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Unusual Writing Activities That Will Boost Your Creativity

Try positioning your body differently if youre feeling stuck. Get off that chair, step away from your desk, and try standing at a counter or resting on the floor in front of a coffee table. Put yourself in a various environment– take your journal outside or bring your whiteboard to the garage to do some brainstorming. Lie on your stomach in the turf and scratch words, sculpt them, or paint them, and let the stimuli of your environments and the tools in your hands direct your imagination in a brand-new direction.

Writing Activities

Write with your left hand. Utilize your. It feels uncomfortable at first, however if you concentrate, you should be able to scrawl something clear using your opposite hand (yes, I know this because I have really done some of these insane things.

Masking tape works well for this, and a good location for this activity is on a garage door or a wall in a long corridor. Now youre truly blending things up; youre standing, composing on large paper, using a vertical surface area, and as an included benefit, you can get out your colored markers and truly liven things up.

I have often found that when I need an increase of creativity, removing myself from my regular writing environment is a great way to get ideas flowing.

Sculpting words slows down the writing procedure, which means youll put more believed into what youre stating and youll take higher care with your grammar. Utilize a knife, an awl, or some other sharp instrument to whittle your words.

Are you happy to try any of these composing activities to see if they increase your creativity? Which ones sound the most enjoyable? Why do you suppose changing your environment or writing in a various position or with different tools can stimulate imagination? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment, and keep composing!

Writing typically includes being in a chair and hammering away at a keyboard. It can get recurring and mundane.

Colored Markers: A pack of colored markers doesnt cost much, and once youve got them, you can utilize them to compose on that extra-large paper, which makes the previous activity a lot more enjoyable. Putting down your words in color might trigger fresh writing ideas, so use your markers to compose in your note pad or journal, on sticky notes, and even on scratch paper.

Use Your Words: All you need is a Sharpie (better yet, try some colored Sharpies) and a cheap, white tee shirt. Stretch the material around something firm, and start composing. Hey, if you ever end up being a world-famous novelist, that tee shirt is going to deserve big bucks!

Sticky Notes: Try composing different parts of a story or poem on sticky notes. Youll be composing in a small space, and that will make you pick your words more carefully. As an option, you can utilize index cards for this activity.

Im sure theres some clinical reasoning that discusses why these composing activities turn up the heat on creativity. Im no scientist, but I do know when my own imagination remains in high gear. I have really tried numerous of these quirky and unusual writing activities, and I plainly recall that they got me believing in various ways. I practically constantly came up with things to write about that otherwise never ever would have taken place to me.

Make contact with the green– or physically link with a texture youre not utilized to. The crucial thing is to be outdoors, lying down, and writing.

Chalk it Up: Actually, chalk it down. The majority of department and toy shops sell huge pails of big, thick sidewalk chalk, which is perfect for marking up driveways and pathways. This is an enjoyable workout to do with kids, by the way. Chalk a poem or a piece of flash fiction. If you desire to save it, take a photo before washing all of it away.

Shoe Boxes: Got an old shoe box lying around? I as soon as co-wrote a story with a friend on the inside of a shoe box. Several years later, she discovered it and revealed it to me. The story wasnt half bad!

Get Old-School: Use a quill, dip, or brush pen and an inkwell (yes, they still make this things)– or get a bonafide fountain pen– and find out what it was like to be an author hundreds of years ago. Keep in mind, a few of the biggest writers in history did it this way, dipping their nibs into the ink: Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Emily Dickinson. You can too if they could do it!

Supersize it: Get some oversized paper and sprawl out someplace– like in the grass or on the flooring. Usage pencils and pens, and write until you fill the whole sheet. Usage huge, massive letters or itty bitty ones.

Deliver and stand: There are lots of methods you can compose while standing. You can stand at a counter, for example, and write in your note pad.

Paint Your Words: You do not require fancy paints or paintbrushes– a low-cost set of watercolors from the school supply aisle will do. You might want to utilize that extra-large paper for this one. Paint your story or poem rather of writing it, and if the state of mind strikes (and youre feeling creative), get some images in there too.

Youll utilize your body, your surroundings, and the tools youre writing with to get influenced. Usage pencils and pens, and write till you fill up the whole sheet. Now you can utilize your fingernail (or a sharp things, like a paper clip or the edge of a penny) to write by scratching off the black layer, and voila! Now youre really mixing things up; youre standing, composing on oversized paper, using a vertical surface area, and as an included bonus offer, you can get out your colored markers and actually liven things up.

Below, youll discover some activities that are designed to stimulate your imagination. Youll utilize your body, your surroundings, and the tools youre composing with to get inspired. If they work for you, try a couple of and see. Provide yourself about 20-30 minutes so you have sufficient time to settle into the writing activity, and then see what takes place.

Attempt writing in white text on a black background. Write bold or in italics. Discover some uncommon typefaces on your computer system and write with those.

Scratching on Crayon: This an old trick that school-aged kids love: Use pastel crayons to color a whole sheet of paper. You can use a solid color, make rainbows, huge bubbles, or stripes. Whatever. It does not matter. Go over the entire thing with the black crayon up until its solid black when youre done. Now you can use your fingernail (or a sharp things, like a paper clip or the edge of a penny) to write by scratching off the black layer, and voila! Your composing exposes a rainbow of color underneath.

Review Your Childhood: Earlier I discussed writing with paintbrushes and paints. Youll most likely get unclean, so gown appropriately (you can use that tee t-shirt you composed on).

Unusual writing activities.

Are you willing to try any of these composing activities to see if they increase your imagination?

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