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To Blog and Beyond in 2020 by Keri Kruspe

Lets welcome back regular monthly columnist Keri Kruspe as she shows us “To Blog site and Beyond in 2020.” Enjoy!


As 2020 slugs on, Ive taken stock of what I d like to contribute to my collection as a love author..

Taking on this new venture, I decided to get a better understanding on what a blog is rather than an article..

Back in May, I d written an article (here) about looking for other avenues of revenue I could pursue together with my authors career..

Essentially, the distinction is moot, except a post is normally around 1,500 to 5,000 words while a blog site is around 1,000..

While I have not discovered anything concrete (Im still looking), I have actually found I delight in composing these month-to-month short articles..

Much so, Ive branched out and now have another regular monthly blog at The Paranormal Romantics site set up for the 10th of each month.

What is a blog supposed to do?

” The function of a blog site is to aid marketing to a point where the content you provide is targeted particularly to the needs and desires of your audience. Supply answers to their most commonly asked concerns or provide guidance to locations within your specific niche that your service is a professional on.”.

Now the next concern is, what a blog is supposed to do?.

Back in 2012, James Debono from business2community wrote:.

Okay, that sounds excellent. As a released author, marketing is something I should become well versed in to make my composing service successful..

Does anyone read blogs anymore in 2020?

People Still Love to Read.

In an article on Dreamscribe, entitled “The Future of Blogging,” the author, Katie, raises some intriguing points to consider:.

In other words, do people still checked out something that has 1,000 words, even if it only takes them usually 7.7 minutes to do so?

The main concern is, does anybody read blog sites any longer in 2020? Has social networks made them obsolete?.

77% of internet users read blog sites frequently.

More individuals who enjoy to produce content are selecting to begin their own blog.

We have no control if they come or go.

The Number of People Starting to Blog is Growing.

Businesses are Relying on Blogs More Than Ever.

Social Network Platforms Offer a Lack of Control.

We dont own Instagram/Twitter/Facebook.

65% of consumers are determined that a blog site includes credibility to a company website.

Keep the Conversation Going..

If you force yourself, the product can come out phony and contrived..

While the old adage states, “any promotion is excellent publicity,” this does not apply with blogging. You dont wish to live down nasty talk about a blog that may not have anything to do with how well you write a book..

I like to concentrate on articles that help others in their journey to self-publish– letting folks see and feel my frustrations on being a novice in the industry..

Key Benefits and Difficulties to Blog As An Author.

Another Hint about Blogging.

As an author, what should I compose about/blog about?.

If you are not a romance author, try their other short article: “Top 100 Writing Blogs and Websites for Authors 2020”..

Construct relationships with your readers by engaging with them. (Im still working on that one).

It offers your readers a lot more important details..
Conserves them time and effort if you have it all there for them with simply a click.

The content of a blog site is changing. She lists three things to be conscious of:.

Random Suggestions on How to Blog.

I dont learn about you, however Im combating tooth and nail every day to make sure that doesnt occur. Are ya with me?.

Try to “visitor” blog site for them. After all they arent your competitors but members of your community. They can also be a method to advise you and send you traffic to your site. The finest thing is youll develop a relationship with folks with time.

Its up to us authors to accept that modification or, like anything else, well wither away into oblivion..

If you dont like doing it … do not, another hint about blogging–.

I believed I d leave you with some random suggestions from the research Ive done for this post. They arent in any specific order, so take pleasure in!

One of the important things working in the self-publishing market has actually brought house a big fact to me– it takes a heapin quantity of perseverance..

To assist you on this end, Ive discovered this website from Feedspot, “Top 100 Romance Book Blogs and Websites for Romances Readers and Authors in 2020”..

A native Nevadan, Keri is a lifelong devoted reader who presently resides in Northwestern Michigan with her husband and the newest member of the household, a Jack Russell Terrier, Hestia. When not immersed in her made-up worlds, she takes pleasure in discovering the remarkable landscape of her new house as well as pairing red wine with healthy methods to prepare. Many of all, she likes discovering her next preferred author.

Keep the rudeness at bay, react to any remarks.

I get chills how much details and assistance are out there for everybody..


A great way to divvy up the heavy into is to put it into several posts.

There needs to be a schedule that works and persevere..

Produce material that showcases your authority in your specific niche (i.e. paranormal romance author– like mwah.).

After a little research study I found that the content of any article I compose has to remain in line with its consistency..

Possibly I can pass some details that will conserve them time/money/frustration and assist them avoid making the exact same mistakes I did.

Perseverance in finding who you are as an artist, as well as what you d like to bring into the world..

Do you like to showcase pictures and gorgeous imagery? Instagram?
Are you a hopeful videographer? YouTube– Vlogging is buzzing.

If you would like to know when Keris next book will come out, please visit her website at http:/, where you can register for her newsletter. Youll get a FREE copy of the beginning to TODAY IS TOMORROWS PAST as well as keeping upgraded on the life of a dedicated, consumed author.

I like how she suggests we identify other crucial individuals blogging in the location you are interested in.

To that end, Ive dedicated myself to write two posts regular monthly..

See, that is a secret. Compose regularly on the very same subject..

Make sure your blog site design is mobile responsive. (Beth taught me that one when I was doing my newsletters.).

Her conclusion: Blogs will grow in 2020..

In the post “How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors,” Jane Friedman breaks down the crucial advantages and problems on numerous methods to blog as an author..

Dont Be Afraid to go Deeper into a Subject.

Embrace a minimum of One Other Platform.

Link Like Theres No Tomorrow.

Attempt to “visitor” blog for them. Keri Kruspe acclaimed “Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures” loves absolutely nothing more than to compose about love that feature “tough heroines who arent afraid to take a chance on life … or love”. Her writing profession started when she ended up being inflamed that the majority of SciFi romances had ladies kidnapped before they could find love. When not immersed in her fabricated worlds, she enjoys discovering the remarkable landscape of her new home as well as pairing red wine with healthy ways to prepare. Most of all, she likes discovering her next favorite author.


The exact same can be said for the short articles you write: if I make a consistent impression on my authors life, folks will acknowledge when I have a brand-new blog site out, they d like to see how Im doing..

Keri Kruspe award-winning “Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures” enjoys absolutely nothing more than to blog about romances that feature “lively heroines who arent scared to gamble on life … or love”. Her writing career started when she became irritated that most SciFi love had actually females kidnapped prior to they could find love. Determined to develop something different, she turned “the alien kidnapping trope upside down” (Vine Voice) and the ALIEN EXCHANGE trilogy was born.

As with anything weve faced so far this year, online existence has actually changed..

Social Media/Email/Link Building.

The Evolution of the Soggy Bloggy.

Keris newest SciFi Romance book, TODAY IS TOMORROWS PAST, is the very first in a five-book series that takes the Ancient Alien theme and blends it with a romantic twist.

If so, leave me a link in the remark area to where your newest blog is! I d enjoy to come and fulfill you..

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