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Why Bi-Curiosity in Malindi Town Cannot be Silenced by Islamic Moralism

This post checks out forceful interplay amongst the Indian Ocean cultures like Islamic spiritual in addition to financial culture and the Italian business along with family culture on the burgeoning Bi-curious stories among the city neighborhoods in Malindi Town

How have the entrenched Islam and deep-rooted Italian culture contributed towards the present state of bi-curiosity in Malindi town?

This concern is justified on the facilities based upon the social grounds that both Islamic religious culture and Italian industrial cultures have had some interaction to affect positively the boost in business bi-curiosity among the male youths from communities residing in Malindi town.

Malindi Town in KenyaThe Bi-curiosity in Malindi Town

When reacting to politics and economics of gender that surround the bi-curious socializing in Kenya Professor Evan Mwangi approached the problem by reviewing Professors Mutongis book, Matatu: a history of popular transport in Nairobi, by remarking that; the young people operating in matatus in Kenya are as bi-curious as the rest of Kenya. Mwangi likewise decried the bi-curious state of Kenya by labelling it a country so bi-curious that it need to formally change its name from Kenya to Quenya. The way in which the Saturday Nation, the paper which released the evaluation, presented Prof. Mwangis evaluation of the book was also so quick that one can not properly evaluate if Mwangi had actually made overstatements that were negative in tone about the matatus as social conduits of bi-curious culture, without sensing the pejorative context of his communication that was planned to demean the person being explained.

Considered that his article is mostly worried about bicurious stress and anxieties, we shall hence schedule ourselves to the objective examination of the social structures and public organizations in Malindi Town in relation to bi-curiosity. Passing findings by the previous studies on sociology of religious beliefs in Malindi town, there varied and a number of revelations that Islam is among the social and financial forces that have actually caused commercial bi-curiosity amongst the youths in Malindi.


By bad coincidence, the Italian company men from southern Italy, particularly from the region of Naples (Napoli) have found Malindi an excellent place for their Mafia like system of company in Hotel and Casino Industry. It is on record in the media fraternity in Kenya that the Italian hotel owners score badly when it comes to contemporary practice of corporate social responsibility in the sense that the Italian business neighborhood in Malindi town seldom feature anywhere on matters of corporate social duty. The media has frequently reported the resident members of Italian business neighborhood in Malindi town for being on the first lane as the facilitators and customers of the bi-curious red tenting services, for being heavy-weight players on buyer markets of python skins, leopard skins, Elephant teeth, Rhino Horn and bicurious red tent services. Therefore it is okay logic to property that the Italian cash culture in Malindi has favorably influenced on the flowering culture of commercial bi-curiosity amongst the youths

This does not imply that the bi-curious youths are the socially comfortable lot of the society in Malindi town. And genuinely, my interaction with the bi-curious society when I was researching for my short story Stowaways anthologized in the Queer Africa II, offered me an opportunity to find that the bi-curious focused people frequently feel really upset with the nature of language used by the traditional and conventional speakers in describing some varieties in gender orientation

The feature stories, news reporting, and editorial stories by culturally focused Media from Kenya and around the world have consistently shown that Malindi town is the second in having highest number of male bi-curious red street keepers around the East African area. One of the bi-curios red camping tent keeper stated that he was brought up as an altar young boy in Western Kenya, he is now 37 years old, he has actually been living with the HIV infection for 14 years, he is bi-curious and shared to Deutsch Welle throughout the interview that, due to the fact that his mom was a church member and their family had a fairly high standing in the church that is why he was forcedly sent away into the red street citizenship in Malindi town where the practice is tolerated

The point of cultural issue is that cultural vices condemned in Islam are swarming and rampart in Malindi and yet the town is an Islamic city with more than one thousand mosques within the peripheries of its urban location. Another point of concern is that Malindi is also a home to many successful Italian households owning very effective financial investments tourist and hotel industry and likewise Malindi has been and it still is a house to the majority of powerful Kenyan political leaders.

Bi-curious Socialization in Kenya.



This is a clear testimony that the towns along the east African coast were not formed with fair involvement by the residents. They were formed by the outsiders. The Arabs and Europeans who accessed the east African coast due to its distance to the Indian Ocean. The towns were formed as some outposts of Indian Ocean civilization, the civilization which began with conquest of the black locals, enslaving, colonizing and after that capitalistic exploitation. Such are the series of events that forms social channels through which forces of exploitation have actually travelled down the road of history to bring to life the now blossoming culture of business male bi-curiosity amongst the youths in Malindi town

Malindi town is situated at the East African coast along the Indian Ocean coast-line; it is in the northern parts of Kenya. In spite of this early encounter with the globalizing agents as well as forces of capital and industrial development, Malindi has actually ever stayed as a small town, house to extremely bad local neighborhoods, center to terrorist networks and for now with palpable repute for being house to the bicurious red street keepers.

Thus, all observations resulted in the conclusions that vices and virtues of bi-curiosity in Malindi and in any other city neighborhoods along the east African coast are nothing less than the considerable vestiges of bad governance in the past. They are the real proof of social obstacles amongst the poor that were once shackled, colonized, exploited, miss-educated, Christo-paganized, miss-Islamized, scared, impoverished, denigrated and condemned into the void of self-doubt, the self-doubting that renews its muscles on the vice of economic-insecurity. Such vices can not be resolved through visceral and irrational condemnation hurled at the bicurious by the mainstream neighborhoods as often seen, however rather through accountable literature, reliable social policy and policing, notified treatment, financial and political gender mainstreaming-cum-inclusion, great education as well as excellent mental healthcare and psychological health services.

Information collection stage for this article revealed that business male bi-curiosity among the youths in Malindi emerged as one of the crucial variants of the brand-new sub-commercial cultures of the Indian Ocean cultures in Kenya. Tellingly, commercial bi-curiosity is the significant basis of industrial interactions in between the Italian cash-rich tourists and the regional African cash-strapped youths. The observations produced the function of this paper developed that unflinching commercialism committed by the Italian and Islamic ruthless investors in Hotel Industry, un-blotched ecological pollution, meagre secular schooling amongst the regional neighborhoods, the ever increasing urban hardship and its associated metropolitan anxieties among the youths in Malindi are some of the essential aspects that force the youths to lure male industrial bi-curiosity, however for no other reason aside from for city and financial survival, simply the very same way the bi-curious youthful Matatu neighborhoods determined by Professor Evans Mwangi in Nairobi, are out to survive the financial challenges that opt for city life.

Therefore, it needs to be noted that when the locals of the east African coastal towns speak about history of East Africas coastal urbanization, they speak about absolutely nothing else but sharing the memories of infrastructural and institutional development in support of Arabic and Eurocentric purchasing and en-slaving of black individuals for lewd factors like concubinage and perversion. Joe did extremely great research in his book to develop historic realities about seaside towns like Zanzibar, Mombasa, Mikindani, and Pemba, Malindi, Lamu and many of the Mozambican coastal towns that were formed for the function of working as slave purchasing centers.

Therefore, economic reasoning will demand that, combination of such like the above financial and cultural forces must mix into social as well as economic procedures that are competent enough to bring the Malindi Society above such self-defeating cultures and vices of metropolitan hardship as those evinced in the rampart business male bi-curiosity among the youths.




In contradistinction to this liberal type of thinking about bi-curiosity as a matter of gender issue shown by Ali A. Mazrui in the preceding paragraph, religious and political socialization in Africa are not yet inclusive enough. They have actually preserved an anti-colonial stand that bi-curiosity is anti-African, anti-christian and anti-islam and thus it is to be condemned as repulsive imperialism from the West attempting to disrespect cultural sovereignty of Africa and its individuals. Some African scholars also have actually held a wholesome condemnatory position about the gender-fluid culture. These are in the similarity Mahmoud Mamdan and Achille Mbembe. Mbembe in his book On the Post nest explains bi-curiosity looks of indecency. Ethics of modern civilization must go by the conscience that the gendered civilization must be conscious of inclusivity when viewing the social indecency that can be reasonable as we think of a free future where human beings are respected regardless of their age, sexual orientation, and shade of the skin?

The Concept of Bi-curiosity in Africa.

Religion in Malindi Town.

It has led the youths to this state by omission whereas the Italian social-economic cultures have the Malindi youths to the very same by commission. Truths from existing social history of neighborhoods in Malindi reveal that Islam as a financial and social civilization has never ever supported formal education, youth empowerment, liberal secular idea, monogamy, household planning, corrective abortion, maturity prior to marital relationship, ladies empowerment and as well as entrepreneurial advancement among youths in the local urban communities in Malindi town. Evaluation of the local communities residing in Malindi is a bare testimony to the fact that despite the fact that Islam has actually frequently impersonated one of age-long African heritages, but its so unfortunate that still it has the overtones that are an overstatement of the otherwise. What I suggest is that Islam has evidently not assisted the local metropolitan neighborhoods in Malindi town to come out of hardship

At a broader perspective the discourse on the predicament of bi-curiosity among the youths in Malindi Town can obtain from the common political conversations about bi-curiosity that have often blamed the culture of patriarchy, male chauvinism, poor research, political populism, traditional Christianity and Islamism. In this book Mazrui comes up with the principle of cultural suicide to neutralize Salman Rushdies Satanic verses by asserting that Jesus Christ heavily displayed a parenting habits that were bi-curious in nature, particularly in the way with which he dealt with his disciples to a level of cleaning their feet, avoiding to be married while preserving close camaraderie of men by likewise motivating his disciples to avoid their better halves.

He argued that they all showed disproportionate gender behavior, which Mazrui referred to as sublimated patriarchy. Mazruis arguments under this point requires a moot, disputing and counter-debating, as they powerfully, depict reasoning of undertone in the direction that both the Bible and the Quran have not completely explained humanity


Rather, Islam is has been concentrated on its out-dated culture of building mosques in every corner of the impoverished town alongside unflagging proselytizing of the local Giriama people into Muslims. Till today, there are no schools, colleges, youth or village polytechnics, medical colleges, computer system training centers, private universities, HIV testing centers, reproductive health centers, ECDE centers, modern-day hospitals or perhaps modern factories established by the Muslim management in Malindi Town. These failures have made the young individuals in Malindi to be victims of poverty, misery, lack of knowledge and wiles of unrefined religions, not stopping working to point out the correctly grown bi-curious anxieties among the metropolitan youths.

A high view of Malindi TownAnd likewise, the Saturday Nation presented Mwangi as if he was making sweeping generalization that the rest of Kenya is significantly bi-curious and hence it was better if it was called Quenya but not Kenya. Although Mwangi did not supply analytical nor literary realities to show that Kenya is sexually non-conventional enough to befit the re-naming as Quenya, however the theme of his message was that the youths working with commuter cars otherwise referred to as Matatus in Kenya are substantially bi-curious. And yet Matatus are the second biggest source of employment among the youths in Malindi. Hence logic of extension can easily help in describing what Mwangi suggested.

The stories arc about Slavery and business bi-curiosity in Malindi made me check out and chose to think that if I was Antonio Gramsci composing the Prison Diary I would have utilized Joe Khamisi as an example to explain what an Organic intellectual is. Just the exact same way I would have called him a reincarnation of Walter Rodney had I had a benefit to be an Indian dervish or two. The factor why I would have done these 2 actions is due to the fact that of the level of literary excellence Joe Khamisi have displayed in chronicling historical realities and experiences of the Indian ocean slavery, concubinage, harems, curiosity and the cultural improvements that have happened on the East coast of Africa for the previous 6 centuries. Khamisi has actually evidently observed in his book The Wretched Africans; A Study of Rabai and Freretown Slave Settlements. That it was imperial capital, conventional political rapacity, racism, Indian opportunism, Arabic brutality, Christo-paganism, Islamic Negro-phobia and poverty of self-esteem that formed the cobblestones and super-strong tessellations that paved strongly the roadway on which the perpetration of Indian ocean slavery on black Africans took a trip successfully. The slavery which wanted the negroes to be used as concubines, hareem keepers, labourers, gladiator subjects and Gay victims in the Arabia, Europe and America.

About Malindi Town.

For the function of this short article, industrial male bi-curiosity indicates purposeful participation in red tenting, pimping and helping with the red street practices where the persons involved are males with primary essence to earn money. Other words used under the very same context are bi-sexual, bi-gender, transgender and intersex. Whereas, the Indian Ocean culture implies to the sub-cultures along the African Indian ocean coast. Joe Khamis in his Wretched Africans (2016) argues that Indian oceans cultures vary from the memories and vestiges of slavery, Islamic awareness, tourist, rampart citizenship in the red street and red camping tent, some fundamental euro-centrism, low concentrate on farming, Marijuana consumption-cum-drug trafficking, two-bityism among the youths, hoteling, entrepreneurship with less concentrate on corporate philanthropy and social obligation, child labour, human trafficking, kidnapping, concubinage, Harem keeping, German cultures, Spanish cultures, Italian cultures, Swahili cultures, multiple cultural levels of terrorism, sex-tourism, hardship tourism and also obvious commercial bi-curiosity as part of everyday socializing.

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Alexander OpichoAlexander Opicho


Facts from present social history of neighborhoods in Malindi reveal that Islam as a financial and social civilization has actually never supported formal education, youth empowerment, liberal secular thought, monogamy, household planning, restorative abortion, maturity prior to marriage, women empowerment and as well as entrepreneurial development amongst youths in the regional urban communities in Malindi town. The media has often reported the resident members of Italian company neighborhood in Malindi town for being on the very first lane as the facilitators and customers of the bi-curious red tenting services, for being heavy-weight players on purchaser markets of python skins, leopard skins, Elephant teeth, Rhino Horn and bicurious red tent services. The feature stories, news reporting, and editorial stories by culturally focused Media from Kenya and around the world have repeatedly revealed that Malindi town is the 2nd in having highest number of male bi-curious red street keepers around the East African region. At a wider viewpoint the discourse on the predicament of bi-curiosity amongst the youths in Malindi Town can obtain from the typical political discussions about bi-curiosity that have actually often blamed the culture of patriarchy, male chauvinism, bad research study, political populism, traditional Christianity and Islamism. Such are the series of occasions that forms social channels through which forces of exploitation have actually travelled down the roadway of history to provide birth to the now growing culture of industrial male bi-curiosity among the youths in Malindi town



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