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Thoughts On An Election

A big-ass sack of votes, enhancing on his numbers in numerous locations, and overall. Like, four years back, as much as I dislike it, I believe there were some voters who didnt mind the bigotry and believed that all his bullshit was simply part of the program. That he d still be a capable leader in some capability and get shit done, even if the shit he got done was awful.

Its fucking amazing. In case you do not understand what Im talking about: I do not know how, but rather of lining up the Four Seasons Luxury Hotel for Giulianis big “press conference,” they instead protected the lot behind Four Seasons Total Landscaping? And then Giuliani held the conference and thats when all the media called the race for Biden?

Emblematic of this bare-assed clown-show that in order to protect the highest office in all the land, they got Rudy “Americas Mayor Turned Renfield Bat-Boy” Giuliani to stand out back of a landscaping company next to a sex store to pitch his asinine conspiracy. Its like you took Veep, Arrested Development, Its Always Sunny, and Curb Your Enthusiasm and mixed them up and then dumped it all over truths head. I believe about it every, I dunno, 30-45 minutes and everything feels like sunshine.


We cant not talk about the Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

Listen, Biden was not my guy in the Main Event, but he got however. You cant say that somehow the election is fair for the GOP wins on each ballot but incorrect for the Biden ones? I think theyre both deserving and gracious and their speeches the other night as Pres- and VP-elect were excellent– and possibly Im grading on a curve, however it was good to hear full-throated recommendations of all manner of American, of inclusiveness, of compassion, of science.

Biden won, and he won Bigly. Bigly Biden Bulwark of votes. Record-setting votes, and what will likely turn out to 306 electoral college votes. A landslide? No. A strong hand? Yes.

Lets get our teeth around this election. Not in a method that suggests any knowledge on my part– hardly, because Im mainly a dipshit and can stand to be educated on a lot of things, and please do not hesitate to head to the comments to course appropriate on any points I make here. These are simply some ideas, some concepts, some bloggy facing what occurred then and what happens next.

Those Numbers Were A Real Good News/ Bad News Situation.


But I was surprised that he gained them.

Not at the exact same rate that Biden did, certainly– Biden left with the popular vote and blessedly the Electoral College, too. But Trump had a strong proving, and you actually have to consider that.



Before I do anything resembling a deep-dive on this election– or, at least, an intoxicated flail to try to contextualize events– I figure its worth stating up front that fuck yeah FUCK YEAH fuuuuuuck yeah F U C K Y E A H.

How? Why? Whats the circumstance there?

One Lesson: Politics Is Local.

No Answers, Just Thoughts.

One lesson that didnt strike me either until far too late was that, nationally, we get associated with and invested in regional races too early, and to the detriment of regional option. We see a candidate like Amy McGrath and best out of the gate are like, YEAH COOL PLEASE KICK THE TURTLE OVER ONTO HIS BACK HERE IS MY MONEY. That gives her unearned advantage– and when a much better candidate like Booker comes along, its maybe too late. When their primaries are chosen, better to support these races. And likewise to accept a holistic view of that assistance: dont just support a candidate however their neighborhood. A healthy community has more citizens and more capability to vote. Even something simple like supporting a food bank in a location where you desire to support a prospect can have value. Its simply things I would not have actually believed about.

Its why so numerous of the narratives about Black Lives Matter are about the fear of that motion and who comprises it– paradoxically its not about the cops abuse, which is off-the-charts frightening, ohh no. Its about how Black individuals might … loot your Wal-Mart? Its crazy, but its a fear that can be utilized by malefactors and ginned up. And after that it uses the conservative media pipeline to pump it into individualss brains. Worry, fear, fear. Other, Other, Other. Gon na take your weapons, gon na defund your cops, gon na take your homes, youll have nothing, youll be unguarded. And on the other hand the ones stating that are the richie-riches who have actually grown fat on a tradition of hate.

The “lol, pass away mad, libtard snowflakes gon na sob more, fuck your feelings” crowd is now upset, I guess, because their feelings are harmed by us libs? I do not actually understand it. What I do understand is that theres this sudden demand for civility, and its the exact same kind of thing like where the conservatives do not provide one hot shit about the national debt until a Democrat president actions in, and then its time to fix it. They make a mess, then hand us the broom. Theyve invested four years with a few of the most repellent shit around, and supporting policies that codify those repellent insults into law. Without some kind of reckoning, without some way of them stepping forward and stating they were wrong, theres truly no civility or forgiveness that will fix anything. Its simply a ruse: a way for evil to continue doing wicked, by requesting your complicity. Im not saying we cant be forgiving individuals, but forgiveness is a thing you work for. Bare minimum, you state youre sorry, and then you go beyond that and do work to conquer the harm you caused. Without that, theres no reason to even speak about this.

ANYWAY, see you guys at the Four Seasons Dildo Crematorium And Lawnmower Rodeo.

That, and naturally, all the bigotry. Lots and lots of racism. That comes from a location, too– both from the tradition of a country built on the actual backs of African slaves and in home to home, family to family, in individuals driven by lies and fear. Its worry if theres one characteristic I see the most in conservatives. I remember one time, driving with my dad someplace when I was a kid, and there were what he made certain were a “number of Mexicans” driving behind us, and they were driving a bit close, which freaked my father out– never ever mind the fact he was the King of Tail-gaters, always driving up someones ass. He was sure, sure they were coming for us. Why? Why would they? Who the fuck knows. However he formulated this crazy strategy– he d forgotten (!) to put a gun in the automobile (!!) that day, so the response was to drive home, and when they followed us into the driveway, he d take the antlers that were in the back of the truck and use the antlers to combat the two men while I ran into the home and grabbed the shotgun behind the front door. Naturally, minutes after formulating this plan, the people behind us switched off on a various roadway. Due to the fact that they werent searching us.

The reason we all had to wait like a buncha assholes for PA to tally votes was since the regional PA GOP voted to delay counting until Election Day and, in some counties, till after Election Day. They did this to buy time for Trump to mount a difficulty, however primarily I believe it simply inflamed individuals– however its an excellent lesson that what we do locally has huge, nationwide ramifications (in addition to clearly regional ones, too).

What I mean to say is, stopped talking, Megyn Kelly.

My guess is that were handling the problem of that side of the electorate narrowing their access to info and education to only a handful of sources: Fox, OANN, Breitbart, Facebook, and so on. Not to mention the empire that is Sinclair Broadcasting (and were truly not talking about that adequate these days). And I know, I know, that liberals are certainly efficient in constructing their own echo chambers, too, but in my anecdotal experience liberals have a more diverse, diffuse media diet. (Cue the eye-rolling from conservatives.) And whenever you argue with a conservative on, say, Facebook, they make some over-the-top claim, you present them with a goddamn Trapper Keeper loaded with accurate refutation, and after that they essentially say “nuh-uh, do your own research study,” as if thats not exactly what you just did. The Internet has actually just made this much easier, offering a prismatic shattering of the early-era Limbaugh radio-show style– each broken fragment of that became an analog seed that landed in fertile digital soil, growing its own dangerous plant with a long, deep shadow.

On Empathy Vs. Sympathy.

That kinda worry originates from some dark location, some extreme vulnerability that outgrows whatever his parents taught him, and what all the rich managers who exploited him told him (while they pointed at The Other, they were selecting his pockets), and what he read and heard, and from a place of hamstrung education, and, and, and. Theyre oblivious and scared which tires holes in peoples souls, and its easy to fill those holes with blame, and ultimately, with hate.

Like this:.
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Most of this is simply me rambling, and I do not have any genuine conclusions here of note– nothing company, definitely nothing that can go unchallenged. Time will expose more information to us. I think its reasonable to suspect any gory, elbows-deep autopsy of the election this early. Certainty is thin on the ground. I do feel excellent, not just due to the fact that Biden won, however the races held surprising strides for LGBT Americans, Native Americans, the Black neighborhood, and so on– and I think as always we need to serve those communities, due to the fact that they show up, get shit done, and after that we continue to underserve them as a result. And I think its wise too to see that these underserved communities, when strengthened, enhance all of us in return. I think if anything this is all a clear sign that we mustnt be contented, the battle goes on. Relax today, however return in it tomorrow. Lets get control of the Senate and lets push for holistic policies that serve everyone, not just the few. Lets get huge money out of politics. Lets protect susceptible populations. Lets retrain cops and focus on mental health. Lets keep the fight up for Medicare-for-All, for the Green New Deal, for all of it. Gon na be hard, however absolutely nothing worth doing is every simple. Other than eating cheesecake. Eating cheesecake is easy, and worth doing. Now I desire cheesecake. Fuck.

And we got it done in places like PA (home state charm) and Georgia and Arizona. And if we continue to center the concerns of the entire electorate– not just rich white landowners, not simply guys, but the breadth and depth of America. Some assholes just desire the bag of candy to themselves, and those individuals need to find out to fucking share.

On The Trap That Is Forgiveness And Civility.

Point is, these people? They show up. They vote.

Compassions great, due to the fact that it assists us comprehend people. Right or wrong, good or bad, we require to know who a person is and how they arrived– whichs strategic, because it assists us find out how to maybe assist that person be better, or at the really least, stop other people from decreasing that path. Sympathy is where you fail. Sympathy means sensation bad for them. Empathy simply indicates understanding it. If we cant understand it, we cant fight it. And its not basic. Its a many-headed monster– its not just, well, theyre racist, or bad, or uneducated. That can be real, however how that all takes place, and what fosters that sort of outlook, what type of poison gets in them, that does not take place in a vacuum. So its essential to find out that course and suffice off. Its systemic, not private. I mean, yes, clearly its specific too, but a system is what made that individual the way they are. Whichs where we require to shine a light.

That he d still be a capable leader in some capacity and get shit done, even if the shit he got done was horrible. And if we continue to focus the concerns of the entire electorate– not simply rich white landowners, not simply males, however the breadth and depth of America. We do not just line up and thats got ta be fine. I do feel good, not just due to the fact that Biden won, but the races held unexpected strides for LGBT Americans, Native Americans, the Black community, and so on– and I think as always we require to serve those communities, because they show up, get shit done, and then we continue to underserve them as an outcome. Lets get control of the Senate and lets push for holistic policies that serve everybody, not just the few.

p.s. buy my book or I pass away.

Dems In Disarray.

That prefers unique interests and disregards, I think, the local people on the ground. Abundant people dont fucking care. Were stuck with Earth, and that implies we need to start saving it, and getting our asses some sweet universal healthcare.

I do not really stress over the Dems-In-Disarray talk. Its a popular headline, but never truly tells the whole story, nor does it comprehend that the left is strengthened by its variegated nature– its a polyculture, not a monoculture, both in the people that fill its ranks as voters, but likewise in its points-of-view. The GOP is a monoculture– an aging base of white folks who stand, locking arms, even when it doesnt really suit them or their needs. They just line up. We do not just line up whichs got ta be all right. It does imply we need to do much better at the time of ballot and supporting prospects, maybe, but in the run-up to that it ought to be messy, it needs to be a lot of rugged edges and combined ideas and divergent priorities. Development isnt in a straight line however in a great deal of instructions.

He sure thought they were.

Thats not to state we shouldnt press the party leftward. This AOC interview is an important read– and not simply about a leftward push but likewise a push for competency and best practices inside the Democratic celebration.

Sidenote, dont forget you can donate to Fair Fight, Stacey Abrams company. And search for ways to get included in the GA Senate run-offs in January– which implies empowering Georgia and their citizens, not simply the candidates.

When I state the only people taking from my daddy were his abundant good friends,( Its not a joke. They utilized him to do all type of work, and they were delighted to help point his blame somewhere else.).

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