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The Shallow Tales Review Literary Magazine: Calls For Submission

For their 2020 Isssue, ISSUE 29|SEPTEMBER 2020 EDITION, they have begun accepting entries. The due date is September 20th, 2020.

The Shallow Tales Review is an African literary publication that publishes content from African authors from throughout the continent. They likewise release African literature from non-Africans in the Disapora.

The Shallow Tales Review accepts fiction, posts, evaluations, poems, one-act plays, essays, art photos, and thoughts that touch on the perceptiveness of the African

Entrants need to be African.
No Age limitation has been set.
Entry is free.
All aspects of Art, varying from composing to photography, is acceptable


Poetry submissions ought to not be more than forty (40) lines, per poem. We accept an optimum of 3 poetry entries at a time.
Files shouldbe conserved with the title of the work, and when it comes to a body of poems, with the first poem in the file.

For more information on submissions, Click HERE.

Eligibility for The Shallow Tales Review Literary Magazine.

Entry is onging.
Literary criticisms should worry texts that are of african and modern-day temperament. For essays, they anticipate styles to be tackled rationally and as plainly as possible. Do not hesitate to break genre restrictions as you want. Theyappreciate fluidity as much as they value resourcefulness.
Do not send in your very first drafts. Succeed to modify prior to sending.
No category restrictions.
In the meantime, theydo not pay contributors, however they want to do so in the closest future.
Entries must be sent out in by mail to the editor at: with “TSTR Submissions” in the subject line.
Non artwork entries should be in between 1,500– 4,000 words and should come in.doc or.docx format.

Submission Guidelines.


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All the best!

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Literary criticisms need to worry texts that are of contemporary and African personality. For essays, they anticipate styles to be dealt with rationally and as clearly as possible. Feel complimentary to break genre constraints as you wish.

SEPTEMBER 2020 EDITION, they have started accepting entries. The due date is September 20th, 2020.

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