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Tips for Developing Story Writing Ideas

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What makes a story unique is your voice and the special way that you put different elements together. Sure, there might be something reminiscent of Tolkien in your work, but so what? Echos of Lord of the Rings can be found in some of the most cherished stories of the 20th century: Harry Potter and Star Wars, for example.

Its no wonder writers get frustrated trying to come up with a basic principle for a story. One appearance at the marketplace tells you that everything has been done.

Brief stories, flash fiction, books, and novellas: there are many stories drifting around out there– and those are just the imaginary works.

Tips for establishing story composing concepts.

Im not stating J.K. Rowling and George Lucas deliberately used aspects of Tolkiens operate in their stories. Perhaps they did; perhaps they didnt. I would bet both of them read and valued Lord of the Rings. Whether they were mindful or not of its influence on their work does not actually matter.

Establishing Story Writing Ideas

What happens when you blend Hamlet with Star Trek? Well, you may get something that looks like Star Wars. Take a standard legend or folk tale and send it to area or place it in a wonderful fairyland to offer it a brand-new twist.
It works both methods. You can take a contemporary story and put it in a historical setting. Star Trek is about explorers who are deeply humanitarian. Could there have been such explorers on Earth countless years ago?
You can evolve a story from the characters emotional landscape and personal experiences if you can create a intricate and believable character.
A romance horror story, a western set in space, a chick-lit war story, and a fairy tale about the organization world are all methods you can combine categories to influence composing ideas.
Instead of starting with a story, start with a concept. How do you check out abstract principles like sacrifice, redemption, renewal, and rage through story?

There are numerous methods to develop story principles. You can start with an event from the news or a character youve created; you can base your plot on an old legend or fairy tale; or you can combine 2 of your preferred categories.

Often by brainstorming recognized genres, stories, and themes, youll find that an initial idea emerges.

More Specific Story Writing Ideas

Lets state youre writing a story about a homeless teen who crouches in a familys Manhattan home throughout the day while theyre at work and school. It occurs to you that there are some parallels to Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Instead of crossing out your idea as unoriginal, use the fairy tale to infuse your story with archetypes and symbols that are generally recognized: 3 teddy bears upon the childs bed, 3 chairs of different sizes in the living space, the household consuming porridge for breakfast.

Here are some more particular idea beginners based upon fairy tales:

Little Red Riding Hood in Suburbia: Theres a complete stranger at grandmas house.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the Big City: A squatter makes herself in the house.
The Gingerbread Phone: A mobile phone becomes self-aware.
Dystopian Cinderella: This fairy tale been done and redone. Cinderella is obviously an extensive source of story writing ideas. Set your variation in a bleak future.
The Little Badass Mermaid: Take any old fairy tale and turn the heroine into a badass.
Charm is the Beast– What if the gender functions were reversed?

Whats Your Story?

Our world has lots of patterns and cycles that duplicate considerably. Every story you write originates from every story youve checked out. Some authors purposely use old tales as a structure for their work; others are surprised when they realize there are similarities in their work and another persons.

Im not recommending you go out in search of stories to reword (and Im absolutely not recommending you prevent creating your own original ideas). I hear from writers, on a routine basis, who are annoyed because they evaluate every information in their stories and stress when they recognize particular aspects currently happened in other places in the literary canon.

So I desire to present the basic truth that everything has actually been done. Your job is to do it your way.

Where do you get your story writing ideas?

Cinderella is obviously an exhaustive source of story composing ideas. Every story you write comes from every story youve read.

Im not saying J.K. Rowling and George Lucas purposefully used elements of Tolkiens work in their stories. Lets state youre writing a story about a homeless teen who crouches in a familys Manhattan apartment or condo throughout the day while theyre at work and school. Instead of composing off your concept as unoriginal, use the fairy tale to infuse your story with archetypes and signs that are generally acknowledged: three teddy bears on the childs bed, three chairs of different sizes in the living room, the family eating porridge for breakfast.

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