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Writing & Reading Goals 2020: 50-Yard Line

Ever since, time has actually relocated unusual ways. Keep in mind March 7? The 4 months that have actually passed seem like four years, and by years I imply years.


Heres an unusual thing. When I last did a 2020 reading & & composing objectives check-in, I said we were one-fourth of the method through the year. I published that post on March 7, barely over two months into the new year. Call it a brain fart, thinking that 3-7-20 means 3 months have actually passed.

Discussion questions: Are you on speed to strike the 2020 writing and reading objectives you set out at the start of the year? In what ways has the COVID-19 situation impacted, or even altered, your goals and your approach? Whats your plan for the rest of the year, reading- and writing-wise? What are the most significant roadblocks in your method? Lets talk about in the comments

In what methods has COVID-19 affected, even altered, the writing and reading goals you set at the start of the year?

And if it hasnt, are you on speed?

Are you delighted with the quantity and quality of your composing up until now this year? With your reading?

What are the biggest roadblocks youve faced?

I started Animal Farm a few weeks earlier, and although I got derailed, I liked it, and will most likely return. I also have Willa Cathers Death Comes for the Archbishop near to hand, so that might be next






In what ways has the COVID-19 situation affected, or even modified, your goals and your technique? Whats your strategy for the rest of the year, reading- and writing-wise? I published that post on March 7, hardly over two months into the new year. The 4 months that have passed feel like four years, and by years I mean decades.

” I wish to help keep my composing group together.”.

” Though as usual, my primary reading objective is to find new books that influence and move me.”.


I have not submitted anything yet, but I feel like Im closing in on it. That undoubtedly doesnt mean Ill release something in 2020. Most likely I need tove stated something more like “I desire to send fiction in 2020.”

I feel like Ive enhanced. That does not suggest Im not difficult on myself

” For reading, I want to knock off a few more titles from the Modern Librarys top 100 list.”.


The biggest action Ive taken is working with one of our terrific coaches, Tom Andes. Weve satisfied two times, and Im composing more than I have all year

I havent done this. COVID-19 hindered us, for obvious factors. But I not did anything to keep us together. Our moderator did– he confined the group into a Zoom conference 2 weeks earlier. Or … the majority of the group. I did not sign up with

I guess Im doing that, regardless of a long layoff throughout the worst of the lockdown scenario here in NYC.

” I wish to discover a way to be more dedicated to writing without holding myself to unrealistic standards.”.

Lets talk about it in the remarks. Tell me about your objectives, tell me how youre doing with them, and inform me about your strategy for the next 6 months

” In 2020, I want to improve as an author.”.

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” I wish to release fiction in 2020.”.

Simply to keep me honest, heres what I composed out as my own objectives, and my development:.

Ive done this, sort of. I read William Kennedys Ironweed, which is outstanding. I also ended up rereads of Under the Volcano and Slaughterhouse-Five. But do rereads count? It most likely does not keep with the spirit of the goal.

WriteByNight co-founder David Duhr is fiction editor at the Texas Observer and co-host of the Yak Babies podcast, and has actually discussed books for the Dallas Morning News, Electric Literature, Publishing Perspectives, and others.

I havent succeeded with this one. The closest Ive come is Julian Barness The Sense of an Ending, which has some gorgeous minutes

WriteByNight is an authors service devoted to assisting you achieve your creative potential and literary goals.

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