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Your Character’s Why — It’s Everything. Here’s Why. And How… by Beth Barany

She had not clarified for herself why her character was acting the method he was acting and why certain things was essential to him.

Let me discuss …

I had actually checked out and commented on her 20 pages ahead of time.

As soon as we had this discussion and she took generous notes, she appeared calm and confident that she knew how to discover and discover these little bits of missing out on backstory so that the pages would read powerfully and coherently.

Eventually, a lot of the attributes of this character were magnificently portrayed– his humor, his drive, his quirky behaviors– however there seemed to be some mismatch between his existing actions and his origins.

Ask your character, in relation to their objective, “What will having this provide for you?”.

As this was a paranormal story, drawn from snippets of human folklore, she could tailor this characters origin story and advancement however she desired.

In our assessment, I called her attention to where the story seemed disjointed. She concurred with me, but didnt understand precisely what was wrong. So we looked at it together.

When we understand why your character acts or feels a certain way, or believes or says something, when we truly “get them.” Then we feel linked to them– whether we like the character or not. Even an unlikeable character can be relatable.

She also kept in mind that she had written backstory on this character years ago which reading it would assist her link the dots.

Example: In my YA dream, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer (Book 1), Henrietta desires to conserve her coach, who is sick. This is her outer objective.

We brainstormed on the core issue. And I recognized that this problem was appearing all over her 20 pages.

The other day I remained in an editing assessment with one of my customers.

Another note: This exercise I share below is drawn from my training in NLP to end up being a Master NLP Practitioner. I adjusted it to assist me and you progress fiction authors, get deeper into character, and get to understand your character better, so that you can compose effective characters and stories readers fall in love with.

For the purposes of this exercise, use whatever objective comes to mind, whether its an inner goal (a desire to feel a particular way or believe a particular method, have a specific inner experience) or an outer goal (concrete, external to the character, something everybody can see/hear/observe in some method.).

The hard work for her was digging into the characters backstory to comprehend clarify what actions the character had actually taken in the past and why he had taken them.

Part 2: Go Deeper.

“Why do I need to know whatever about my character?” my client asked.

When we feel connected to a character in a story, we are “in” the story and dont desire to leave. And were willing to go anywhere the character and the story takes us.

To do this workout, I suggest writing it. You can likewise do it in a meditative, day dreaming state without writing.

Heres how.

Interview your character for their responses.

I recognized that the short backstory she shared didnt get in touch with the style the primary character was concentrated on.

Ask this a few times to get to the heart of the matter. When youve settled into the inmost answer, typically youll feel a sense of rightness in your body.

Example: In my YA fantasy, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer (Book 1), Henrietta desires to conserve her ailing mentor.

Part 1: State the inspiration for your characters objective.

If you are wondering how to find your characters deep motivation, I have a workout for you, drawn from my character development class.

” You dont need to understand whatever. Simply the important bits!” I said.

A note: I utilize this workout when Im preparing my novel, however I really get deep with my characters when Im in revisions, like my customer is doing. You can utilize this exercise at the novel planning stage, and in the editing and revising stage. Or anytime youre stuck in the composing procedure. (You can even utilize it on yourself!).

WORKOUT: Your characters deep why in two parts.

What was missing out on was a deep understanding of her characters motivation.

As soon as she clarified for herself the why of her character, then she could convey it clearly and the reader would comprehend this character fully.

Then the reader would have a seamless reading experience. Whichs what all of us desire.

Henrietta, what will having that do for you?

— Ill do be right by him.

And what will having that do for you?

— Ill feel absolved of my bad behavior.

And what will having that do for you?

— Ill discover some inner peace.

And what will having that do for you?

Register here for a complimentary individually call to go over which of these ways is ideal for you. I likewise provide tailored programs, based upon your requirements. We can discuss that too.

Next Steps.

Let me know if you have any concerns about this workout or about establishing your characters inspirations.

She is the acclaimed author of Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, the acclaimed paranormal love author of the Touchstone series, and is proud to launch her newest books, sci-fi mysteries about Janey McCallister spaceport station private investigator.

And if you want to go deeper into more character suggestions, inspect out the character class here:.

A Master NLP Practitioner and accredited imagination coach for authors, Beth runs Barany School of Fiction, a full suite of courses designed to help category fiction writers experience clarity and get composing, so they can modify and proudly publish their novels to the pleasure of their readers.

The first book in the series, Into The Black, is a Page Turner Awards ebook Finalist. She has also composed books for authors, including Plan Your Novel Like A Pro, co-written with her husband, thriller writer Ezra Barany.


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Award-winning author, Beth Barany composes magical tales of love, mystery, and experience that empower women and females to be the heroes of their own lives.

Coaching and composing craft teaching– these are the core focuses of my work with writers.

… Beth states: This feels done, like we arrived at the heart of the matter.

Now your turn. Get clear on your characters goal and then inquire, “What will having that provide for you?” numerous times until you get to the heart of the matter.


Now that you understand your characterss deep motivation, ask yourself how this can be revealed through their words, thoughts, and actions, at the start of the story, at the middle, and at the end, and in every scene.

There are numerous methods to work with me:.

” You do not require to know whatever. She concurred with me, however didnt understand exactly what was wrong. We feel connected to them– whether we like the character or not. Even an unlikeable character can be relatable.



A note: I utilize this exercise when Im planning my novel, however I really get deep with my characters when Im in revisions, like my customer is doing.

Based in Oakland, California, Beth Barany has actually provided at Ithra Center (King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, at the Womens Fiction Festival in Matera, Italy, at Romance Writers of America National Conference, at Emerald City Conference in Seattle, Washington, at the San Francisco Writers Conference, and at San Francisco Bay Area chapters of SCBWI, CWC, and RWA.

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