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Writing Without the Support of Family and Friends by Janelle T. Riley

Today we welcome a new visitor author to Authors Fun Zone, Janelle T. Riley who is visiting to chat with us about “Writing Without the Assistance of Household and Buddies.” Take pleasure in!

Your public library isnt just a hub that houses some of your preferred authors and books. It can be a fantastic method to find other authors who meet up one day (possibly two) out of the week..

As a writer we would like to have someone close to us read our work. Who do we go to as soon as the manuscript is ended up?.

The other thing to think about is not too lots of friend or family have the heart to tell us whether or not they liked the manuscript. In their minds, they do not wish to injure our sensations in telling us so..


If youre very shy about somebody reading your work, you can always go to without taking part simply to get a good feel and to possibly discover a specific or 2 that you are comfy with. These type of meetings are a great and fun way in satisfying brand-new individuals and acquiring a great network of authors to deal with..

Examine around and see which one would be a great fit for you..

In my sincere viewpoint, this is more upsetting than anything. The only way we will ideal our craft is to get sincere feedback– no matter how painful it may be.

Lets face the realities. Friends and family are busy, and the last thing they would like to do is to sit and check out numerous pages of our work of art..

Household and a few of our closest good friends of course, considering that they are– so we think– the ones who will provide you the feedback you are trying to find..

Believe it or not, there are some writing groups with fantastic people who are absolutely handy. I must state, the support and outstanding encouragement from some of these writing neighborhoods are really amazing..

Yes, you can find other authors within different neighborhoods who would be willing to check out for you and provide you the much-needed support and included encouragement youre looking for..

I had to discover this terrible fate during my journey as a writer and accepted these facts..

Again, these are things you as a writer should not end up being discouraged over..



Facebook, Twitter, and unusually enough I simply learnt there is a writing neighborhood on TikTok..

Theres constantly a household member or pal who just cant stand to check out. They are extremely happy that someone they understand is a writer and are rooting for them every action of the way.

They will even request a signed copy despite the fact that they hate to check out, but the fact is theyre just going to have these books out for more as a boasting piece whenever other friends or co-workers are around..

Librarians usually announce writers conferences as quickly as someone goes into the building, or in my case, they distribute regular monthly newsletters..

Within the newsletter, you will discover different writers groups that convene where other authors check out or review each others manuscripts..

Im sure they would like to, however in actuality, the time isnt there..

Keep in mind, you dont need to join a group if youre not comfortable with any of its members..

Sadly, thats not constantly the case. I have one friend who reads for me, out of hundreds, and my own hubby has yet to check out any material Ive written given that weve been together. Disheartening, yes, but do not let this dissuade you in any method..

Social media isnt all about airing out filthy laundry or a place to attach..

I did happen to discover other authors outside of my family and good friends..





The other nicest aspect of producing your own authors group, you get to have a good time engaging with the members, while making it a safe area for you and others..

You can develop your own group and have the capability to make your own guidelines and run it to how you desire..

Thats not always the case. I have one good friend who reads for me, out of hundreds, and my own other half has yet to check out any material Ive written because weve been together. Janelle lives in Louisiana with her husband, their 3 kids, and Hamilton their half laboratory half rottweiler.

Janelles on Twitter @janelletriley1 and Instagram @tejay_riley5.

To discover like-mind authors, Facebook is a good start..

Janelle lives in Louisiana with her hubby, their three kids, and Hamilton their half lab half rottweiler. Along with composing, shes an expert photographer and delights in being outdoors photographing individuals and nature. When not composing or photographing, she delights in traveling, drawing, listening to music, and cooking..

If none of what I mentioned would work for you, there is always another option..


Composing is hard enough as it is, the last thing we need is needing to stress over whos going to read our manuscripts. You can not just find assistance from outside your friend or family but with other writers, you can also discover relationships that will be valued for a lifetime.

Even Google has a tool where anyone can develop a group. The terrific part existss no charge..

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