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Three Poetry Writing Exercises

Todays poetry composing exercises are great starters and do not require you to understand anything about poetry or have any experience composing poems. Some of these exercises do not require any poetry writing whatsoever.

Writings no various.

Stretch your composing muscles with these poetry composing workouts.

If youre going to work out, its an excellent idea to heat up initially. That way, youll get your body tailored up to do the heavy lifting, the hard running, and the laborious exercise.

Poetry writing workouts are perfect when youre feeling unimaginative or lazy, or maybe your poetry is getting stale and you require to take it in a fresh direction. Possibly youre preparing to start a huge, long writing job and wish to condition your writing muscles first.

Poetry Writing Exercises

These poetry writing workouts are designed to get you considering rhythm, language, and images in your writing. Lets leap right in!

1. Alliteration and Assonance Lists

Create a list of word pairs and expressions that are developed around alliteration or assonance. Assonance is when words in close distance echo vowel noises (bent pen).

Reward exercise: Use the words from your lists to write a poem.

2. Metaphors and Similes for Life

Make a list of significant life events: birth, death, graduation, marriage, having kids, beginning your own organization. Next, create one metaphor and one simile for each of these occasions. Keep in mind, a metaphor is when we say something is another thing. When we say one thing is like another thing, a simile is.

Reward workout: Write a poem about one of your life occasions utilizing only the metaphor or simile you have actually chosen. Your poem needs to be a bit ambiguous; a reader will wonder whether the poem is literally about the metaphor or metaphorically about the life event when its done.

Idea: Choose metaphors that are aesthetically fascinating. A dance is easy to visualize.

Metaphor: Life is a dance.Simile: Life is like a dance.

3. Lyrics and Musicality

You can play the song while you work on the exercise or search for the lyrics online and use those as your standard. The idea is to get your mind on the musicality in your writing.

Have a good time with These Poetry Writing Exercises!

Remember, a metaphor is when we state one thing is another thing. You can play the song while you work on the exercise or search for the lyrics online and utilize those as your standard. These poetry composing workouts are implied to be enjoyable while building your writing abilities. If you tried any of these workouts, feel free to share your ideas in the remarks. Did you end up composing a poem?

These poetry writing exercises are suggested to be fun while constructing your writing skills. Did you end up writing a poem?

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