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Working through Writer’s Block by Kay Keppler

Get rid of Writers Block: Ask Crucial Questions.

Conquer Writers Block: Ask Minor Questions Too.

If uncertainty is stalling you on the small concerns, it wont hurt the manuscript if you simply choose a lane and decide..

These could be structural or outlining choices or concerns that need research study..

Dont overthink it. Go with what feels.

Lets welcome back regular monthly writer, editor, and author, Kay Keppler, as she shows us “Resolving Authors Block.” Take pleasure in!

Kay Keppler is an author Zero Gravity Outcasts, Betting on Hope, Gargoyle: Three Enchanting Romance Novellas, and editor of fiction and nonfiction– Angels Kiss and Outsource It!


Minor concerns do not need to be addressed instantly..

Maybe what you need is a better overview, or more research. And sometimes what may appear to be authors block is actually indecision..

She lives in northern California.

Important questions are those that you need to respond to prior to you can proceed, due to the fact that this details forms the spine of your book..

The standard info, character shift, or plot advancement doesnt alter, even if the POV does..

Is it crucial?.
Or could you write something and after that change your mind later without damaging your manuscripts core concept?.

If you need more info to continue, ask yourself what details– and what sort of information– youre looking for..

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Look at the moment in the manuscript where you are stalled..

She lives in northern California.

Figuring out what questions you must ask will help you clarify what you need to understand– and what you require to do– to progress.


The red or blue cars and truck can be inspected later on, or in revisions..

To Overcome Your Writers Block, Pick a Lane.

When your writing is stalled, you may think youre having authors block. Youre not sure how to continue. The course has too many forks in the road. You are frozen.

If you require skilled help, seek associates and good friends, your preferred librarian, researcher, policeman– whoever you can– for recommendations and answers..

Writers block: Question? Or indecision?.

The POV scene can be written one method, and if you do not like it, that, too, can be changed in revision..


Provide yourself consent to spend some time working out the answers to these kinds of questions..


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Examples might be, “How do cops investigate a suspicious death?” or “Could I construct a rocket ship with the tools in my garage?”.

Organizational bad moves can always be repaired in revision, as well..

Why cant you progress?
What do you need to know?
What must be clear in your mind?

When your writing is stalled, you may think youre having authors block. Youre uncertain how to continue. The course has too numerous forks in the road. You are frozen.

Getting the essentials right is vital for your story to hang together..

Many authors have limited time and attention to compose, especially nowadays, and composing in little portions with many interruptions can suggest that we misplace what we meant to do in our manuscript. Which contributes to our absence of progress..


Does your character work at a bowling street or an art gallery?.

Believe of concerns including point of view (should this scene be written from the POV of Character A or Character B?) or perhaps continuity questions (did she drive a red car or a blue one?)..

You can constantly move it if that chase scene in chapter four comes too early or too late.

When youre not sure of where you want to go, or you are simply stuck someplace, you may benefit from tracking the concerns that you should address– or merely wish to answer– in the manuscript. Think about these as either vital or minor concerns.

By the time you know everything you can or need to learn about the topic, the way past your problem will be clarified.

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