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Will You Always Be a Writer?


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Will an author always be a writer, even if he or she stops writing? When (and how) did you choose to be a writer?

Seventeen or two years later, here we are.

I pertained to writing late, at least relative to the majority of my classmates in different composing programs. Throughout high school I didnt care at all about it. In my very first 2 undergrad stints, I dabbled in journalism however not with any vigor. Definitely not with adequate vitality to prevent ending up being a two-time dropout.

When I went back, in my mid-twenties, my academic advisor recommended that majoring in English would be my quickest path to lastly graduating. Lit, for example, or technical writing, or media studies. Creative writing, she said.

Your turn: When and how did you decide to be an author? Let me know listed below!


Will a Writer Always Be a Writer?

This of course doesnt imply he stopped composing. Perhaps he did, perhaps he didnt. Often, an author just … stops composing.

Theres not much available details about Dennis Schmidt, and I cant discover any sign of why he stopped releasing at only fifty-one years old.

Three words so simple however so heavy: “But stopped publishing.”.

It was still a few more years prior to I decided I wished to pursue writing, and almost 10 years prior to I first released anything.

Not that theres a standard. Writers begin writing at all various ages.

In “Confessions of a Lapsed Writer” we talked a bit about what determines an author. If a writer goes months or even years without composing, is she or he still a writer?

In the conversation section of our “One Writer, One Question” post we spoke about a sci-fi author called Dennis Schmidt, who came out with a string of unique series from 1978 to 1990 and then never published again. During his “short active profession,” according to the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, “Schmidt offered some impression of being an author who might at any point decide to break through into greater areas of his art; however stopped publishing.”.

And authors stop writing at all various ages.

Your turn: Will an author constantly be an author, even if she or he stops composing?


Will * YOU * Always Be a Writer?

The minute I quit evaluating books I stopped describing myself as a reviewer.

For a few years I examined books professionally. Not as a full-time task, clearly; theres so little money in it. I did refer to myself as, among other things, a book customer.

If I stopped composing entirely, would I stop referring to myself as an author? And if so, at what point?

I think Ill constantly be an author.

I hope its never pertinent: I question Ill ever stop composing, at least for as long as Im physically and mentally efficient in it.

How about you?

And if so, do you believe that implies youll no longer be a writer? Or as soon as an author, always an author?


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We work with writers of all experience levels working in all categories. Will a writer always be a writer, even if he or she stops composing? Sometimes, a writer simply … stops writing.

And if so, do you think that implies youll no longer be a writer? Or once a writer, constantly an author?

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