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Where/How Do You Find New Books to Read?


Within a twelve-block radius of WBN HQ are six bookstores, 5 of them not Barnes & & Noble. I can search books as frequently as I care to.


What it did do was make me think of the sources of my book options, specifically when cut off from among those primary sources. And I figured I d discuss it, since its a question I get a lot.

Conversation questions: Where and how do you find brand-new books to check out? And what are you checking out now? Do you have any brand-new titles to suggest?

Due to the fact that of NYCs lockdowns, for more than a year I was back to being not able to browse books personally. Coincidentally, though maybe not completely coincidentally, I had enormous trouble checking out anyway, so it didnt affect me much.

And its a question Im going to turn your way, due to the fact that I constantly want to know how you operate:.

I once lived forty minutes, on an excellent traffic day, from the nearest bookstore. For some extra salt because wound, it was a Barnes & & Noble. To be able to browse books was a rare, and not terribly fulfilling, occasion.

Where/How do you find books to read?

Let me know listed below

For current releases I might have missed, Ill scan roundups of newspaper/magazine book reviews and read any that catch my eye or are written by critics I like. BookMarks at LitHub is great for that.

Bookstore readings and comparable occasions can alert you to more brand-new titles. If you live in Austin and like BookPeople, visit their occasions page or subscribe to their newsletter. And because many bookstores are still hosting online-only occasions, youre not restricted by geography.

I register for the New York Review of Books and Bookforum, both of which are review publications but likewise run ad spreads including new books, where sometimes Im happy to capture a cover I already understand, like in the existing concern of NYRB, where WBNer Michael Jarviss unique The Path of the Tapir captured my eye.

Fortunately Im on a podcast where some buddies and I talk nearly nothing however books, so thats sort of an integrated suggestion system. (Catch our most current episode, a group read and conversation of Jane Eyre.) And Im lucky enough to catch a lot of intriguing titles from other good friends, not to discuss from all of you fine WriteByNighters in this area and through email and discussion.

For upcoming releases, I get a great deal of promotion emails and brochures from publishers, and plenty of sites (such as The Millions) use lists of interesting titles coming out in the future.

Those are the techniques that enter your mind. I find brand-new books from these sources, I check out them a bit, and add them to my list. I sit back and watch that list grow out of control.

Thats why this week we had the ability to watch WBNer Bridget Farr (password, including the exclamation point: BridgetFarr2021!) checked out from her new book, Margie Kelly Breaks the Dress Code, from 1,500+ miles away. (Heres a clip from that reading where Bridget provides some great guidance to aspiring writers.).


Where and how do you find brand-new books to read? Do you have any new titles to advise?


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Discussion concerns: Where and how do you discover brand-new books to read? To be able to browse books was an unusual, and not terribly fulfilling, event.

Fortunately Im on a podcast where some friends and I talk almost absolutely nothing but books, so thats kind of an integrated suggestion system. I find brand-new books from these sources, I look into them a bit, and include them to my list. Where and how do you find brand-new books to read?


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