Monday, September 20

The West Country Winery

Heres me talking about my book and waving my hand for dramatic impact.

What made the night extra special was sharing it with Lucy Holland from Huxbear Vineyard, drinking her shimmering red wine and hearing the story of how she and her other half started their own vineyard back in 2007 and have made a substantial success of it, catching the wave of a growing gratitude for English and Welsh red wine. Their sparkling red wine is scrumptious and Im eagerly anticipating trying the still white.

And please purchase my book and make this writers day.

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Please purchase English red wine, especially Huxbears, available at Darts Farm and Bens Farm Shop.

I had a charming evening on Thursday with family and friends celebrating the publication of my 2nd Lizzie Lovell rom com, The West Country Winery.

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