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Write Faster: 3 Tools for Novelists by Keri Kruspe

Whats great is that no 2 individuals utilize them the same method. I cant inform you the number of times Ive spoken with other authors and am amazed at how they utilize them completely differently than I do.

In the short article “Ten Reasons to Write your Novel in Scrivener” their thinking is much more compelling than mine, but one of the other incredibly features is you can export your work of art to a number of formats: Word, ePub, paperback evidence, etc..

The one thing that offered me about Plottr is from a more recent upgrade. I can export it either to Word or to the next tool I want to discuss: Scrivener.

Now that I have a couple of years of being released under my belt, Im beginning to feel more safe about the procedure.

I like how this modifying tool not just provides grammar monitoring, however it also has in-depth reports that can reinforce and polish my manuscript. While I do not use all that they offer, I love the summary that explains locations I might deal with.

Another feature I really like is the flexibility of moving my scenes/chapters around.

A bit of a disclosure here: I remain in no method affiliated with these companies nor do I receive any monetary compensation for mentioning them in this post. What I state here is my own viewpoint.

I also like the “corkboard” function. Here I can see my chapters/scenes and alter the order if I like..

When I started my composing career, I seemed like I was trudging through molasses … uphill … in a cyclone to get my very first novel ready to release.

It may be a whimsical factor to use Scrivener, but it puts me in the mood to get away … erm, strategy my world-building.

Whether you are a pantser, plotter, or plantser (the mix of both), I feel you can discover something with these three tools that will help you hone your craft.

As Ive explored different/better ways to produce my books, Ive become aware of numerous software (aside from Word) that other authors rave about.

Lets welcome back monthly columnist Keri Kruspe as she shows us “Compose Faster: 3 Tools for Authors.” Take pleasure in!

Among the very best features I like is the “Series” tab. Here I can keep a running synopsis of the series that Im composing in now

Plottr is the most recent software application Ive started to use..

When I discovered I might use it with Scrivener, I swooned. Using it with Scrivener rather of exporting it to Word initially cut my editing process in half and offered me a good factor to stick with Scrivener..

Navigation is simple. I can scroll through the beginning, middle, and end for easy navigation.

But, in time, I took a number of courses (even difficult copied the lessons to put in a binder I continue my desk for quick reference), and though I feel Im only scratching the surface of what I can do with Scrivener, Im plugging along and improving with each book I complete.

Prior to I began utilizing Scrivener, I used ProWritingAid.

I like the visual flexibility, letting me use subplots. They even offer templates to use for planning everything from mystery to love.


Late last year, I used and took the jump three different “composing” programs that I cant live without now. I find that they not only keep me arranged, but they also allow me the flexibility of producing my manuscripts at a quicker speed..

Heres a small sample of my series characters:.

When I initially used Scrivener, Im embarrassed to confess, I offered up prematurely..

In this article, Ill outline the fundamental info the company provides, then reveal you examples of how my things looks.

Another nice thing about Plottr is its capability to track different kinds of qualities, like defects or characteristic or magical abilities. I can select to make these characteristics simple one-liners or, for additional info, include an entire paragraph..

Generally, its a downloadable laying out software that makes it much easier for me to outline my novels.

Prior to you export anything, its finest to make sure your creation is as professional as possible. Which brings me to my last tool … ProWritingAid.

Plottr isnt limited to the features I listed above. There are more that I do not have area to list, but here are a couple examples:.

I admit that Im a visual thinker. I absolutely love that there are places to produce characters, places, and keeps in mind that I can include pictures to, and I can access all of that, no matter what book Im outlining for.

The Tools I Use to Write Faster.

I can turn my view when outlining. I love doing this. In some cases taking a look at it at a various angle (vertical or horizontal) offers me a fresh view of my overview.


It seemed method too made complex for me.

I can do that in Word, but I d have to copy the text and paste it where I want to. In Scrivener, I just drop and drag.

Among the important things I like is that it supports my requirement for visuals. What I indicate is, for each scene, I can put an image on the side that assists me when I explain something, from space station innards to what my bad guy looks like.

So you know, Scrivener is more than a word processing program. Its more like a tool that focuses on supporting the job of writing long-lasting pieces.

With that out of the method, lets start!.

Why Write Faster?

Since my objective is to launch a book every 3 months, Im constantly trying to find ways to end up being better and much faster in developing my stories, and one method is to get comfortable with these tools and use all they have to use.

And the finest method to do that is to publish more than one book a year.

When I composed the very first book in my series, An Alien Exchange, it took me over a year from start to complete. As Ive said in previous articles, I wish to make composing my full-time gig.

How about you? Share whatever tools youre utilizing that aid you accomplish your general author goal!



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Keri Kruspehas been an author considering that the age of twelve and has constantly been interested with transcendent stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris very first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. An Alien Exchange is the very first book in the arousing Alien Exchange sci-fi love series. Youll like Keri Kruspes steamy space experience if you like sexy aliens, lively heroines, and hectic action.

Keri Kruspehas been an author given that the age of twelve and has always been interested with otherworldly stories that end in Happily Ever After. Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures, Keris first series is An Alien Exchange trilogy. If you like hot aliens, spirited heroines, and fast-paced action, then youll like Keri Kruspes steamy area experience.

An avid reader, Keri enjoys good wine, great food, and seeing action/adventure motion pictures. You can find her most days immersed in her dream world of composing or traveling with her husband in their RV, finding intelligent life here on Earth.


A devoted reader, Keri takes pleasure in excellent white wine, good food, and viewing action/adventure films. You can discover her most days immersed in her dream world of taking a trip or composing with her husband in their Recreational Vehicle, discovering intelligent life here on Earth.

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