a BIPOC author, a member of the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, or both, we heartily motivate you to submit.


For those whove reached this page and are worrying about whether their work is excellent enough, questioning, “Should I submit?”– the response is this: yes, please– send your work. They would like to see it.

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