Wednesday, September 22

The Shallow Tales Review Releases its 30th Issue

On The Shallow Tales Review, they take it to heart the publication of works that inform of the African story; of the African who increases from his shallow depths to prominence. They chronicle the shift of the shallow African from mediocrity to success


The Shallow Tales Review literary publication is an online literary attire that aims to share the unique African story. It was founded in August 2019 by Nigerian writer, critic and editor, Nzube Nlebedim.

The 30th Issue


In The Shallow Tales Review, they accept fiction, opinion short articles, commentaries, book reviews, poems, one-act plays, cultural essays, art pictures, and random ideas that discuss the sensibilities of the African.

Literary criticisms must worry texts that are of modern and African temperament. For essays, we anticipate themes to be tackled rationally and as plainly as possible.

They DO NOT release horror, sci-fi, travellogues or any sociological piece without the tiniest literary tilt. They could, however, break our guidelines for remarkably fantastic pieces that show the African/human condition


After accepting submissions for their 2020 problem, Shallow Review has lastly released their 30th literary problem and it is a success


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